There's a reason 23 teams passed on Dez

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RickMoranis, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. jimmy40

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    but Rice didn't need a baby sitter.
  2. gmb85

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    Dez would be killing it if he was a NY Giant or even a Ram (Danny Amendola...anyone?). The way Jerrah runs this organization is a freaking joke.
  3. gmb85

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    They should've addressed his nonsense his rookie season. We wouldn't be paying the price now.:banghead:
  4. Doomsday

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    I dont think they are using Dez correctly. Part of being a good coach is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your players and putting them in position to be successful. How much of that have we seen since JG has been here?

    Felix, Murray, MartyB, Dez etc...... These guys have some talent and it has not been used correctly.
  5. BrassCowboy

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    not sure what you saw, but Dez was supposed to adjust his route and curl out in front of the CB but instead never adjusted and ran the route he was called to run in the huddle. Romo saw the LB you are talking about line up to blitz Romo (not defend that pass like you are implying) and called out to Dez to the need to adjust his route. Dez did not do it for whatever reason and it was clearly on Dez for that int.

    It is easy for us to sit back and say Romo should not have thrown that ball after the fact, but you have to remember alot of these pass plays are timing passes where the ball goes to where the receiver should be at time of throw.

    I have been a big fan of Dez and was very happy to see us get him at draft time, but I am beginning to think he just doesn't have enough upstairs to understand the game and live up to his potential.
  6. AbeBeta

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    He does that when he's not the target -- he doesn't seem to understand that the pieces work together -- and if Tony is flushed out of the pocket that he needs to be able to trust that his WR is where he is supposed to be. I really believe that Dez rarely sees passes on plays where Romo is creating b/c if he's not the primary target, Tony can't take the time to figure out where he is supposed to be as he's not run his route correctly (or at all)
  7. canters

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    Dez is not a wasted pick, but he is not and will not be Randy Moss or Jerry Rice. His inability to read and memorize the playbook ( this had always followeed him around since being in college ) will limit him. If he cannot fly by the seat of his pants and improvise, he is what he is.

    When healthy, he is a guy who will regularly catch 55-65 balls a year for 850-1000 yards, but will rarely make the game winning score or take over a game.
    He will make bone-headed plays however, and fits right in with 85% of this team which is made up of good or solid NFL players, but not stars.
  8. mach92

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    He was a problem for the POKES and he is a problem here. The day he was drafted, I said wasted pick. I'd love to be wrong but so far he has proven me correct.

  9. KJJ

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    If Dez doesn't start getting it together and the Cowboys end up missing the playoffs again he won't be a Cowboy next season. They'll look to trade him.
  10. Doc50

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    Is that a 3 year retention rate?

    (In other words, only 53% of draft picks would be on the team after 3 years.)
  11. KJJ

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    If Dez was receiving proper coaching on a well organized, disciplined team I agree he would be a beast right now.
  12. TheCount

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    How many teams passed on Romo?
  13. Oh_Canada

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    Yup...maybe we can say the same for turnover Tony???
  14. CowboyWay

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    Agree. We simply can't keep making excuses for this guy. He is dumb as a box of rocks. You just can't coach stupid.
  15. jobberone

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    I think Dez should be doing things better at this point but it takes most three years to get it. Dez has missed a fair amt of TC time. I doubt he's stupid but I also doubt anyone here actually knows the guy and none know how he does in practice and film sessions. If you can't be where you're supposed to be then that's a problem.
  16. KJJ

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    They passed on Romo for an entirely different reason. We saw several of those reasons last night.
  17. Lazyking

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    No, its a timing route. You expect the WR to be where you throw the ball. Not worried about the defender, you throw the ball before the WR makes his cut. Which is what happened except Dez went up field.
  18. ConstantReboot

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    And whats really ironic is that the defense new where the ball was going more so than the offense (Dez).
  19. Future

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    He was also a rookie in 1985 and had a, you know, family.

    I don't buy it that every WR in the league is extremely talented. By that logic, the only thing separating Calvin Johnson and, say, Brandon Stokely, is film and focus? No freaking way.

    People are allowing Dez' shortcomings to cloud the fact that there probably aren't five guys in the league more physically gifted than him at his position. It's too early to do that to a guy whose only 23 years old.
  20. Lazyking

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    How long do we wait then? If Dez is a top five talent do we give him big money on his next contract? As of right now, I'd pay him slot WR money..

    If they can get value back, I'd trade him. You wait to long, he'll have less value.

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