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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheCount, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Asumptions (Keeping it simple):
    Sign Michael Huff
    Cut Columbo
    Resign Bowen

    1. Prince Amukamara // CB // Nebraska
    I know it's not a sexy pick, I want Peterson as bad as anyone but he's almost guaranteed to be the first CB off the board. Of course this draft doesn't include trades either.

    Alternate: Von Miller // OLB // A&M - Can't help it, I like the guy and I think he gets a lot of flack based on being 10 pounds under just like Peterson gets a lot of flack for being 10 pounds over.

    2. Mike Pouncey // OG // Florida
    His stock supposedly dropped because he doesn't have the Shotgun snap down, luckily for him, he would be a second string Shotgun Snap Bungler on this team, Gurode has that covered.

    Alternate: Martez Wilson // ILB // Illinois - Bradie is a Free Agent in 2012 and will be 31 years old at that point. Martez is ready to go Day 1.

    3. Phil Taylor // NT // Baylor
    I've been a proponent of moving Ratliff to DE for some time and with the way things stand, this seems more a possibility than ever before. Taylor is a mountain of a man with a tendency to wear down as the game goes along, we will be able to rotate him with Brent and even Ratliff on passing downs to keep him fresh.

    Alternate: Benjamin Ijalana // OG // Villanova - Another pro ready prospect for the offensive line, can play either Tackle or Guard.

    4. Kenrick Ellis // DE // Hampton
    Yes I still want Ellis, I think he'd be a monster of an end for us opposite Ratliff, preferably playing on the strong side, next to Ware, to give people more to think about.

    Alternate: Jerrell Powe // NT // Mississippi - I'm actually not the biggest Powe fan, but if we miss out on Taylor, Powe is a good alternative. Guy's like John Moffitt or safeties Deunta Williams/Robert Sands are also an option here.

    5. Marcus Gilbert // OT // Florida
    Could creep up higher as draft day gets around but he's got prototypical RT size at 6'6" 330. Will struggle with speed, which is probably one of only a few reasons he'd be available in the 5th but I think he'll be a decent pro.

    Alternative: Cecil Shorts III // WR // Mount Union
    If we shake Roy in the near future, then we are suddenly back in a position where we have Miles and Dez and then not a heck of a lot behind them.

    6. Mike Mohamed // ILB // California
    Experienced playing in a 3-4 in college so he's ahead of the curve in that regard. He's got the size but lacks in technique and needs to add some strength. You read some bad things about him, but the production has been there.

    Alternate: Lots.

    7. Mark LeGree // SS // Appalachian St.
    I might be out of my mind here but I think LeGree could make an excellent SS for us if not a FS. The difference between the two positions has lessened more and more over time, and LeGree plays with an attitude befitting a SS. Plus when was the last time we had a playmaking SS?

    Alternate: None. Do it!
  2. jnday

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    Want to beef-up the DL ? I like it.
  3. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Nice. I like the ALT picks to. Only pick I don't like is Mike Mohammed.
  4. Randy White

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    this mock..

    'cept Prince, but I'll take him if the rest come with him..
  5. respectdatstar

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    I think Phil Taylor is shooting up the board. Might have to take him at 41 and hope for Ijalana in the 3rd. I really like Martez Wilson, though. I think he is going to be a beast in the NFL.
  6. texbumthelife

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    I would nut myself (am I allowed to say that?)
  7. CATCH17

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    I like all your picks except the 1st round pick.

    I just don't think Prince is an instinctive player.

    If he goes to a team that has bad weather a lot he may have success there but in Dallas if you don't have those natural instincts you'll get toasted.
  8. texbumthelife

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    I am genuinely interested to know what you are basing this on.

    His man cover ability and ball in air instincts are some of the best, if not THE best, in the country. His ability to break on routes and run them even better than the receiver at times is widely publicized. He may not be the number one cornerback prospect on the board, but it has nothing to do with his instincts as a cover corner.
  9. TheCount

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    Yeah Phil is rising, and I'd be fine with him being our 2nd round pick.

