The player I'll be rooting for most

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JPostSam, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. JPostSam

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    is chris canty.

    greg ellis's sour grapes over his slight position change have just become too much... (he's inviting a trade now, according to the ft. worth star.) i mean, do you know how many players have adjusted to position changes?! on this team alone, you have demarcus ware, marcus coleman, akin ayodele, and several offensive linemen. (and wasn't crayton a qb in college?)

    if i remember correctly, ray lewis has had to change defenses, too.

    and no, i don't care that ellis was picked #8 overall. roy williams, picked just as high, has had to play a style of defense that doesn't suit him, too, and he has accepted it quietly and done his best to make it work.

    besides, changing positions isn't even necessarily a bad thing: matt jones was a first-round pick last year BECAUSE he was changing positions. skipping past hines ward and all the other qbs-turned-wrs, i'll note that the great ronnie lott changed positions as he got older, too. and he kept going to the pro bowl... and the hall of fame.

    that's the thing, really: where most people see adversity and hard luck, winners see challenges and opportunities.

    ...which brings me back to chris canty. the dude was tearing up the college ranks as a senior when, while he was sticking up for a friend, he suffered a terrible eye injury that almost kept him from being drafted. but instead of moaning about "commitment," the kid just came out and played his heart out. and won himself a starting spot.

    no, i don't like rooting AGAINST any cowboys players, but i sure will find it very easy to root FOR canty. in fact, i hope he plays so well in that starting position this year that ellis stops making contract demands and starts counting his blessings for being on the team at all.
  2. Yeagermeister

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    The player(s) I'll be rooting for the most is the oline esp Kosier. He has some mighty big shoes to fill plus if the line stinks it up we aren't going anywhere.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    The player I will be rooting for the most is.......... Terrell Owens.

    And its not for typical T.O. bias.
    He was brought here to be a game changer and I EXPECT and WANT that from him.
    He can change the whole complexion of the game, the game plan against us, the game plan we prepare to implement. Everything.

    In other words, I would like Jerry's money's worth LOL
  4. CrazyCowboy

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    I would like to see Canty break out!!
  5. silverbear

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    The problem is, Ellis is a pure 4-3 defensive end, and is not nearly as well suited to play the 3-4... he just can't hope to be as effective...

    And his play suffered quite badly... you might want to pick another example...

    Then again, Roy has a long future ahead of him, while Ellis is staring at the end of his career comin' up fast on the horizon...

    Well, you just lost all credibility with that one... for openers, "the dude" missed most of that season with a knee injury, suffered in either the first or second game... second, the fight in that bar didn't involve any friends of his, and he wasn't any part of it, he just got hit by a flying beer bottle... he was an innocent bystander... third, there was never a point at which it looked as though he wouldn't be drafted, the only question was how far down the draft he'd slide... before his senior season, he looked like a good bet to go in the first round...

    I'm a long-time UVa fan, I can assure you my facts are straight, while yours are entirely garbled...

    Gee, you don't reckon that maybe, just maybe, that's because instead of being a proven producer at the NFL level like Ellis, he was a rookie 4th round draft pick just hoping to make the team, do you??

    Having read this little hatchet job on Ellis, excuse me if I find that hard to believe... you're clearly pissed off because Greg is makin' waves, as if you think that players have some moral obligation to be "good soldiers", even if they truly think they're being taken advantage of...

    Well, so long as Greg doesn't hold out, so long as he plays as well as he can when the gun sounds, I don't particularly care if he pops off in the press... now, if he crosses over that line, then I'll probably be as angry at him as you clearly are...

    Oh, make no mistake, I'm rooting for Canty big time... like I said, I'm a Cavs fan from way back...

    And THAT'S the heart of the matter-- you're all bent out of shape because Greg is makin' waves... which is fine, except you're carrying it a bit too far, at this point...

    This notion that players owe teams absolute loyalty is ridiculous, when the teams rarely reciprocate that loyalty (and they shouldn't, personnel decisions should be based on talent and nothing else)... but the thing you're way too quick to ignore is that until the last year or so, Greg WAS the essence of the "good soldier" you apparently believe all players should be... so if he's not any more, don't you think you ought to stop for at least a second and look at things from his perspective, to see if maybe you can figure out WHY he's suddenly the squeaking wheel??

    I like Greg, have since he was a rookie, and unlike you, I won't turn on him if he now finds himself in a situation he finds uncomfortable, and is trying to do what he can to get himself into a better situation for himself personally... he's not looking to have the Cowboys cut him, he wants them to try to find a trade, to get something in return for him... given that they're moving inexorably to a system that he really doesn't fit any more, this might actually be in their best interests too-- get something of value for him before his play drops off, and he's not WORTH as much in trade...

    I find it a bit hypocritical, bud, your being pissed by Ellis not showing loyalty to the team, even as you show no loyalty to him... apparently, you have no appreciation for the way he's been the team's leading sacker for like five years running...
  6. pancakeman

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    Good post, silverbear.
  7. Yeagermeister

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    Don't egg him on ;)
  8. austintodallas

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    I'll be rooting for Pettiti to lock down that RT position!
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    We get him locked down, Flo and Rivera Healthy and hopefully Kosier pans out, then we have really helped our offense.

