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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Jul 31, 2004.

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    NFC East Rantatorium. Is basicallly a big forum for smack talk among redskins cowboys eagles and giants...
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    I know you're a history guy, and as a history major light years ago, it warms my heart to see the degree of interest you have in this particular area of the past.

    Yeh, the DMN claims those chats will also include player sessions. If you buy that, I have bridge in NY to sell you. :p

    I am very critical of the DMN. They are, to my knowledge, the only metropoltan daily that makes football fans pay for the vast majority of their football information. Yes, it is affordable, and I'd pay much more as a fan to get some news. And yes, other papers charge for football extras too, such as the Boston Herald, which requires a paid subscription for certain columnists.

    But the DMN, imho, is taking advantage of the geographically widespread nature of the Cowboys fanbase. There is quite a national, and even international market for all news Cowboys, and I understand a paper with the relatively small subcription rate of Dallas, isn't going to be bringing in NY Time revenues, or even Boston Globe or Washington Post, so needs to make a buck where it sees the opportunity. But there is far too little Cowboys info available to the non subscriber, and far too much of it is on Plus, compared to what other outlets do.

    The writing, imo, is par for the course. There is no one on staff who I would consider a talented writer, (meaning sophisticated turn of phrase, original outlook, or ability to synthesize), and none who seem destined for real (ie, investigatory) journalism, but hey, it's sports writing.
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    Cripe, 31, give me a link!! :p
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    The webmaster is up to date with Cowboys signings.

    Eddie George is not listed on the roster or the depth chart.

    I have a feeling Henson's # will be changed to the now correct #7 as will Thorton be changed to 37.
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    It's okay. Looks better than it did... but then again that isn't exactly saying much.
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    I hardly get to listen to the PC live, but now you can't even listen to the upload and read an article at the same time anymore.
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    I noticed among the "partners" listed at the the bottom of the page, my husband's very first employer, Daley.commerce. Other than that..........................why are there NO CAMP PICTURES AGGRGHH!!!

    And none at the DMN either!!!
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    They were saying after the press conference this afternoon that they had been working on the new site for a year or so.

    If that's the case, I have to say I'm pretty much underwhelmed. It doesn't look like a suitcase with stickers all over it (cluttered) like it used to and I like the colors better, but if they really put that much time into it, it could be better.

    As for some of the less than up to date player info, it may be that they had this site done before these moves and never amended the roster before uploading it.

    That little flash bit in the middle near the top is cute, but they may have been better served to use it as a full page intro, rather than a continuously looping clip on the main site. It would be a good spot for a daily or weekly gallery, or for new articles.

    It is an improvement over the old site in some ways, no different or negligibly improved in others, at least for the time they're supposed to have put into it.

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