The Top 100 Players of 2013

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Sean50Lee, May 2, 2013.

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    No doubt.
    My issues are not with Eli being on the list as much aswith Romo not being on there...somewhere, anywhere. They have 14 QBs on there.
    At least 100% of the NFL network guys agreed with me. They all said for sure Romo was atop 100 player.

    They pointed ut that Eli had a sub-par year (he did...he was fairly JAG last year) but then also pointed out that he has had more 4th qtr comeback than anyone else in the league except Romo.
    Seeing that this is for 2013, it just seemed like a double standard.

    But yes, even if playoff success was in the past, that earns a player long term kudos.

    Anyway. it's no big deal, just conversation fodder.
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    I think he should be on there as well...guess players are just as susceptible to reputation as fans are. Hell, Peyton Manning made the list in 2011 when he didn't even play there on rep alone, even though past years aren't supposed to play a role in how players vote.
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    Jason Witten is higher than Tony Gonzalez. Nice for him to get some recognition.
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    He was ranked #91 last year? I'm doubting that he made a 60 point jump up the list so he could have slipped 10 spots and missed the list entirely.

    Anyone know where Newton ranked last year?
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    40, apparently.


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