The "Help Romo earn his money" Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by ghst187, Mar 30, 2013.

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    FA: Sign G Brandon Moore

    1) G Jonathan Cooper UNC: Along with signing Moore we have solidified over half (I'm including Tyron) our OL for the next several years.
    2) Trade 2nds with Ravens, pick up their 3rd and 4th round picks plus swap picks in 5th (we still gain a few points but still within reason). Use our 2nd on: S DJ Swearinger South Carolina: I really don't care for Reid and I think most, maybe all, of the S's in this draft are interchangeable with each other. Some of them will probably be good but I think its impossible to tell which one out of about 5-7 right now.
    3a) WR Ryan Swope Texas A&M: (in a year I think he replaces the oft-injured Austin who, along with his bloated contract, becomes trade/cut material. Harris will still be playing the slot while Swope can play outside. We all know Austin will miss some games this year.
    3b) C Barret Jones Alabama, intelligent player whom I suspect would be starting at C at some point plus have the versatility to play all OL positions in a pinch.
    4a) RB Levon Bell Michigan St: I'm a little concerned about him hitting the hole quick enough but love the fact he should be able to move the pile, pick up short yardage, pass block, and score inside the 5. I think he could slip due to the muddle of RBs in this draft and how negligible the difference between most of them.
    4b) DT Bennie Logan LSU: I'll admit, we'd have to get lucky to get him this late but it could be possible and finally the DL is addressed, in this scenario, with another possible Ratliff-type DLman late-round steal.
    5) From Ravens: TE Michael Williams Alabama: Our new big blocking TE. Two TE set becomes the norm as we pound the rock and the clock while demoralizing the opposition.
    6) OT Jordan Mills LA Tech: Competes with Parnell after Free is cut, slips to the 6th because everyone forgot about him and missed LA Tech's pro day.

    UDFA: another RB, a DB, and another DL along with some LBs

    The above, while admittedly relying on a bit of luck for some folks to slip to us and the Ravens to make a dumb trade, combined with picking up G Brandon Moore in free agency would give us a SOLID OL capable of run-blocking and pass protecting with 3 probable new starters, plus great depth at each position. RT would be left as the only real question mark. We gain a chain-moving, pounder backup RB that can carry the full load if Demarco goes down again (I picked Bell because we brought him in for a visit so I suspect we like him a lot but honestly I don't think there's a ton of difference between most of the RBs in this class so I'd be fine with several others also). We also have a good blocking TE that can run-block. I think Swope combines the elements of possession WR and pure speed (and great hands) to be a constant deep threat. I think he and Romo would click and give us reason to dump Austin's contract after next season or trade him. Romo shouldn't have to rely on heroics every game to win it for us. Meanwhile, our entire starting defense comes back from injury and gets another DL and a starting S. A LB would've been nice but A) they're cheap in FA and B) they're generally plentiful in UDFA and FA.
    I know the D gets a big neglected a bit but we have a pretty amazing core of D players back next year (Ware, Spencer, Lee, Carter, Claiborne, Carr, Rat) and a steamrolling offense that can pound the rock and put up points will take a ton of pressure off of the D as they make the 4-3 switch.
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    1. Cooper good pick
    2. Swearinger- too high. We can get a safety later even later rounds
    3a. Swope ok here good value
    3b. Jones outstanding value if you really get him here which I doubt
    4. Bell another solid pick in the 4th
    5. Williams good value although I don't want him
    6. Mills will go much higher than this. But I like the pick a lot. If he fell to the fourth I'd jump all over him and I'd consider the 3rd a lot

    I don't want Swearinger at all but otherwise I like these players.
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    Likely to start year on PUP, which means missing first 6 games. Might get him lower than 3rd.

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