The quarterback controversy starts tonight

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Floaty, Aug 3, 2017.

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    If Moore plays a single down for us this year, we are screwed
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    Are you actually trying to reason with Floaty? :huh: Here is a tip: don't.
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  4. gmoney112

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    I hope Kellen tears both ACLs.

    Then run over by the medical cart.
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  5. rat2k8

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    Our backup Qb is not even on the roster. He is sitting up high in the broadcast booth. :D
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  6. xwalker

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    Excellent point!

    The sad part is that Floaty actually appears to believe the things he says.
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  7. stasheroo

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  8. ShiningStar

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    this is just his thing right? you know, like a few posters had their things? please tell me that. I can understand a lot of what people love and dont love, but the love for a back up QB who wont be more than a back up qb only because the team hes on has sucked with back up qbs since the days of their current head coach, thats a bit far fetched
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  9. revospeed

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    Seriously. In order for a schtick to be funny, there has to be a grain of truth. Moore is awful. He might as well saw Hawk Romo might beat out Dak.
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  10. Chris in Arizona

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    The Cardinals are going to feel really good about their back-up secondary players after tonight.
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  11. adbutcher

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    "Welcome to Mikey D's, how can I help you?"~Kellen Moore. If the Cowboys didn't keep him around.
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  12. joseephuss

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    What story? There is no story. Just your opinion. Moore should be mature, he is 29 years old and has been in the league 5 seasons.
  13. bigbob

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    I saw him play when brees was hurt
    and he looked good.
    I want to see him and Kellen play.
  14. plasticman

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    Lol...stop it, you're killing me.....Lol.....

    Yeah, watch out Dak!

    Kellen almost set a new record for attempts before 1st INT just like Dak. Why, he didn't get picked off until his 2nd NFL attempt. Woo Hoo! His next INT took another eight attempts.

    Let'a build our future with a 30 year old backup, because he is so impressive going against 3rd team rookie free agent DB's.

    Good thing I know you you ate joking floaty, a less experienced poster might have thought you were serious.
  15. noshame

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    I'll be shocked if a pass travels more than 10 yds in the air.
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  16. diefree666

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    the bottom line with Moore is that he does not have an NFL arm. The exact opposite of those like Jumongous and Jeff George and countless others who only basically ever had a great arm; nothing else.
  17. DFWJC

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    That's so wrong
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  18. zrinkill

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    This kinda thread is why we still need a stupid rant zone.
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  19. DCowboyz

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    My mistake, I meant before 2016. Dak & Romo do not count. They're not backups.
  20. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I call Moore Noodles. I expect he has what it takes to be a coach I have no faith he can throw the deep in much less the deep out both of which are staples for this scheme.
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