The Whole Parcells regime is to blame for this...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BeWare94, Dec 25, 2006.

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    We still have the same problems we have had since Parcells arrived schemewise. Our offensive line, tight ends and backs still cannot pick up a good blitz package. The flats are still always open and when in doubt throw a slant against our 'D' and see what happens.

    I want to blame Zimmer because it is obvious that he has no clue as to how the 3-4 is meant to function. However, Parcells has allowed him to stay here and this defense is only marginally improved since Parcells' arrival.

    We cannot run the football because we are giving the wrong back the lion's share of the carries. I know that I'm not just imagining this because when discussing the Cowboys this week, just about every color commentator, play-by-play man and reporter has talked about as much. If Deion Sanders, Boomer Esiason, Merrill Hoge, Ron Jaworski, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and every other sports reporter in America can see what's going on why can't Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells? Another reason we can't run is the offensive line is poorly coached and cannot protect once teams start giving them different presnap looks.

    I'd like to say "maybe in the playoffs" or "maybe next year" but until some wholesale changes are made in this staff our results will continue to resemble a roller coaster. Up now and down later but never establishing any semblance of consistency.

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