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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Fredd

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    well, to the OP's point, the roller coaster of WE ARE GREAT! one week to OMG, WE SUCK AGAIN! to the next gets irritating at times...

    ...that being said...WE ARE GREAT!!!
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  2. ShiningStar

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    I love these threads, "HOW DARE SOMEONE DISAGREE WITH ME" like we should all nod and agree on everything. Wow.
  3. kirkjrk

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    Where is this team really after seven games? Lost to teams(3) with above .500 records and won from teams(4) with less than .500 records. One- Phil. could be considered a .500 team when we played them. Based on this we better hope we play more teams with below .500 records. I noticed, last game, Romo was letting the play clock get down inside .02 seconds more than usual-Not good.

    Is this possibly the same 8-8 mediocre team like the last two years?
  4. waving monkey

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    that's a humorous rejoinder but also ignorant
  5. Redball Express

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    Another words, what you are saying is the rest of the division has played down to our level..

    ..therefore it's great and we need to be happy.'s hard to get really excited as we know this team all too well.

    When it comes to's hard to take what they always do.


    I want the team to win. But I can't get them to do it by posting a bunch of sunshine on the site here.

    And making the playoffs is the absolute bottom line goal to most here..

    but not me.

    Winning playoff games is bottom line for me.

    That's something this team seems allergic to.
  6. cannonball44

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    Thats me.

    Speaking of which... i cant wait for that new orleans matchup in the 2nd Round. Its gonna be one for the ages.
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    Uh huh.

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