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    The current NFC standings are as follows:

    Division Leaders

    1. Seahawks (9-1) - They play the saints on Dec 2. Could determine the #1 Seed. Right now I think the hawks need it more. It will be interesting to see if Harvin can bring a spark to the offense.

    2. Saints (7-2) - Possibly the most dangerous team in the NFC right now. They need to play Carolina twice which could potentially push them into a wild card slot if things get wacky.

    3. Lions (6-3) - The Lions have a way of shooting themselves in the foot. Several favorable games down the stretch which could move them to the #2 slot if they take care of business and the Saints drop a few.

    4. Cowboys (5-5) - If we beat the Eagles we have a very good chance of getting in, even at 8-8. Our remaining schedule is awesome

    12 Nov 24 DAL @ NYG
    13 Nov 28 OAK @ DAL
    14 Dec 09 DAL @ CHI
    15 Dec 15 GB @ DAL
    16 Dec 22 DAL @ WAS

    Wild Card

    5. Panthers (6-3) - Tough defense, but still a very beatable team. Games against the Saints (x2) and Patriots will be a good measuring stick.

    6. 49ers (6-3) - Seem to be trending down. Not sure what happened to CK but he seems to have lost his Mojo.

    Outside Looking In
    Cardinals (5-4), Bears (5-4), Packers (5-4), Eagles (5-5), Rams (4-6)

    Cardinals are the biggest surprise here. Packers fans must be going nuts right now without Rodgers. The only way I see the eagles getting in is through us.

    So all things considered, we are still in as good of a position as we could ask for. We control our own destiny and we can keep the eagles out of the playoffs. If we end up drawing a home game against any of the wild card teams right now we have a good shot of moving on to the next round. I think the most dangerous team would be Green Bay if they can find a way to stay in it until Rodgers gets healthy.
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    I think you should stop drinking your avatar ;)

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