The yearly Direct TV dance

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by fweegy, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. fweegy

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    Has anyone called Direct TV yet this year to try and get the package for free or at least discounted? Was wondering if it still worked since AT&T bought Direct TV. I'm going to be making my yearly call soon and could use some feedback.
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    Lol, it is a yearly dance. Cable is crap, I only need it for football season. My son who is in highschool and coincidentally is my tech guy around the house is getting us some kind of box with Kodi on it that also has cable tv channel's. Not sure how its legal ( like I care) but they sell them in the mall. I was also thinking of trying sling tv? With our local provider there are times I have to disconnect cable and use the bunny ears to get the Cowboys games, because they foolishly televise the Texans instead.
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  3. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    I danced the dance, but last year I didn't even bother. The Cowboys were on in my area 13 out of the 16 games. I think this year might be close to that again. The other three I **cough cough** streamed.
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    Kodi isn't illegal. It's just a 3rd party media player application. The illegal part or the frowned upon part are the apps You load on there like Exodus, which searches all the sites on the web for the links of the particular show you want to watch. In my opinion it's not illegal from the end user side. But who ever is distributing it should be the one facing legal action.
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  5. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    The first rule on Kodi is "You don't talk about Kodi"
  6. tyke1doe

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    :laugh:I was going to start a thread with the EXACT same title.

    I haven't called yet either. Last year, I got it free. What I did was I called previously; they wouldn't give me the deal I wanted so I canceled Sunday Ticket. About a week before the season started, I called back and said I really wanted the service, but I just can't afford it. I asked if they had free service, and they did. I just had to keep DirecTV for a year. No problem, free NFL Sunday Ticket.

    General tips on how to get reduced or free Sunday Ticket:

    1. Call but don't talk to the customer service reps. They have the worst deals. Either ...
    a.) ask directly to speak with retention or
    b.) When you call, say you're canceling the service. That will take you directly to the retention office. They have the better deals.

    2. Monitor this board and pay attention to those who say they called and got the service free, then call immediately (if the poster offers a post immediately after getting the service free). DirecTV offers discount packages. Sometimes, they're offering half off; sometimes, they're offering free Sunday Ticket. You have to catch them when they're offering it. If the discount that particular week is half off, they won't be able to give you the free service. You'll have to wait until they offer it. So anyone reading, if you get the free service, post immediately so we'll know to call during that window.

    3. Be honest. I've used the fact that I lost my job, their service is too high and now, I have a son entering college. I just level with them, and usually that works.

    4. Don't be afraid to cancel the Sunday Ticket service altogether then call back right before the season. Sometimes, doing this will get you a better deal. Sometimes, you'll get it for free. Remember, the Sunday Ticket renews each year even if you got it free the previous year. The retention department will likely work with you because by threatening to cancel, you're basically taking $300 off their books. So they'll try to make a deal with you just to get SOMETHING from you.

    At the very least, no one should pay full price for Sunday Ticket. But you have to be able to negotiate. I can also use as a bargaining chip the fact that I have NFL Mobile on my phone, which will allow me to see any single game every Sunday. Even if they don't want to give me free Sunday Ticket, I can use this to get free channels because they know I have an option and an alternative to either get a better package from DirecTV or leave.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Chago

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    I just called them last week on Thursday and asked to cancel my account. I just said that the prices were too high and I was thinking about cutting the cord all together. The agent offered a $20 discount for 6 months. I declined and asked for my account to be closed at the end of the billing period. It was a big gamble, but the next day an account agent called and told me they did not want to lose me as a customer and offered to cut my bill down to $65 a month for 2 years. I asked if I could have NFL Sunday Ticket at a discount and he said, "You can have it for free." I was relieved. I was planning on calling back a week later to say I changed my mind about cancelling if I didn't hear from anyone from DirecTV.
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  8. ChldsPlay

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    This reminds me that it is time for me to do this as well. I always hate it, but definitely worth it. There's a lot more ammo with all the options for cutting the cord these days.
  9. Trouty

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    I threatened to cancel, well I did cancel. I told DirecTV that if they couldn't compete with my local provider (TWC) I would cancel with them on the same call, there would be no calling back. They told me they couldn't, so I canceled.

    Later that evening, after having scheduled for TWC to come and set up digital cable (I have Internet with them, so I got an awesome bundle), I got a call from DTV. Only not from customer retention. I got a call from their "black ops" line. These are the people that have no strings, have to ask no supervisors, have free reign to give what perks they want at their own discretion.

    They're offer to retain me: pay off the four remaining $40 installments of Sunday Ticket I still had even after my contract was over, lower my bill from $115 to $75 (I have every regular cable channel plus HBO), a $200 Visa gift card, and the holy grail -- free Sunday Ticket. All on a one year contract, too.

    I saved their number as it's completely different from any of DirecTV's. I told them that when my one year contract expires, I will call them instead of going through the hoops of the main number/Joe Shmoe Customer Retention game line. I will use TWC's bundle offers as leverage, and if I don't get a similar deal I will leave. And they know it.

    When I called back TWC they completely understood, how could anyone pass that up? They, in turn, doubled my internet from 50mg's to 100mg's for the same price.

    It was a glorious day. :) LOL

    Edit -- this all happened back in January. I assume less are trying the Sunday Ticket game, then ;)
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  10. Trouty

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    These are the people I'm speaking of. Keep that number they called you from. It's separate from DTV and just call them back when it's time to renew, that way you don't have to play games with the Main Line and "Customer Retention"
  11. BigStar

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    Have a woman call...but follow the steps above; we give ourselves away a bit. I used to just have my gf threaten to cancel (vulgarly) and we always got it for free (not last year, were on 13 times).
  12. HowAboutThemCowboys

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  13. dexternjack

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    I have never tried that, not wanting to go through the hassle. Well, I decided to try for my Sunday Ticket ToGo through my xbox this morning.

    About 10 minutes later, I got it for half-off! I am not sure what I even said, was all a blur. :laugh:
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  14. Ranching

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    I tried that once, had my wife call, we got the Oprah channel, Oprah 2, Oprah News and Oprah the Ocho!
  15. BigStar

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    Hahaha, very good point! :D "Oh, WE are hooked up don't worry about it" Come game day, a casual clarification (women are great at this) is ready to ruin your day. :angry:
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  16. fweegy

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    Made my call, got $60.00 off a month for 12 months. That more then covers the package. I'm happy with the small wins in life.
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  17. ChldsPlay

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    Can you PM me this #?
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  18. Silver Surfer

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    And you didn't run out and buy a lottery ticket that day? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
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  19. TheCount

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    Would have been a waste of time last year, so many televised games.

    I cut the cord about a year ago, no regrets.

    I catch what's over the air, go to a bar or stream if I must.
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  20. TheKey

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    They used to only allow that if you couldnt have the dish at your house, has that changed?

    Im moving to Plano in September. Are all away Cowboys games televised on the local channels (Free-TV)?
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