***The Super Duper Swag Johnny Football teen beat thread***

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by IAmLegend, May 27, 2013.

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    He's really more of a Fran Tarkenton guy -- quick and elusive, looking to avoid sacks and make plays, but without the size to be a planned runner like Vick or Tebow. You would be correct to question his durability in the NFL, and the liability of that punk attitude he's displayed.
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    He will not be the 1st QB taken in the draft.
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    Let's not forget maturity...he makes a rookie Dez look like Nelson Mandela.

    Just think Bull Durham...million dollar arm five cent head.
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    Not true with Manziel. If you watched him early in the season in 2012 he may have taken off after his first read, while getting adjusted to the college game.

    But in 2013 he purposely didn't do that, and went through his reads pretty well most of the time. He purposely worked on that over the offseason to become a better pocket passer, and succeeded. His running yardage was well down this season, intentionally so. Had he played the same as he did in the '12 season, he'd easily have surpassed his rushing totals from the previous year, and yet they were significantly lower, while his passing yardage was up.

    Not saying he's better than Romo, but he's not a "runner". He's definitely become a "mobile" quarterback, who can make things happen when a play breaks down, either runnning or passing while scrambling. But he's a passer first, and his stats reflect that.
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    Why don't the Cowboys just sign him to a contract.

    The NFL has a draft. Let's see them enforce it in court.
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    I didn´t know whether to cry or laugh while reading this article.

    11 reasons the Cowboys need to find a way to land Johnny Football


    1. Romo is 33 – Make that 34 at the start of next season’s training camp. He’ll be coming off herniated disc surgery. Ask Peyton Manning how that can go. The Cowboys have been winging it with backups. It’s time to start grooming a real replacement, since nobody really expects Romo to last out the five years left on his contract.

    2. Manziel is legit – He began the season projected as a mid-to-late first-round pick, largely due to his slight build and the fact he barely tops six feet. He’s now projected to be among the 10, and probably the top five selections. He not just a crazy scrambler who can throw. He displayed the skill to be a pocket passer if that’s what’s called for.

    3. Or maybe he’s not legit – Manziel’s pro potential will soon displace Obamacare, Duck Dynasty and even Tim Tebow as America’s most debated topic. Drafting him would assure Dallas of dominating sports talk radio and Jones of having at least 30 cameras and microphones in his face after every practice. That may mean more to Jerry than going 16-0.........
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    5 Manziel threads and counting.
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    Yep with Maverick Carter as his agent anything is possible :)
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    I agree with a lot of it but yeah I am with you!
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    That would be a nightmare.

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