This guy will be a star this year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. fifaguy

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  2. Hardline

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    Those players were given a shot and didnt live up to their potential. Dunbar has yet to be given a legit shot. So as of now he is a big question mark.
  3. erod

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    Dunbar had just become a key part of the offense when he got hurt. If he can return, he'll make a big difference. Most Sproles-like player Dallas has.
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  4. Aikmaniac

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    I somewhat agree. I think he'll be big for the offense, but not Dez big.
  5. Silver N Blue

    Silver N Blue Well-Known Member

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    Yes but with Murray here that will not happen and in my desk chair opinion Dunbar is a good "potential" change of pace back and nothing more.
  6. Zordon

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    yep that's true lol.
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  7. BigStar

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    That expression made me choke up:D Nice
  8. NeonDeion21

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    I am a big fan.
  9. CowboyGil

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    IDK WTH Ashley Cole is, but why would ANYBODY cheat on that????:eek:
  10. fifaguy

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    It was exactly what came to mind when I saw the post. I am a fan of all the current running backs, but I just don't see any one of them being a factor other than DeMarco. Even his role seems limited most of the time. I hope I am wrong though!
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  11. sbark

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    ...but has the "potential" for more :)......hope he can be the change of pace back that everyone hopes he can be, but so far its just potential.
    You are what you are until you prove otherwise--Bill Parcels.
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  12. theSHOW

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    Murray needs to be ridden hard this season. Let him get all the touches. Dunbar is 3rd string. Let him show that he can dress for a game and be ready for his chance.
  13. Va_BoysFan4 Life

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    What is the status of his rehab at this time?
  14. khiladi

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    I forgot what the thread was about...
  15. StevenOtero

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    When Dunbar actually gets the chance to open up his stride, he's a game changer.

    "We" need to actually use him and he needs to stay healthy.
  16. dstovall5

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    You really think Jonathan Freeny is going to be a star this year? I mean he's young, but I just don't see it. :D
  17. dallasdave

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    Yeah, Skip looks like he is thinking hard or taking a dump.
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  18. bsheeern

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    Uhhhhh what??
  19. JohnsKey19

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    He has the tools to be an effective change of pace nickel back in this offense. I can see why the coaches/staff are high on him. Forget "star", we just need him to be effective consistently over a full season. If so, he will make a difference.
    Hopefully there are no setbacks with injury
  20. Cumart21

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    Dunbar might be someone who can help the Cowboys offense this year, but we won't know until he gets a chance. His sample size is way too small from this past season to make any judgements about his effectiveness as a runner or his durability. The knee injury seemed kind of flukey. He also seems pretty small to be a consistent factor. Time will tell.

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