    I think our D is coming along and will not be a problem, but if that o-line struggles there goes or offense.
  10. TheSport78

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    i'll be routing for someone (hopefully Watkins by the end of the season) to step up and be the starting FS
  11. ZeroClub

    ZeroClub just trying to get better

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    I'd like to see every Cowboy play well and take a step up, of course, but I'm particularly eager to see Demarcus Ware's development.

    He's had a full season under his belt in this new league and playing a new position. He's gotten stronger. ... I'm just hoping he becomes a true force who clearly justifies comparisons to L. Taylor.

    EMMITTnROY Well-Known Member

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    you beat me to it.. Pat Watkins is the guy i will be rooting for the most.. I still think that if we get a good/great player at FS, it will mean a world to this defense.. dont get me wrong, i think that we are stacked on defense and that even a Keith Davis, Justin Beriault, or Marcus Coleman can do a decent job.. BUT.. if Watkins can come along and be a good/great player at FS, it will allow this defense to be so much better..
  13. fortdick

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    Ditto your ditto!

    Big Rob has taken a lot of abuse and I think it has been unfair. The Kid won the job in camp, for whatever reason, played every snap, hurt or not, and gave it all he had. He wasn't ready, physically or mentally, to start at the NFL level, but he gave everything he had. I once had a coach (it was baseball, but the theory still applies) tell me, "If you work hard and give 100%, no one will be able to ask more of you." Well Rob did that, yet many people wanted to blame the slide the last half of the season on him. Tucker didn't catch near the flak Rob did, and he was the real problem.

    I hope Rob comes out and demolishes the competition in camp and has a great season. He deserves it for all he gave last year and he deserves our respect!

    (Off the soap box)

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Good post. Whole team=better.

    I would like to add to that theme. I would like to see THIS team develop/show/have/execute with that KILLER INSTINCT. On both offense and defense.

    Offensively - lets put teams away when the opp is there.
    Defensive - lets dominate and give the offense more chances for us and make opposing offenses pay just for being on the field.
  15. silverbear

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    I'm just gettin' a little exasperated by all the Ellis bashing here lately...

    These guys seem to be pissed because they think that Ellis isn't showing any loyalty to the Cowboys, and unwilling to consider that he has been ultra-loyal to the team until the last few months... apparently, they don't feel any need to be loyal to players who have given years of loyal service, so I find myself wondering why they blame Greg for what he's doing...
  16. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    As if I need egging on... LOL...
  17. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

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    I'm rootin' for Colombo to step up and win that job... I like Petitti, but think he'd be better off at guard, much like Kevin Gogan did...
  18. California Quake

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    I agree too. If Pettiti wins the starting job and plays well, that will be a huge boost for the OL. There are still a few question marks on the OL but there is going to be a huge leap in performance from a year ago regarless.
  19. California Quake

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    I was referring to Pettiti stepping up at RT, not guard. Pettiti is not built to play guard. I hope no one thinks I wanted him moved to tackle like the guy above me.
  20. JPostSam

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    silverbear, if i've given canty too much credit for the whole fight/injury thing, i'll take it back. but the fact remains that he never said that anyone owed him anything. the main point is that he has treated his nfl experience as a gift and an opportunity -- a perspective that ellis, who has already made millions of dollars and who stands to make millions more, would do well to adopt.

    no, i DON'T care that ellis is "uncomfortable." i'm not aware of any part of his contract that promises his "comfort" -- are you?

    also, since you're giving me flak over the canty bottle incident, let me remind you that ellis's play last season can not be considered to have "suffered badly," as you say, since his sack total matched his career high.


    well... you want me to think about why ellis has suddenly become a "squeaky wheel," as you say. well, considering his statements, i can only conclude that he doesn't think he'll perform well in his new role, and thinks that will harm his opportunity to earn a bigger paycheck in a year or two. trouble is, i don't think highly of any player who doesn't have the attitude that he'll kick butt no matter what -- especially when his head coach has repeatedly insisted that he will be put in a position to make plays.

    another troubling thing is that he already HAS the guarantee of a bigger payday down the road: he is under contract for four more years, and is meant to earn more money each year.

    so the overwhelming impression that ellis is giving all of us is that he 1) is afraid of his new assignment, which is not even so different from his current assignment, and 2) wants to get some more money now and get out at the end of the season.

    so get this straight: i am not "disloyal" to ellis. i just don't sympathize with the way he is going about his business. i expect him to either request his immediate release from his (lucrative) contract from the cowboys so he can pursue other opportunities, or shut up and start working to MAKE himself into the best 3-4 (and nickel 4-3) defensive end that he can be.

    see, having the highest sack total on a team that has a pathetic sack total for years does NOT give you the kind of leeway that ellis expects now. and what he is doing definitely IS testing the patience of fans as well as the management. to pretend that it is not is just unexplainable.

    but you seem to believe that ellis should be judged differently than you or i would be judged in our own work environments, don't you? you even believe that he should be judged differently from his own teammates. apparently, you think it's okay to defy your coach -- your boss -- and the owner -- your boss's boss -- and expect to be rewarded monetarily for doing so. silverbear, i respect what ellis has done and how he's done it... until now. but apparently, you think the fans should show GREATER respect for a guy who begs off a challenge because he doesn't think he'll be good enough.

    sorry, silverbear. i don't.

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