Things that need improvement...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheHustler, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. TheHustler

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    1. OL play. Especially during the 2nd half, half of JJ's runs, he was hit behind the LOS.
    2. Better blitz pickup. Pettiti wiffed on one. Polite on one.
    3. Bledsoe has to get the ball out earlier. He held the ball too long on several plays.
    4. Secondary needs to play better. I don't know if it because we were in the zone, or if they were just beating our secondary, but McCardell for 2 TDs is unacceptable.
    5. Too many penalties. The start of the game was UGLY. 3 penalties in a row on offense at one point.
    6. Roy needs to be a playmaker. He had a couple nice tackles behind the LOS but he's not forcing the fumbles, intercepting the ball, knocking the ball out of a players hands. I also thought his celebrations after tackles was a bit excessive.

    Great game though. Go Cowboys!
  2. MarionBarberThe4th

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    We need to abandon the zone. Newman and Henry are superior phsically, let them play man
  3. Rack Bauer

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    Our pass rush needs improvement... still. Was it better today then it was last year? Yes. But it's still not "Good".
  4. ravidubey

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    This is a nice wish but Bledsoe hit 75% of his passes and placed the ball better than I've ever seen him do before. Bad things will happen every game, expecially against a Superbowl contender like San Diego, you've got to be able to roll with the punches like the Cowboys were able to do.

    Dallas overcame their penalties, San Diego didn't and that was the difference today.
  5. TheHustler

    TheHustler Active Member

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    I agree completely. With Neman, Henry and Glenn, we can run with most 3 WR sets. I'd like to see them in man to man with Davis deep and Roy in the box.
  6. dargonking999

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    I think we need to improve our ST play first and formost, and i think we need to improve on converage and responsiblites, Mcardell was open because alot of the time guys were jumping routes and misscommunicating, we had alot of that and hopefully BP will sure it up this week,if not look for avery hungry redskin teamtocom ine and pull an upset, these guysunder valued and chiagco and alsmost lost, be cetain they will throw everything at us to win,
  7. Cowboy from New York

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    1. The Chargers obviously game planned entirely around stopping JJ and we should get used to that gameplan. I think the one series in the 2nd half where we did keep crashing JJ into the line for little gain was when we were coming off of 2 series where SD had had two long consecutive touchdown drives and had held the ball for a large part of the 3rd quarter. So my thought was that Parcells wanted to hold the ball for a while and give his defense a blow.
    2. No arguement on Polite, but he'll learn. I thought Pettiti played pretty well, and while the chargers went after him, they seemed to like their chances blitzing off both edges of the LOS. Flozell got the one holding penalty on one of those.
    3. Bledsoe DID hold the ball too long several times, I guess the sunny side to that is that our o-line gave him that much time to do that.
    4. We all saw Davis make bite on the run and give up that td. Newman got beat several times and there was a lot of confusion out there at times. BUt man, Henry brought his A game today big time.
    5. No arguement on the penalties, but most came on that one drive from hell.
    6. I noticed that too, Roy had a few big hits and yards saving tackles but he seemed quiet....for Roy. I'm not sure what the chargers did, run him off on routes or what but they did mamage to keep him quiet today. Which probably freed up some other guys to make the plays today. Really was hoping to see a lot more run blitzes involving Roy today.
  8. 50cent

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    Agree with almost everything except pass coverage. We held Brees to 50% completion rate and 2 INts. He only threw 7 last year and had a 60% completion rate last season. Pretty good for the first game.

    We did get consistent pressure, but it didn't translate into sacks. Brees had happy feet all day.
  9. TheHustler

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    Yeah. Brees had too long out there.
  10. TheHustler

    TheHustler Active Member

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    How could I forget the ST play, the coverage unit was atrocious.
  11. zrinkill

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    I hope so ............... they have a great defense ............. and JJ STILL got 93 yards on 26 carries (3.6 yds per carry) :)
  12. jay cee

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    During the preseason, someone posted a stat about how effective last seasons kickoff coverage was, and pointed out that it may have been because the kicker was so adept at hanging the kicks up and giving the coverage team time to get down field.
    I wonder if part of the kickoff coverage problems were due to the new kicker.
  13. TheHustler

    TheHustler Active Member

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    Cortez doesn't exactly have the strongest leg, we there were a couple missed tackles too.
  14. Dale

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    I have to wonder if Cortez was being instructed to kick them high, and short. Because throughout the preseason he was booming them into the end zone pretty routinely. And he was signed by Minny last season specifically for his kickoff abilities.

    Considering how poor our kickoff coverage was this preseason, DeHaven's answer might have been higher but shorter kickoffs. Just a guess.

    To the rest of the post, I think they need to work on the pass rush and mental mistakes along the offensive line. Far too many penalties committed by the line this afternoon. If I'm not mistaken, everyone but Rivera got in on the action.

    By and large, I thought the line protected Bledsoe pretty well. He hangs in the pocket so long that he's going to take some sacks. It's just the way he plays. Polite's miscue where he missed Sammy Davis around the edge was about the only one I really felt was because of poor protection.

    But if Bledsoe can continue throwing the ball like he did today, it's well worth a few sacks every game. We haven't had a passer like him here in a while.
  15. Chocolate Lab

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    I wondered that same thing, Dale. His kicks today just didn't look anything like what they did in preseason.

    Of course, if that was the plan, it didn't work too well. :(

    MRTRIPOD New Member

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    we might be wise just to on-sides kick every kickoff now..

    1. it gives us a chance to recover

    2. odds are they'll just dive and the ball and they will not get any better field position than they have already been getting
  17. TheEnigma

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    I think you are right on our coverage. I think most of the yards that SD had through the air, especially McCardell, was because the linebackers and secondary didn't have good communication with each other. Part of this could be contributed through new scheme as well as new players. SD had no turnover in personnel on defense while we replaced 6 of the 11 starters, thats over 50% in turnover.

    But, I think this is something that will improve throught the year with experience, at least I hope this is the case.
  18. smashmouth

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    I thought that the only time our "D" line didn't pressure the QB without blitzing, was when we were concerned about LT getting the handoff. That can slow down a pass-rush big time.

    As long as we were in obvioius passing downs, our D-Line for the most part, put the pressure on.

    I re-watched the game already, and I know for a fact that Ware had atleast 4 to 5 pressures, and Ellis had about 3 or 4 - Ware could've had 2 or 3 sacks this game.
  19. lyrclcipha12

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    while i had to listen to the game on the radio (forced to listen to chargers announcers it seemed to me that our special teams needed the most work. i've heard sproles was good but it seemed their average starting field position on kickoffs was the 35-40 yard line. so the defense was playing with a short field no wonder it was a close game. furthermore, cortez didn't seem to be kicking as far downfield as he did in pre-season, mcbriar sounded like he got off a couple good punts but one was a liner i guess. and our return men didn't exactly get the job done (running into blockers, and getting stopped at the 18. to me thats the number one priority, then OL play 4 sacks and julius was thrown for a loss countless times in the second half.
  20. NickZepp

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    I disagree a little bit with 1 and 3.

    Our OLine played fine. JJ will face some large fronts just like Emmitt did. Sometimes he'll get stuffed sometimes he won't. Chargers decided to take something away from Dallas and it almost worked. Thank god for Drew.

    Bledsoe can't change his style after all these years. Instead of throwing it away he'll take the sack. That's just the way he is. Accept it.

    I agree pretty much with everything else. We did play a very good team in San Diego that has returned everyone from last year so some aspects won't look great.

    I would also add special teams needs improvement. Atleast we didn't have a 19 yard punt though.

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