This is why the Jaguars are the Jaguars: Jaguars add Alan Ball

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheRat, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I think you are very mistaken or maybe you missed a season. Ball started for FS after Ken Hamilton was let go and was a total failure at the position.

    Here's a quote of Jerry's prior to that season.

    "Jerry Jones: Cowboys not interested in Atogwe

    Posted by Mike Florio on June 2, 2010, 4:40 PM EDT
    When Rams safety O.J. Atogwe officially became an unrestricted free agent, the Cowboys, 49ers, Vikings and Dolphins were the first teams mentioned as potential suitors.

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones strongly suggested today that you can cross the Cowboys off the list.

    “I’m ready to go into our season with the safeties that we have,” Jones said at Cowboys’ OTAs, per Tim MacMahon of “That might answer your question.”

    The Cowboys would seem to make sense because they released starting free safety Ken Hamlin this offseason, and because Jones isn’t afraid to spend money if he thinks he can upgrade the Cowboys’ roster. But Jones apparently thinks Alan Ball, who filled in as the starter for Hamlin in four games last season, can get the job done.

    So that leaves the 49ers, Vikings and Dolphins as the teams that have been publicly identified as possible landing spots for Atogwe. And, of course, the Rams were trying to work out a deal with Atogwe before he became an unrestricted free agent and might still end up making him the best offer he can get."

    Its kinda like how Jerry likes the current OL.
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    I guess you were trying for a 2fer, hate Alan and Jones....But I also just read the article by Florio about Spencer and it was BS like most his articles.

    No I didn't miss a season, and I like Alan, he was to light in the (A) for the position they put him in. But you never heard him complain to anybody about it.

    2010....he was never a starter, or an every down player.

    Alan Ball FS/CB
    Barry Church SS
    Cletis Gordon CB
    Michael Hamlin FS
    Mike Jenkins CB
    Bryan McCann CB
    Danny McCray FS
    Terence Newman CB
    Orlando Scandrick CB
    Gerald Sensabaugh SS
    Jamar Wall CB
    Pat Watkins SS
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    left off a few teams, redskins for example have 2 during that span and kansas city has 0.

    may be a few more bottom feeders u r leaving off
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    Ball has value in the league as a backup CB/S swing who is a great special teams gunner.

    I think the Jaguars are pretty fascinating team since Khan bought them. They're on the forefront of quantitative and analytic development. Khan himself has a background in mathematics and engineering, and his son left his business career to spearhead a newly developed Football Technology & Analytics Department for the Jaguars. Last year the Ravens hired a former NBA statistician consultant with degrees from Carnegie Melon and Yale to head up a similar department. The 49ers have been doing it for a while under Stanford M.B.A. graduate Paraag Marathe. Seems to be working for them.
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    No! I will continue to laugh at the jets and butt fumbles. :laugh2:
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    Ball is what he is, a 3rd - 4th string DB. Quit bashing the guy.

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