The Next Two Games

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewEraCowboy, Nov 22, 2005.

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    The next two weeks are huge because if we can beat Denver and NY it is possible for us to have a two game advantage as well as a season sweep over the giants.

    Lets say the giants lose in seattle, and then we handle them our records will stand at 9-3 and 7-5. I could really see this happening if the team comes together. From there on out we will pretty much be able to take it easy but only if we can take the next two games.
  2. NewEraCowboy

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  3. ChldsPlay

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    2,921 Likes Received I want the Giants or Seahawks to win....hmmm. If only I knew how the rest of the games would turn out (especially Dec. 4) then I'd know. We beat Denver though, and that game is good either way.
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    I guess we're pulling for the Seahawks to beat the Giants this weekend (division first, bye week second) but a Giants' victory wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

    This week's game is only important in the eyes of the national media, not really in the greater scheme of things. But the Giants' game is a huge opportunity to get an important tie-breaker in the division and create some separation.

    When you look at this schedule, it's hard to find a way that this team doesn't get to 10 wins, let alone 11 or maybe even 12. Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but we need Seattle to lose some games to get that BYE week!
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    i dont mean to be a jerkk but...DURRRRRRRR
  6. DallasDomination

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    yea I agree the next two games are extremely important.

    lets hope we come out of it with atleast 1-1 record.....I would hate to go 0-2:(
  7. Q_the_man

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    I'm with u NewEra, because Seattle showed me nothing when we beat them, i mean we gave the game to them

    We shout them down all game, Alexander did squat and not for that 4th Qrt miss sack it would have been 2nd and 19 instead of 1st and 10, then the INt.

    We beat Denver and then the giants and the Hawks beats the Gints we 3 games up with 3 to play...... Nuff said

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