The offensive line excuse is getting old folks

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFanSince88, Oct 8, 2012.

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    The shotgun seems to offer a little more time to throw. So lets extend the concept. Have Romo line up about 20 yards deep behind the center. That way he should get about 3-4 seconds to throw, even with the current OL. Heh,Heh ...
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    Part of the problem seems to be Garrett-his playcalling is painfully predictable ,he starts out with very conservative game plan which means we never score early and are in a catch up mode in the 2nd half.
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    honestly, I am beginning to wonder WHAT talent we have on offense since you say everyone is going to be held accountable. Hear me out:

    *Dez has lots of talent, but gets lost in coverage and appears to struggle with design routes and adjustments made during game. I have always been a big fan but I think I have come to the realization that Dez may never have enoough of this game down to really be effective as a #1 WR
    * Miles Austin started out very good, but has never regained that level of play since. He is overrated IMO
    * Ogletree, well he is mediocre, a 3rd WR.
    *Witten, well he is a great TE but up until this last game he has done squat this year,
    * The entire Oline is sucking wind big time, need a major overhaul I believe there
    * Felix Jones, either he just cannot stay healthy, or coaches do not believe in him as some of us don't either
    * Murray, great RB but at the mercy of this Oline. Ineffective until that line gets it together
    *Romo is a great QB, is a little wild at times which gets him in trouble but also gets him out of trouble. Very effective if given time to throw and very effective when he is forced out of the pocket. Knows this offense very very well, understands the game and very good at reading defenses. Weakness is when he is forced to stay in pocket with pressure coming at him. That I think is when he makes his mistakes.

    There is talent at WR, RB, TE, and QB positions but honestly I think we all overrate this offense if it werent for Romo whom I think makes this offense way better than it is.
    One other thing is I think Jason Garrett's playcalling and (lack of) in-game adjustments plays alot into our deficiency.
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    The OL is an impediment to being good for sure. But it's only one impediment. Not THE impediment.

    Not every Superbowl winning team has had a great OL.

    The Cowboys have a weakness there, but so do a lot of good teams.

    The team needs to get over it already and find a way to win in spite of this impediment
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    that is like the arguement those that think the O line is not important


    Total BS

    A GOOD O line does not need any probowlers/ Just GOOD talent
    We do not have that
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    And other teams have bad offensive lines and their running backs have been more productive than Murray....ouch..... Wait a minute... Murray isn't allowed to be criticized around here yet....

    Evaluating either player behind a bad line is just idiotic.
    But carry on. I guess you think players have to be able to perform great behind terrible lines that do nothing well.

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