The Official NFL Draft Drinking Game

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    I'm not a big drinker myself, but I found this funny. :laugh2:

    The most important non-game gameday in sports is upon us. The eyes of the NFL will be on Radio City Music Hall tomorrow night as the annual educated-guessing game known as the draft takes place. And continuing in the proud tradition of Jets fans getting wasted and lustily booing selections, we’re presenting you with this drinking game. Just follow along and you’ll be feeling as weird as Brady Quinn in a green room.

    One drink for any:

    Use of the word “upside”
    Use of the word “potential”
    Time a commentator suggests picking for value not need
    Cleveland Browns pick (they have 13)
    Tim Tebow reference
    Mention of the New Orleans Saints’ scandals
    Time a team makes a pick in under three minutes

    Two drinks for any:

    Reference to a player’s performance at the combine
    Audible cry from a drunk in the balcony
    Time character issues are mentioned
    Non-FBS is player drafted
    Alabama player taken in the 1st round
    Commercial break

    Continued here...
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    You would be done before the draft even started.:beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1: :beer1:

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