This might be something... Malcolm Kelly rumor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BHendri5, Apr 13, 2008.

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    or it might not be. We may draft WR, DB, and RB(in second round, which could mean Ray Rice, Whom I believe will be a Cowboys anyway).

    After Church today I was talking to Malcom Kelly's brother . He told me that a lot of teams are looking and talking to Malcom, some have told Malcom that his time does not matter to them they watch film and that on film he has been a productive Wr, he produces TD, as well as slants and crossing patterns.

    This is the something, I was talking about, Malcom's brother said that Michael Irvin called Malcom and told him that he wanted to be there when he redo his pro day again and that he wants to announce his times on his show.

    Irvin also told Malcom that the Cowboys really want him but they do not think he will be still on the board when it is time for them to pick.

    I find that interesting, because if Malcom falls to 22 and we do pick him that means the 28th pick will either be traded if we can also pull off a trade with either the Lions, Cardinal's, or the Bengals, if not we will pick DB and the RB in the 2nd rd, which most likely wil be my boy Ray Rice.

    Who added the Malcom Kelly rumor? Please do nt edit my post without giving me a reason. Now to this rumor thing, what part of this is rumor? I did not say this was going to happen, I was just passing on information that I received from Malcom's brother Jamel, we do attend the same church, and I always ask him about Malcom.

    The time Malcom came to church with Jamel, I told Malcom that it would be nice if he was drafted by the Cowboys, in which his reply was he would love that to happen, anyway I have met and spole to Malcom and as I have said I see his brother at church every Sunday, and we talk about Malcom.
    So You think Malcom would start a rumor? Malcom told Jamel that Irvin called him and told him that the Cowboys really liked him.

    We all know that Irvin is on the inside, so I believe Irvin and I certainly believe Jamel.
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    Nachos would be tossed at the TV in an expeditious manner if we took him at #22.
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    Teams tell players all sorts of non-sense before the draft. Hell, there are even stories of teams calling players minutes before their pick to tell them they're drafting them, only to draft another player.
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    Why waste perfectly good nachos for something like that? :)
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    :lmao2::lmao2::lmao2::bow:...tell em how you
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    Hes a good player that would fit well in our offense.

    Im not sure why so many of you would be upset. He would just make us more dangerous.
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    Hey, I appreciate the post. It's always interesting to hear first-hand accounts like this.
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    Is the consensus that Sweed and thomas are going to be gone by 22?

    I think that Devin Thomas has a chance of being a pro bowl type player, and that Kelly could eventually take the no 1 recieving spot in a west coast offense. He is a big reciever with only adequate speed.
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    He has a very good point. Someone might need to add rumor to Hostiles thread about why he thinks we'll get RW. Both of these thread are very similar. They both are going off something someone them.
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    It's on there in all caps.
  11. Little Jr

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    I see that.
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    I'll take Malcolm over a 1 year wonder like Thomas any day. Thomas didn't even run out of a pro spread in college, which is the toughest transition that college WRs have to make when going pro. This will severely slow his development.

    Drew Boylhart ( [quotes taken from free to the public section]:
    "Malcolm is the best WR in this very deep class of WR’s. He has the size, strength, speed, football intelligence and determination to be the best. Malcolm reminds me a lot of Terrell Owens and Eric Moulds but I believe he is faster and quicker than both of those WR’s. His injuries are not a concern for me because injuries are part of the game and those injuries will not affect his overall talents. Malcolm has the abilities to impact right away for the team that drafts him and be the focal point of a teams passing game."

    "What I try to do is give you an honest opinion of a player’s abilities to play in the NFL without acknowledging what others are saying about a player. I don’t cut and paste from other peoples profiles or listen to what other people say about a player. I just tell you what I honestly see on the film. For example, Devin Thomas WR Michigan St. On my film I have never seen the speed that he showed in the Combine. I think he has excellent talent but he has not and does not run all the routes needed to be a complete WR for the next level. That means to me that although he has very good talent his LTI (Length To Impact) is longer then most WR’s that I would list in the first round of the draft. I gave him a 4th round TBR rating because that’s what I see. I don’t change that rating because he ran a 4.30sp forty at the combine. If a team drafts him in the first round they know that Devin will take some time before he will become consistent and productive. The pressure could ruin Devin but I suspect that most teams feel that he can handle that pressure. I’m not sure he can but they are suppose to be the experts not me!"
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    Sorry my thread bothered you so much.

    As to the rumor about Kelly. I think it's interesting.
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    Cowboy nation will be in front of their TV's going :eek:
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    i thought VR already said were not going WR in 1st so we would b e hoping he falls to 611
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    2nd round at best.
  17. Little Jr

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    Bothered me? Not one bit. I found it very intersting just like I did this one. I never would have even thought about the rumor part if BH wouldnt have brought it up. Once he did though it was a valid point. Both threads were based on the same thing. Something both of you heard from someone. I really dont think either one should have "rumor" on it. But if itwas added to his it needed to be added to yours.

    I said what bothered me about your post. It had nothing to do with it being true or not true or a rumor or not a rumor. Like I said I believe the RW thing will go down just like you said. At least I hope it does.
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    I absolutely believe the Cowboys like Malcom Kelly. In fact, he might be the fall-back plan if a trade can't be worked out. I think he'll be a good pro. He's just had some bad luck and made some tough situations worse with some comments...

    I'll tell you this much, the Cowboys have a lot of eggs in a lot of different places in this draft. I hope it all comes together in such a way that this team comes away from that weekend loaded.
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    I love inside information so I appreciatte the rumor rather its turns out or not. I like Kelly but at # 22 I am still holding out for a CB.

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    Is this a joke? Was it simply from before his Proday or what? We now know that Malcolm is NOT fast...for a LB! So the notion that Malcolm is faster than TO...huh?

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