The theory that Garretts offense restricts Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hoov, Sep 20, 2013.

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    The offense got off to a bad start with a 3 and out on the Ware INT.

    They did put in a good drive inside the 10 that was foiled on the bad route by TWill that led to the INT returned to our own 1 yard line.

    I don't entirely know what the problem has been but I suspect the second half of the Giants game was mostly due to injury. I think the Chiefs' game was a combination of going up against a very good defense and some ongoing problems from his ribs.

    I am hoping that we see the version of the high octane Dallas offense that shows up anytime we can run the ball enough to threaten the defense. I think there is a lot of truth to Murray's difficulty reading blocks as his only period of success came when Fiammetta was reading the holes for him while the OL was doing a decent job of creating holes in his rookie season. Last season there were very few holes. Now this season there are some holes but he isn't reading them well. I'm inclined to start giving Dunbar and Randle some more snaps to see what they can do.
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    I think the biggest problem in play calling is the lack of misdirection. Garrett NEVER runs a trick play, a flea flicker, something. We don't roll out the QB. We don't run counters. We don't run out of the shotgun. We don't use play action enough.
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    I don't have the slightest idea, Percy. There are so many variables. This year I tend to give Romo a pass so far due to injury. I think doing otherwise is unreasonable as I suspect you do. I also tend to give a little sway to Garrett and Callahan since they still don't have the tools to run a well oiled vertical offense. They need a running game.

    I do find fault this last game with Romo being influenced so much with the blitz and show of blitz. He looked pretty weak and so did the offense. That's on Callahan, Romo, Garrett and somewhat the WRs. Not as much on the OL IMO.

    But regardless of why the Garrett offense has not done real well since the first 12 games of 2007 and somewhat in 2009. We look too predictable. I see other offenses scoring and they don't seem a lot more talented than us.

    Still it's early and Romo is injured. The OL seems to be coming together and hopefully the new RG makes it better. We'll see.
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    But Romo now has had input over the offseason and weekly to add what he sees on the field and to add what he likes or wants to try to do into the offense. So if Romo wanted to run a bootleg that can be worked into the playbook or gameplan. You don't know that Romo wants to do that, you are making an assumption that he wants to run more bootlegs and garrett wont let him.

    If Romo has input into the play design and playcalling or game plan - how can anyone say the offense does not play to romo's strengths ?
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    I think most of Romo's input is in changing plays. I'm not so sure that's been the best idea.

    Until you get a running game that has to be respected and runs effectively this offense is going to spit and sputter. Everyone from Brown and Gillman thru Coryell, Zampese, Gibbs, et all have had the threat of a running game.

    So I agree with @ejthedj and others that you need a running game with play action along with counters, draws, and delayed draws yada to help the passing game by slowing down the pass rush and influencing the LBs and DBs.
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    How often does Dez Bryant go into motion? Any WR for that matter? The players who motion the most are the TEs.
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    That's a good question. I'm not sure why Dez isn't going into motion more except two reasons which are valid. One is to cut down on pre snap and motion penalties and the other is Dez is primarily split wide and you don't normally move those guys much because they have to cover the tackles often. You can move them and move someone up to the LOS to cover but then you're probably going to see more presnap penalties again.

    I'd certainly run a few plays with Dez as the W and let Miles and Williams/Harris play the X and Z. Then you can motion Dez out of the backfield as well as in the slot to try and help him with the double teams and to move the safeties around if they are going to shade him.
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    I remember a news article a few yrs back to the effect Garrett had the aspirations of a complete new offense, a offensive scheme that would put his signature all over it........ala Air Coreyel, Walsh's WCO could be in order to be different enough to be called his.......its actually become "Grounded Garrett"
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    No crap. It was offered as an opinion lol.
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    They've scored six TD's on 38 possessions. They've played two average defenses and one lousy one. They're 14th in points, 22nd in total yards, 26th in passing yards ( a staple of the WCO), and their 3rd down conversion rate is about 30%. That's not exactly setting the league on fire. They're getting a lot of help from their defense.
  11. CowboyMcCoy

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    Romo had 105 million reasons to stay in Dallas. No, he shouldn't go. He only has to wait one more year until Jason Garrett is gone.
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    You're making two dangerous assumptions there. One, that Garrett will be gone. Two, whoever replaces him will be any better.
  13. CowboyMcCoy

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    I think both are pretty safe assumptions.
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    I understand this is what you want.

    However, i dont buy the arguement that it would be in Romo's best interest to resign and play football for his few remaining years under a horrible coach who runs an offense that is bad for his style of play and limits his success when there are plenty of teams that would have paid him as well.

    And relocating when you have 100 million dollars is not that much of a hardship. People do it everyday for much smaller paychecks.

    And there is absolutely no guarantee that Jason will be gone after this year. And if Romo gambled that he will be gone and is wrong and then has to finish his career under Garrett and it is just so awful for him who will he have to blame but himself.

    My personal opinion is that between Garrett, Callahan and Rom there is enough collective football knowledge and experience to put together a competent game plan week to week. The cowboys players need to execute it.
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    Romo is a fraud and he's begun his decline. Gt used to it and stop searching and searching and searching and searching for excuses. Coaches coach and players play. No one made Romo audible out of a sure TD to Dez in the last game, orthrow 3 picks to send us home last year. He wasn't running for his life last game. He had loads of time other than a few pressures that every QB faces. Players make coaches. Romo kills them.
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    Two games isn't a sufficient body of work to make all these judgments about the offense. Last year the Cowboys scored something like 65 points through the first four games total; then they really picked things up from that point on. There's three new starters on the offensive line, a new playcalling system in place, and Dallas just faced a pretty darn good defense in Kansas City. I think we need to be a little patient and wait a few more weeks before we start worrying too much.

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