The Offensive coaching staff is a complete mess

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    So many questions come to mind when I look at the way Jerry has handled the offensive coaching staff this offseason. The way I see it, there's two scenarios that come to mind:

    We hire a new Offensive Coordinator/Play Caller

    Although this seems like it should be our top priority, it seems least likely to happen now. Why? Well, we've already announced that Wade Wilson is back. Jimmy Robinson appears to be coming back. Bill Callahan does as well, at least as offensive line coach. Houston Nutt was hired by Jerry to coach RB's. So what offensive coordinator is going to really want to come in here and coach a staff that he had no hand in putting together? And butt heads with a head coach who really thinks he should be the one calling the plays? "Sure Pete Carmichael Jr., we'd love to have you..just as long as you're OK with inheriting Houston Nutt, Wes Phillips, Bill Callahan, Jimmy Robinson and maaaaybe John Garrett."

    Jason Garrett/Bill Callahan remains as play caller

    Under this scenario, you run into the same problems. Nutt is clearly a Jerry hire. No way in hell Garrett would even sniff a dork like Houston Nutt if he had full control of his staff. So you've either got Jason continuing to call plays in a situation where there's clearly a lack of confidence in his ability to do so. Or you have Callahan being promoted to call plays in a situation where his head coach clearly thinks he himself should be doing it. What conflicts will that create? Does Callahan have to run Garrett's offense or does he call his own? Does Garrett get veto power on all of Callahan's play calls?

    This whole thing is a mess. I feel for Garrett. I DO believe he needs to be replaced as OC/Play caller, but it needs to be something he realizes is best for the team. Ultimately, he's HC and as long as he's HC he should decide how his team is coached. If you don't like the way he's doing it, FIRE HIM.
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    I don't care much for the way things look regarding the offensive play calling duties at the moment. Just seems like a no-win because Jason has been so strongly opposed to giving up the duties.

    1. I don't want Jason calling the plays next year. I think he needs to be a HC first and foremost and I think the instance during the season where he was calling the ref over and then stopped doing so after realizing the play needed to come in is a good example of that. Also, I'm far from impressed with the scoring productivity from the offense. Yards always seem to be plentiful but points aren't. Dallas has a good QB and shouldn't be stuck in the middle of the league in terms of scoring.

    2. I don't want Callahan calling plays because it basically creates a scenario where those duties can be revoked at the first sign of stagnation.

    3. I'm not sure I want another person to come in because it looks like Jason would rather not that happen.

    I suppose #3 is the most preferable choice, IMO. I think it represents the best chance of maximizing the talent on offense, particularly the QB play.

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    #3 is preferable, but who makes that decision? If Garrett is on board and hires someone he knows, I'd feel more comfortable with that then Jerry bringing in one of his cronies.

    And even then, whoever comes in from the outside has to inherit a staff already in place.
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    I think Callahan calling plays would be fine. Quite frankly most of the Cowboys success was on shorter pass plays that allowed the reciever to run after the catch, which is part of the west coast philosophy. They need to incorporate Hanna more and put pressure on the LB's by working out of the two TE set.
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    Norv Turner was hired back in the early 90s as OC and he didn't know any of those guys on staff.
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    It's time for your daily Double Wing concern troll thread.
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    good post

    get ready to be dumped on by the usual suspects for daring to bring up facts

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