TheCount's Post-Season Hangover Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Nice post Count
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    Well, I think the Terrell Thomas signing would be pretty smart. If he's cleared medically, it would be a great add and it steals a quality player (pre-injury) from the enemy.

    For the same reason, I'd prefer Nicks over Grubbs. Not sure how the Saints will keep the band together and they already have Jahri Evans at $8m.

    I have been coming to a similar offseason plan, though I went with doubling up on OLB rather than G -- tagging Spencer and drafting Nick Perry in round 1. The devil known vs the devil unknown. Also, grabbing Eddie Royal at $2m to replace Laurent and return punts.

    Great plan though. Really appreciate the work that went into providing a realistic context to past contracts and our available budget.
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    The sad part about Cliff Avril is he was selected at our pick in the 2008 draft at the end of the 3rd. We traded the pick to Detroit.

    What a difference this guy would have made to our defense over the past four years.

    BTW - how did this guy fall that far? He ran a 4.51 at the Combine at 6-3 260 pounds. He played at a major college program with a history of churning out good OLB/DEs. Guys like that don't grow on trees.
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    Thanks for the info casmith and supercowboy.
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    Looking at your FAs and draft choice, do you see six September 2012 starters?

    Or am I being greedy?
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    Which would give us a Starting Line-up of

    QB - Tony Romo
    RB - DeMarco Murray
    FB - Tony Fiammeta
    WR - Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Laurant Robinson
    TE - Jason Witten
    LT - Tyron Smith
    LG - Carl Nicks
    C - Ben Jones
    RG - David Decastro
    RT - Doug Free

    DE - Kenyon Coleman
    NT - Ratliff/Fangupo splitting time
    DE - Spears/ Lissemore
    LOLB - Cliff Avril/ Miles Burris
    ILB - Sean Lee
    ILB - Bruce Carter/ Korey Williams
    ROLB - D-Ware/ Victor Butler
    LCB - Battle between Terrell Thomas and Chase Minnifield which i think Chase will win.
    RCB - Mike Jenkins
    Slot CB - Terrell Thomas/ Scandrick
    FS - Gerald Sensabaugh
    SS - Abram Elam

    Special Teams
    K - Dan Bailey
    P - Mat McBriar
    LS - L.P.
    PR - Chris Rainey
    KR - Chris Rainey
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    what happened to hatcher?
  8. Future

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    I'd rather just resign Spencer than hope Avril can make the switch, especially coming off a contract year. But I like everything else, especially Rainey.
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    Avril is the same size as Spencer.

    Avril is much faster than Spencer (4.51 vs. 4.72 in the 40)

    Avril can rush the passer - 11 sacks this year.

    I'd much prefer going after Avril who can become a major difference maker here while everyone doubles Ware than Spencer who is unable to capitalize on all the 1-on-1 matchups he gets.
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    nice analysis...a couple of questions.

    1. what do you estimate it would take to sign larry grant for some ILB depth?

    2. how does wolfe compare to watt? this defensive line needs a long, athletic player in the interior like watt and campbell..

    3. if you want a thicker version of rainey wouldn't that be his teammate jeff demps? demps has similar measurables as sproles (5'7, 190 lbs). the thing is i don't know if he is as tough as sproles is. what makes sproles so great is fearlessness sticking his foot in the ground and running up the middle. how do you think he compares to him?

    love the first 3 picks.
  11. TheCount

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    Avril is a calculated gamble. Let me ask you this: Imagine he was coming out this year, as a DE (We'll ignore the fact that he actually does have 3 years of collegiate linebacker experience) with the same measureables, would he or would he not be on your list as a potential draft-worthy OLB prospect for the Cowboys?

    I'm going to guess that your answer is yes he would. And if that's the case, add on the fact that we now have proof he can play in the NFL. Proof he can rush the passer. Proof he can take advantage of playing next to quality NFL players and proof that he can be consistent in his production.

    When you look at it that way, it may still be a gamble, but it's a lot less risky than it appears.

    As far as the "it's a contract year" argument, his numbers were very similar to his numbers last year, and he played 3 less games. To me, these are signs he is improving, not a red flag.

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