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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lord Sun, May 9, 2004.

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    Looks like A_L (or another similar to him) has found the boards again.
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    I do agree with the original statement. While Bill has not come directly out and said anything yet, it is a pretty safe assumption it will be a 3 way competition between QC, Henson or a vet (if one is brought in) to see who starts the Viqueen game.

  3. odog422

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    i would be willing to guarantee that Quincy starts. outright. no questions.

    henson simply is not ready. i dont care how good he looks in camp, he has not played in what, 2, 3 years? folks, these things take time. i truly believe that JJ learned from, and Bill never wouldve, put Q or Chad in to start at the time they did. it simply wont happen this year with henson.

    any vet brought in will be brought in to be a backup. its really that simple. no changes, if any, will be made til the bullets start flying and we are well into the season and Q has proved, TO BILL'S SATISFACTION, he is not the guy.

    bank it, as i said before, Q will start. no competition.

    it is a team game, as pointed out earlier in this thread, and he did his part to help this team to 10 wins. sorry, but the guy who handles the ball on every offensive play MUST contribute somehow to win games. jterrell broke it all down perfectly earlier in this thread so i wont rehash, but geez, the guy had his first full season last year with a good coaching staff on a team that had a direction and plan and he helped to execute it to 10 wins. perfectly? no. at a pro bowl level? no? but he did it nonetheless. its really not that hard to understand, to me anyway.
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    He's here but hasn't posted in this thread. We're watching him very closely.
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    If Quincy led us to a 10-6 record then so did Hambrick. Why does everyone want to get rid of him? Easy. We want to improve the position. The same reason why Quincy needs to go. We need to improve the QB position. Some of you are satisfied with a mediocre QB, most of us are not.

    If it wasn't for our #1 defense last year we wouldn't have had a winning season.

    Some you Carter lovers cry racism as soon as we question your hero. New flash, it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with talent. Carter doesn't have enough of it.

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    Why people continue to use Hambrick as the "He lead us to 10 wins too" counter to the QB argument is beyond me.

    The QB is the most important position on offense. He makes the rest of the offense go. Every single play goes through him. To even insinuate that Hambrick had as much bearing on this offense as the QB is ridiculous.

    Also remember: it takes time to develop a QB. The same is not true for a RB.
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    Really??? And just how many TD's did the Defense score? Save it. This was Q-man's team last year and yes, He did have many mistakes that I hope he builds on this season. This team did rely on the defense and the defense did have some breakdowns as well. (see Miami, and 2nd Panther game, oh yeah, and getting lit up by D.Johnson in game 1)

    But, what most dallas fans forget is the three years of 5-11, terrible coaching and drafts.

    All in all , the team last year made huge strides and I just hope it wasn't a fluke.
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    Newey is a nipple head on the goodfellas ESPN radio show he is on...but his counterpart is so much worse it is not even funny...if newey is the nipple head...then this other guys is the asshat.

    I have actually heard the other guy use worse and ideas that are so much more far fetched then have ever been on this forum to try and bash QC.

    Hey i want another QB on this team...but go go into those types of fantasy foolish lengths as some do to bash QC is just stupid IMO...and If I had to work everyday with that asshat (Brian Estridge) I would be turned to defending QC just to try and make that guy quit being so stupid.

    Also I have noticed that Dale Hanson on the Ticket Radio station seems to be a big supporter of Carter and rips on people that get on Carters case for this and that.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    You could have just said what I put in bold print....and have been done with it...because those two things right there IMO have made the biggest difference on this team with the coach being #1.

    One of the bad drafts of those years of bad drafting....was one where QC was taken two high...and even if you argue against that there is no way you can argue that Dixon was taken WAY too high that the same round as QC.
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    Campbell has a quote in an article stating that Carter is a warrior and that he liked playing with him. I just read it the other day when I was looking over some of last seasons game summaries.
  11. Smith22

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    Couldn't agree with you more.
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    Wait a minute, so if QB is most important, and makes the rest of the offense go, then it WAS Quincy's fault the offense was so bad. ;)

    The reason people make the Hambrick comparison is because he was hampered by poor line play and an inconsistent QB. If Carter can be excused for poor line play and running, why can't Hambrick use that excuse, as well.

    Carter gets criticized for below average play, but we must excuse Quincy because he...pick the excuse.

    Hambrick and anyone else gets criticzed for below average play and it's we need a new...pick you position.

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