There is no ''America's Team''..

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by ka0tik, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Just came across this debate over in some forum. Its back from 2003, but I really dont think much has changed since. heres some of the comments...

    It fit from a marketing standpoint, but you don't honestly think that the majority of football fans across the country consider the Cowboys to be their team do you? In my opinion, there is no America's Team in reality and if there were, the closest thing to it would actually be the Packers. (small-town team owned by the fans, most championships ever)
    'america's team"??? who's the clown who came up with that saying anyway??? i'm fact is that i'm american and i hate the cowboys.
    Yes, they once were considered "America's Team" --by themselves!
    Dont hate. Nowadays football is so popular throughout the world that people know more of the teams. But back in the 70's when people in other countries heard of the NFL the team they knew about was the Dallas Cowboys. Also, wherever in the country to travel to there is a strong following of Cowboys fans. Its a title we earned by going to 8 and winning 5 Super Bowls.
    Let me ask you something. Why do you hate the Cowboys. As a Fin Fan you should be greatfull. You stole alot of our players and your Head Coach is a Cowboy too. Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

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    NFL Fims is the one who labeled the Boys Americas Team. And if you look at the Merchandise that has been sold over the last 30 years I would say that the Cowboys have sold more than any other team.

    Regardless of this they are the best franchise in sports. The yankees can say they are and that would be a legit debate. But Football is America's game.
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    Maybe the last 30 years combined, but NOT in the last 5-8 years.......
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    The Cowboys were nicknamed "America's Team", by NFL Films because they had, (and I believe still do), the broadest and most widely scattered fan base of any NFL team. I am a good example. I'm 45 years old, a die-hard fan, have been since the late 60's and have never set foot in the State of Texas in my life.

    With the explosive growth of the NFL, America's team isn't the proper moniker anymore. They should be known as "Earth's Team".
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    Well ... they're definately SOUTH America's team.

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    Win, Lose or indifferent. They will ALWAYS be America's Team. Whoever dont like it - TOO BAD! HAHAHA!
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    ...for some to appreciate the Cowboys' exposure, but you have to leave America and travel aoround the world to get a true appreciation of how much market penetration the team has.

    I've seen Cowboys jerseys in every single continent I have lived or visited and the only one I haven't been to is Antartica.

    I've got pictures at work of little African kids working in a plastics plant making Range Rover parts with a Cowboys t-shirt on. Obviously it isn't official NFL gear, but it just goes to show what we are talking about here.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Everywhere the Cowboys play they have more fans than any other visiting team (unless it is a Jets/Giants game or something like that). When I went to the Cowboys/Panthers game a couple of weeks ago in Charlotte about one third of the people in the stadium were Cowboys fans. (We actually counted in our section and it came out to be 32 out of 100 that we counted.)

    The Cowboys are STILL America's Team and likely will be for a very long time to come.
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    It was about 15-20000 for the Cowboys in Seattle when I was there this year.
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    It's not like the Cowboys organization started it.

    It was NFL Films back in the late 70's.

    It is...what it is.

    So are the Cowboys 8 SB appearances and 5 victories since the merger. :)
  11. Silverstar

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    If you're going to Seattle, you might as well visit Alaska while your at it. :D
  12. CanadianCowboysFan

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    That's like saying, if you are going to Dallas, might as well visit Mexico City ;)

    In reality, I am only about 150 miles from Seattle, and about 800 from Alaska by sea.
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    Yes, which explains why average baseball players make more than Peyton Manning. And why when the Red Sox won the world series 3 million showed up for their parade, while only 1/2 million showed up for the Pats first SB parade.

    Much as I love football it will never replace baseball in American sports.
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    Did you see the raitings for this past seasons world series. Not to good.Nothing compares to the Super Bowl!
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    Jealous people.......
  16. Cowchips

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    The SB a one shot deal that a lot of folks watch for all the extras vs. the game itself. The World Series could be fixed to be more interesting. Let's compare the SB to the last game of the world series that the Red Sox won. I think you'd find the fairly equal.

    I truly find baseball awful to watch on tv because it's boring but I'd much rather attend a baseball game. More sophisticated audience, less violence in the stands, etc.
  17. ConcordCowboy

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    It did many years ago.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I haven't watched baseball in over 10 years and don't miss it a bit.

    Using the Red Sox' win as an example is ridiculous. It had been like 100 years since they won so it was only natural that the fans would come out in droves to celebrate the "end of the curse".

    Football still plays to packed stadiums while most baseball games are about 20% full if that until the playoffs roll around.

    Football is "America's Sport" and the Cowboys are "America's Team".
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    Dallas and Pittsburgh have huge numbers of fans all over the country. I think winning is important more because it ensures visibility than because people are fair weather fans. Football is foremost a game played by people, and those championship teams had players with charm who connected with fans. The NFL needs to remember that.

    Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, Tony Dorsett, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin connected more deeply with fans far more than Joe Montana or Jerry Rice (who probably connected better with ESPN ).

    When Michael Irvin was arrested for drug possession it rocked the entire NFL. He was the most popular player from a team that was so popular and so visible it became headline sports news for months. Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry's images have persevered far beyond their years on the sidelines.

    I guess that's why the NFL clings to players like Brett Favre even when they are passed their prime. Favre connected with fans and I think is the biggest reason Green Bay became popular again in the late 1990's. By comparison, St Louis who had a run similar to Green Bay's did not achieve the same degree of popularity because none of the players had the personality and charisma of a Favre or even Holmgren.
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    I think Montana wins in this scenerio

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