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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BHendri5, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I can shed a little light on the Irvin situation


    I just heard Mike on Dan Patrick's show. Now I will say this first, when asked if I would take a drug test, I would have said "let's do it right now". I do not know all of the ins and outs of the legal ramifications that goes along with being a celebrity or a person with the amount of money Irvin makes.

    I can say this, Irvin is upset that he is immediately saw as guilty, and not even given the benefit of the doubt.

    Everyone that says they would have taken the drug test, some would have and some would not have.
    Speaking for myself, I know that the old me, would have refused to take a test, because to me that would have been a slap in the face.(This is how I would have acted in the past.)

    (I'm telling you and showing you for 5yrs now that I'm clean and have turned my life around.)
    In the parenthesis, I'm stating what Irvin may be thinking.

    Anyway, that Pastor I.V. Hilliard is my head Pastor, and he runs a legit Life change institute program. It is not funded by the Government, it is funded by all of our church members, we do not ask the Government for money.

    You get screened and if you past the screening you are admitted, but you are free to leave anytime you want. We do not keep a person there against their will.

    Now they go thru your bags and clothing when you arrive, I know this because I am a member of the Church and I just took my brother-in law there on Oct 27, 05.

    The program focus on teaching a person about God and God's word. You wake up a 6am, pray, eat breakfast, clean up yourself and your area and assigned areas, you go back and pray again, then you have church service, youhave different ministers preaching to you , until luch time, after lunch you pray again and listen to the ministers teach you the word again until 7pm, you have time to clean up again, a little free time to walk around out side of the building, and then you have to be in bed at 10pm.

    No television, no radio, nothing but the Bible and the ministers and the other guys going thru the program, it is a successful program. You can go for 30 days, to 90 days.

    And as I said, you are free to leave anytime you want, and if a person leaves out of the compound they are expelled from the program.

    The only thing that I do not like about the program is that it is located in the Hood, so once you step out of the compound, I mean as soon as you step past the fence you can get any kind of drug you want, it is in one of the HOODs, Ghetto of Houston.

    So Irvin was telling the truth about that. It is a legit program and as I said very successful and have been around for many years now.
    When Irvin mentioned that and My Pastor, I knew he was telling the truth then.

    Oh, one other thing, on my birthday Saturday me and my family went to visit, my brother-in-law and he was telling us that 4 or 5 guys were expelled because they left out of the compound, he said 2 snuck out during the night.

    So, people wait until this thing is finished before you throw rocks at Irvin.

    Now, I'm with Dan Patrick, alcoholics and drug abusers, will lie, and they are good at it, but he also forgot to mention, that people tend to think the worse .

    If they know that you once were one of those people, and if that person is telling the truth, part of you will think that he is lying.
    You want to believe that person because you like that person, but You do not listen to that small voice that is telling you he is telling the truth, because he once was a user.

    But< i can vouch for Irvin and his Life Change Institiute statement, and that if his friend left, then he could have been one of the 5 people that my brother-in-law was talking about.
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    Pastor IV Hiliard runs the rehab program. sorry but i had to laugh at that.

    Ok, but seriously...thanks for sharing, sounds like a program that has helped a lot of people, and congrats to you on the 5 years clean, it seems to have been a positive thing for you.
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    Food for thought, Sarge.

    There were no drugs found and altho the pipe under the seat sounded to me highly unlikely, confluences of events do occur like that all the time.

    Pretty darn dumb not to just toss the pipe down the garbage disposal, imo, but I tend to give Irvin the benefit of the doubt based on that fact when people are busy, they don't always think out the details of every action as best as they could.
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    No, Pastor I.V. Hilliard is the founder of the program, He is a great Pastor.
    He is well known, he has churches in multiple locations.

    Life Change Institute is a known program.

    Oh, I've never had to be in the program, I'm sorry for your misinterpretation, but I was talking about Irvin it has been about 5yrs since his last incident with drugs.

    I have never had a drug problem, so if I mislead you in the post, I'm sorry, I''l go back and re read what I posted.
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    ok sorry, guess i read it wrong. And i was just goofing around bout the pastors name, not trying to belittle anything.
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    You are right, it is weird to not just go ahead and throw the thing some where. I know you do not want any children to find it, or if you do have any people going thru your trash, especially being a celebrity.

    he should have put it under his tire and run over it. We can sit and think of all these things he should have done, but how would we have handled the situation if we were in that spot?

    Would we turn away a loved one, on Thanksgiving?

    I hope you did not comprehend what Hoov, did when he read my post, before I edited it.

    I have tried some stuff back in the day as a teenager, but I never wanted to mess up my dream of playing football, and after I gave up on that I joined the Air Force so I never had a problem.

    But I changed in my post what could make others think that I was a former drug user. Hopefully, Hoov will reread the post.

    And stop laughing, that a Pastor wants to help his community, by opeing a rehab institiution.
    He has been preaching since he was 9 yrs old.

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    Irvin clean and sober for last 5 years. Is that a funny?
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    He should have done a Dog the Bounty Hunter on him.....make him step on and break his own crack pipe.
  9. BHendri5

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    It's cool, I did not get upset, I just thought maybe I wrote something wrong in my post, which I did, so I went and edited it. I generally look in the mirror before I get upset about something, and now days I do not let things get to me.

    I know, I made fun of the Pastors name, before I joined the church too. My wife started going there first and I was being stubborn, hard headed,basically I did not want to change my ways so I would do and say stuff to try and discourage her.

    I had just forgotten that I did the same thing, when I heard his name.
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    I am hoping that Irvin's story is right, however, Irvin's past CAN NOT be forgotten. He was busted more than once for drugs, so there is legit reason to doubt what he says.

    Personally, I believe him....hence my hope.
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    I believe him too. The next time I talk to my brother-in-law, I will ask him if he know anything about the guy that Irvin said that he put in the institute.

    When Irvin brought up my Pastor's name and the Life change program, I knew he was telling the truth. But if he is using Pastor Hilliard's name and program to help cover him, I will just pray for him even more.

    I am not naive, because there is the possiblity that Irvin was speaking the truth, but when he friend came to his house he could have gotten high with him.

    so there is that.
    I believe him and I know that it will all come out and he will be exonerated.
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    Nope, not gonna buy this story......

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