the umpire getting set penalty

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by rkell87, Aug 27, 2010.

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    they need to get that straightened out right now before the season starts. IMO this is what the preseason is for, to get these new rules hammered out. you are taking away from the game by limiting when the offense can snap the ball then further limiting them by giving them a penalty for it.

    when brees got called for it today the umpire was lolligagging back to his spot, either the umpire needs to bust *** EVERY PLAY to get the ball set AND get back to his spot, or they need to put them back behind the D and give him a hockey mask and some kind of chest plate and be done with it.

    this will affect us, romo sometimes like to go no huddle when he feels like he is in a rhythm and the D is on their heels. teams like the colts live at the line of scrimmage, peyton will get pissed all year if they don't change something
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    I agree, Peyton looked like he wanted to fight someone during his game.

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