The one Cowboy you would love to meet?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by SteveOS, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Bob Sacamano

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  2. Bob Sacamano

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    btw, I'd like to meet Mike Irvin, he was my 1st favorite Cowboy as I've most loved the WR position and he was the playmaker
  3. MissionCoach

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    I actually met (briefly) Aikman one time at an autograph session...maybe it was just a bad day...but he came off as kind of...uptight? Anyway, I also spoke, at length, with Too Tall and Preston Pearson. Both of who were very friendly and talkative about the old days. They showed a lot of respect for Coach Landry...(who I was also very fortunate to meet before his passing). When I asked Too Tall if Roger Staubach ever does these autograph shows, he said "Roger never leaves Texas". I don't know if that's true or point being, I would really enjoy sitting down and talking about the Cowboys of old...the glory days...with Roger the Dodger. If I didn't have the opportunity to meet Coach Landry...who was a heck of a nice guy (actually seemed in awe of all the attention he was getting) I would have picked him. My second choice would be Bob I bet he's got some great stories.:starspin :star: :starspin :star: :starspin :star: :starspin :star: :starspin :star: :starspin

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    Russell Maryland :)

    Hey, I got an authentic jersey customized w/ Maryland's name and number in the 90s. I thought he was the most underated DT in the NFL when he played then. Truth be told, he was the best run-stopping DT in the NFL when he played; Maryland freed up Charls Haley so he can do his thang!

  5. wxcpo

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    Wow who wouldn't I like to meet would probably be an easier answer to give. If I could only meet one I would have to go with coach Laundry. It would be great just to be able to sit down with him and talk about those early years and learn the true history of the team. By talking with him you could get a sense of what it would be like talking to all of those other guys.

    Tom Landry will always be remembered as one of the most respected men in the history of professional football.
  6. Emiliano

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    #48 Daryl Johnston
  7. 5Stars

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    I have already met Hollywood and Too Tall, and they both talked to me for around 2 or 3 minutes...

    But, that was way back when Hollywood must have been all coked up. Anyway, I would like to meet him again today and talk to him for a long time and listen to his stories...

    I really admire what he has went through, and where he has come...he had it real bad for a long time....

    Plus, he was a damn good football player!

  8. LaTunaNostra

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    Duane Thomas, Woody, and MI. in that order.
  9. Zippy Speedster

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    Roger, Troy, Michael, or Emmitt. I really can't pick just one. You could even throw Jerry into that mix. Jimmy, too, when you come right down to it. Those 6 have made the Cowboys what they are to me.

    Current players: TO (Even though he still needs to earn that star IMO and doesn't even compute in to the Cowboy legacy, not yet) - Drew Bledsoe (See TO) - Bill Parcells (See TO and Drew) - Roy Willams, Jason Witten, TNEW, and that about does it.

    Though any of the current players/andor coach, it would be cool, but would not mark one of the best days of my life like the other 6 would probably come close to doing if I were ever to meet them in person.
  10. dirtybird57

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    His(Bob Lilly) hometown is Throckmorton , Tx. 28 miles from mine. When I was a kid , him , Randy White and Chuck Howley(sp) all came over to my Uncle's ranch to go bird (dove) hunting. I got to go and bird dog (go find shot dove) for them. Have been a Cowboy Fan ever since.........
  11. CowboyPrincess

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    My first choice won't be surprising to anyone that knows me....

    Jay Novacek - Cuz I want an up close and personal look at that tightend :)

    Roger Staubach - Cuz he's my favorite living Cowboy player of all time.

    Drew Pearson - Cuz the last time I got to talk with him, he was very friendly and funny. Only this time I'll be watching his hands and where he puts them... :lmao2:

    Bob Lilly - Cuz he is Mr. Cowboy and would like to thank him personally for what he, Tom Landry and others Cowboys players did for me when I was a baby.

    Moose Johnston - So I can get drunk and silly so that I will get the guts to holler MOOUUSSEE!!!!!

    T.O. - To get a personal appology from him to a lifelong Cowboys fan (nearly 40 yrs now) for diss'ing the star, so I can move on from his past actions and start seeing him as a Cowboy

    ROMOSAPIEN9 Proud Grandpa

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    If I had to pick one Cowboy to sit down and shoot the chit with, it would be the great Walt Garrison.

    I'd also like to pick Coach Landry's brain for a while.
  13. DWelch1775

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    Roy Williams by far, because he played for the Oklahoma Sooners, which is where i'm from, so i've watched him his whlole career and now he's developed into the hammer that he is now.
  14. FRDRCK

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    I just met Demarcus Ware who is my favorite cowboys player, he was the first player i've ever met
  15. Star Struck

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    I'd like to sit with Emmitt for a while...
  16. Tennione72

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    Too Tall



    Got a chance to meet Troy when he came to Charlotte to do a Panthers game for Fox. You guys would be surprised at how many Cowboy fans are in N.C.
  17. vaquerofan1

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    Roger Staubach. He was and still is my hero.
  18. ThreeSportStar80

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    Past Cowboy would have to be Darren Woodson, the guy is just a class act.

    Present Cowboy would have to be Marcus Spears reminds me of myself, so we could chill out.
  19. aceware94

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    I met Irvin(got my pic w/ him, I was 12), Too Tall(total d***),Randy White, Tom Landry, H.Walker, D.White, Bill Bates, Everson Walls, Michael Downs, etc... all in 1988 at the team hotel when they played in Philly.

    I live in Baltimore and live about a mile from where the Ravens practice and see them all the time and ran into Deion at a local pit beef restaurant about a year ago. Nice guy.

    Currently, I'd like to meet Demarcus Ware. He's my favorite player.
  20. cbfan55

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    All of the Cheerleaders!

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