The Year in Review

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Jan 1, 2006.

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    1. The Offseason: JJ made quite the splash. started the free agency period with a bang, shelling out above market contracts to two over the hillers and one nobody. ANthony Henry started out on fire but was a non issue the last half of the season due to injury. too early to tell if he lacks toughness. check back next year. Rivera was injured the whole offseason and a disappointment once the games began. no where near the pro bowler we thought we were getting. and at 34, i have a feeling jj is going to take a bath on this one. ferguson is hard to figure- 3-4 nts don't rack up the stats. however, for the money he got, i expected more. throw in the a-train and price signings and i have to say free agency didn't do us any favors. that being said, bledsoe and a. glenn were good pickups and good prices.

    2. The Draft: Ware is a beast and Spears should be a starter for 10 years. burnett's injuries cloud his future. canty and barber were steals.

    3. The Season: When both starting tackles go on the shelf, you know they are bound to be problems but we seemed ill prepared. tucker and petitti were simply overmatched all season and made journeymen de's look like reggie white (see phillip daniels, trent cole and bryce fisher). Kicker was an absolute nightmare all year- funny BP puts so much emphasis on ST's that he would go into a season with what he did. The secondary couldn't seem to figure out the deep ball all season long- with 2 first rounders and a big money free agent, that shouldn't be happening but it did over and over.

    All in all- the future looks bright. plenty of money under the cap. the defense should be even better with a year of experience in the 3-4. A FS and another LB with experience in the 3-4 would help. WE must blow up the O-Line and start over. WE must sign a top notch kicker. that is all.
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    If we get a mean ILB and Abraham and draftee Anthony Smith on defense, we will dominate.

    If we get Bentley and draftee Colledge, with a speed WR we will do something.

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