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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chappy, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Chappy

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    It is that time of the season again and the draft is approaching.

    I have a feeling like us all i suppose we are going to be targeting pass rushers this year. So make no doubt about it Clowney is the best out there but he will not be there come to our pick.

    So IF we want to get him we have to trade up and the Rams are talking about trading down in many NFL circles. Could you see us trading with them for a swap of 1st rd picks and what needs to be done to achieve it??

    I think if we offered our 1st rd pick and Austin ( Rams are lacking in the WR slot ) plus a swap of later Rd picks i.e juggling of positions to the Rams benefit it may be done.

  2. Questfor6

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    Rams aren't gonna take a crap WR when they have 4 already (The 2 Rookies are there best). Plus it would probably cost the 2nd round pick as well and we need as many picks as possible this year.
  3. Chappy

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    The Rams WR's are not the best and i see Tavon as nothing more than a glorified kick returner in the Devon Hester mould as he lacks size and his route running is poor. I actually laughed last season when the Rams traded up to get him!

    Miles is an experienced WR that may flourish with the Rams and he needs a fresh start IMO. Rams are a logical choice i think.
  4. tm1119

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    Why would the Rams, or any team, trade for Miles when A) He's constantly hurt B) He's overpaid C) He's obviously going to get cut anyway?

    Your offer is wildly unrealistic. It would be minimum our 1st and 2nd round pick because there would be plenty of other bidders for the pick. And no I wouldn't consider that.

    Now if Barr or Mack slip down to around 12.......that's a conversation you can have
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  5. xwalker

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    That trade is completely unrealistic. Austin has no trade value. Teams are not going to give up something for Austin and have to pay his significant salary.

    In terms of draft picks, if you use the common trade chart, #2 is worth 2,600 points. If the Cowboys get the 16th pick, all of their picks combined are worth 1,743 points.
  6. IAmLegend

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    Lol sorry but that trade offer is a joke. The Rams may trade back, but it won't be with us. And it'd be dumb for us to give up another 1st rounder when we're about to be in rebuild mode next year. Stay put and draft BPA or trade back if someone makes us an offer we can't refuse.
  7. theranchsucks

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    Not even sure if our first two picks this year and a second rounder next year would be enough to move up to number 2 and take Clowney

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Well, the off season is here.
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  9. FiveRings

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    I don't think we should trade up, I think the opposite, we need to trade down. It's no secret, this team has superstars (which are what you expect to get with premium draft picks), but then there is too large a gap between the rich and the poor, for lack of a better term, when you have Ware and Hatcher playing on the same field with Jeff Heath. We need to hoard picks, and use them to draft quality B grade players that force some of the fat of this team out of the door.
  10. Chappy

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    Well yes it is!!

    That trade is crap , Unrealistic etc etc blah blah blah!!! Spin that broken record! Many just want to pot the O.P instead of offering a viable solution or constructive answer.

    We need pass rush help and Clowney is the best in the country with miles between him and the next best. We should go for him or at least make an attempt to get him and what we need to do to draft him is anyone's guess let alone how low he will drop with many of the teams with high picks are needing QB's.

    So maybe we do not need to trade up with the Rams but someone else and we need to have a Red hot crack at Clowney.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    If the Rams traded down with us for what we have to offer this year, that GM would probably be fired. The trade scenario is completely unrealistic IMO. Hey, I'd love to have Clowney but I don't see it happening in the trade scenario you propose here.
  12. RS12

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    Uh, lock Jerry in the closet during the draft?
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  13. DFWJC

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    Clowney is going in the top 4 picks.
    It'll take a lot more than you mentioned for us to get all the way up there.

    I sure do envy the Rams this draft day.
  14. Leadbelly

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    I would just hire someone to start a bar fight with Clowney, then spread rumors he has all the genetic markers for Derpsen-Eisenplatz Syndrome.

    No trade necessary.

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  15. conner01

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    no trading up in the first. atleast not that far anyways. too expensive to do. just stand pat and see who falls to you. now in the second i would try to trade up because i think the top of the second round is gonna be loaded with talent
  16. ninja

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    I'll gladly offer the Rams Demarcus Ware, Miles Austin, Morris Claiborne, AND Bruce Carter if we can switch 1st rd picks. Sadly, the Rams would want more, much more:(
  17. jimnabby

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    The last time the Rams had the #2 overall pick, they made the RGIII trade. The Redskins gave them their #6 overall pick, plus two OTHER first-round picks, plus a second-round pick. So let's look at your proposed trade. We have #16 or whereabouts, so we'd presumably have to pay a fair bit more than the 'Skins did. Tell you what: let's pretend that the market's down this year and so we don't have to pay more. Let's further pretend the swap of lower-round picks you propose cancels out the second-rounder. In that case, your trade assumes that Miles Austin's trade value is 2 first-round picks. Do you start to see the problem with this?
  18. xwalker

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    I doubt if he does.
  19. aaev84

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    In order to get the #2 overall from the Rams you would probably need to give them Dez, our first and 2nd round pick this year, and our first next year.
  20. AmberBeer

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    Aint gonna happen. The Jones have this team in cap purgatory.

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