    I knew Prince wouldn't be a big splash, but I am assuming the top guys are gone by our pick and he's the last "elite" prospect left. I don't really think you need to take a CB in the top 10, they rarely live up to that pick.
  10. johnnyd

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    there's only one reason why people don't like prince and it's because the only clips they ever seen on him were vs bowman.

    let him come into the combine and perform , run a real fast40 and have mayock say a few good things about him like "most complete corner since darrele revis" and everyone and i mean everyone will love him because it will be chic' ..:D
  11. texbumthelife

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    He is largely just being greatly overshadowed by Patrick Peterson. If it wasn't for Peterson's ridiculous return ability I don't think this would be the case because I think Prince is a better pure cover man.
  12. TheCount

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    I think you're right. I don't know if he's run a "real fast" 40, but once Mayock gets done pimping him at the combine, I'm sure a lot of people will fall in love with him that currently aren't fans.
  13. garyv

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    I looked at Wes Bunting (Scout) list and has Prince rated around number 30 on his big board. Hes not high on Prince at all. I'm more wanting Cam Jordan to play opposite Ware. I do love Pouncey in the 2nd Round. I actually wanted Wisneiski C, Penn State in the 2nd Round. In my opinion a couple of solid starting OL will slip to where we are in the 2nd Round I just almost see it coming.
  14. TheCount

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    As was pointed out to me, Bunting is rating based on talent alone, which is why a FB is in the 20's.

    To my, Cam still looks more like a rushing 4-3 DE and not a 3-4 lineman occupying end.
  15. jnday

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    The more I think about this mock , the more I like it . If the DL is going to be used strictly to plug holes and take up blocks , you might as well go huge. Most of these big linemen take a double team to move . That occupies more OL , which puts less blocking pressure on the LB. Sign me up for Taylor, Powe and Ellis.
  16. jblaze2004

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  17. Randy White

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    Jump to the 1:30 and 3:20 marks.


    Jump to the 2:00 minute mark and what that part doesn't show is that the play before that one it was 3rd down 24 and he still allowed his receiver to catch a 20+ yard pass. Oklahoma went right back at him and got a crucial first down on the next play ( the one you'll see ) that led to the game winning FG..

    That's in the same field where he'd be playing at least 8 games a year.

    I'll find the Texas game highlights if I can and you'll see more of the same.
  18. texbumthelife

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    I have seen the highlight at the 1:30 mark several times. He has over the top cover-3 responsibility and the man who is standing there with his thumb in his *** is supposed to keep the intermediate stuff covered.

    At 3:20, yes he got beat badly on a flea flicker. Can't really defend it but it was a trick play.

    You realize in the second clip at the 2 minute mark he got picked by his own man and knocked off the coverage, right?

    As with anyone other corner, even the amazing Patrick Peterson, they get beat sometimes. I can pull up just as many highlights of any other corner you want to name getting beat. Even perennial pro-bowlers in the NFL. It happens.

    I still say the instincts and the ability are there. He is not nearly the cover-2 corner that some kids are, but as far as his man-to-man skill I don't think anyone else in this class touches him.

    All that said, I am beginning to be very high on Brandon Harris. If we could go OL/DL in the first and Brandon Harris in the second I would be just as happy.
  19. Randy White

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    all corners get beat at times. My point, and it's been the same since the beginning, is that Prince is not worth the 9th pick of the draft. As I've said before, I'm a Husker fan so he's not unfamiliar to me. I can honestly tell you that I was shocked when I saw how high he was thought of entering this college season because, frankly, he hadn't earned the reputation. To confirm my doubts two other Huskers were also ranked at the same time as being #1 in their position in terms of prospects, Niles Paul and Jared Crick, which shocked me just as much. I knew Crick was mostly a product of playing next to Suh, and for the life of me, I had no idea of why people thought highly of Paul, who, at this point, is worth more as a returner than as a receiver.

    Yes, I get that they looked good in a uniform, which is the first thing that catches' a scout's eye. It caught my eye when I first Paul as a freshman a few years ago and I was convinced he was headed to superstardom. Both Paul and Amukamara are built exactly how a scout would build his ideal player at each position, but that didn't translate to how they've been playing nor how they would play. Prince is not a " shut down " CB and never has been. The reason why he wasn't exposed more this year is because of several changes that Kansas and Kansas ST made to their programs ( transitioning from spread offenses to more conventional offenses ), Colorado's steep decline, and a schedule that didn't include a Texas Tech who'd usually put over 400 yards on the Huskers, sometimes by halftime, a Texas team who could only beat Nebraska and nobody else and A&M which had no offense. When the Huskers faced a team who had a little better than average offense, particularly passing wise, Prince didn't step up like a " shut down " CB would.

    I'm not saying he sucks. I'm not saying he's not worth a first round draft pick. All I'm saying is that I would not pick him with the 9th pick of the draft because he's not going to live up to that billing. He's just not at that level.

    Let me put it another way: he's the Greg Ellis of cornerbacks..
  20. texbumthelife

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    Frankly, he looks and plays exactly like Newman to me. Glad to hear the opinion of a Husker fan though. You have obviously seen him more than me.

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