This is what former first round pick Aaron Curry says about Rolando McClain

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CarlAllDay, Jul 6, 2014.

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    this is the zone. par for the course
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    I'm not certain one has the proper words to respond to so eloquent a post. :)
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    Maybe we could make this a 2-for-1 reclamation project? Curry sounds ready. Any takers?
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    Curry seems like he came out of nowhere his last year at Wake Forest and quickly faded out of the league. I think McClain is pure talent, it's just a matter of his dedication and mental well-being.
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    We really have nothing to lose. It shows our desperation to pick up a guy that has quit on his team but let's see what he brings to the table. If he doesn't work out, we cut our losses and move on. I'm sure he hit money problems and needs some more paychecks. Money motivates most people in our society.
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    Mmm. Curry. I'm in. I can take or leave the McClain.
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    I think it would be Eberflus who works with him.
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    let see,, just throwing this out there, but young guy getting 23 mill guaranteed, and going to the black hole,,,, could be enough reason to want to just go fishing with your kids instead.
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    Well... yeah.
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    Just five months earlier, under contract with the Super Bowl champion Ravens, McClain sensed that he was about to self-destruct like Jovan Belcher or Aaron Hernandez or any of the NFL's many cautionary tales. So he just walked away from football. The sports world is littered with bitter, broke or jailed 35-year-old versions of Rolando McClain. But there are few 24-year-old athletes who would have left the NFL to do what he did: McClain re-enrolled at the University of Alabama and moved back to the town that had once brought out the best in him.

    He knew where he was going to end up. So he walked away to get his head on right. He walked away from millions to get his life back on track. Re-enrolled back in school. Im sure you've never bothered to research the back story of McClain's situation. But there it is.
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    I think that is what fans need to understand. McClain didn't have the type of support at Oakland or Baltimore that the Cowboys have given Dez Bryant and that it appears he had at Alabama. Even though they both have similar backgrounds.
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  12. CATCH17

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    I thought McClain was going to be amazing coming out of college. There is a chance that maybe he develops into that player here in Dallas but I don't expect it.

    We just need him to come in here and be a solid guy.

    My biggest concern with him is I don't know how much of a scheme fit he is.
  13. CATCH17

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    Exactly. We will country club and coddle this guy so much that if he can't make it here then he won't make it anywhere.
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  14. Doomsday101

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    If he has his off the field life in order then I think he has a good chance to get his career going again.
  15. jazzcat22

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    Who cares why he retired, twice. No matter his reasons or reasoning or what the issues were, if any issues. That his his own personal life. So who are we to specualete or to form an opinion. I know we all do it anyway, myself included at times.
    But why should we care. As long as he stays committed to play and can produce, which helps bring along some wins, make this defense better. That's what I'm looking at.
    All the other stuff is in the past and has nothing to do with what's going on now.
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  16. conner01

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    and just like leaf, if he can get his head and heart straight he can be a very good player. we have no risk in the deal. either he gets his life staraight and gets back to playing the way he s capable or we cut him with no loss at all. it is a deal where we can only win, there is very little risk of any loss and the only loss it could be is a very late round pick. we get training camp to text drive the car so to speak and determine if we like it or not. to me it was a very good deal to make
  17. Doomsday101

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    I agree. A persons personal life can have an affect on their professional life. He is looking to get his career restarted and the Cowboys are willing to give him a no risk deal to play for them the rest falls to McClain. He has the physical talents that is why he did go so high in the draft and if he has his personal life in order then I think he has a good chance to get things turned around. He is 25 years old so if he is willing he can turn this around
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  18. jazzcat22

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    Why does most everyone call this a desperation move. You said it yourself, we have nothing to lose.
    So that sounds like it was a smart move.
    A desperation move would be trading a top 4 pick at this point.
    One doesn't have to have money problems to want to go back to work. But true, money motivates. Let's see what Calvin Hill and the Cowboys support system can do, if he needs that.
  19. Doomsday101

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    True but then Leaf situation was a bit different since he was dealing with a serious wrist injury that never got better. So he was dealing with physical problems as well something McClain is not dealing with.
  20. BraveHeartFan

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    It makes no difference why he walked away or anything.

    We have picked him up for virtually nothing. There is pretty much zero risk here for the Cowboys and if he pans out and plays well it's all reward.

    I really see no reason for anyone to have any problem with this move or to care.
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