This story seems to be underreported?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Is it true and is there more than one source? If so, this is really, really bad.

    On the surface it seems Executive Vice President, and Director of Player Personnel Stephen Jones did the right thing, however, in his own draft room there is frustration, including coach Jason Garrett.
    The issue is who they drafted, Travis Frederick out of Wisconsin. Frederick wasn’t considered the best center in the draft, furthermore, he was considered to be a mid round pick.
    With Cal's Brian Schwenke who is a consensus selection for top center and Alabama's Barrett Jones running close behind him on the board, Jones bypassed them both for Frederick.
    The team’s draft room became deflated when Jones made the pick. The Cowboys drafting woes in the past few years are well documented, but in the most important draft for the Cowboys, it’s an ominous beginning.
    According to Brandon George of the Dallas News, the move to trade back and the selection is a true indication of the dysfunction within the team’s ranks. Jason Garret seemed drained from all his in fighting with Jones, scouts were deflated, not a good way to build a team.
    George writes:
    ‘This time around, there weren’t any smiles or high-fives among the Cowboys’ executives in the team’s draft room at about the time Dallas’ first-round trade appeared to go down with San Francisco. Garrett and Cowboys assistant director of player personnel Tom Ciskowski didn’t look happy after Stephen Jones hung up the phone. They were both slumped back in their chairs. Garrett, at one point, had a blank look across his face as he started rubbing his forehead with his hand. Ciskowski and Stephen Jones also had an animated exchange. It was a rare show of emotion by Ciskowski.’
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    I think its true.the scouts have done their work for a whole year and had Floyd highly (possibly no 7)on their board,they naturally want the GM to follow the board.
  3. Teague31

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    If anything it's been over reported
  4. mmillman

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    maybe I am late on this but it isn't up on any of the boards and I cannot find a video to see for myself. Anyone have a good link to show the reaction to the trade and the reaction when Frederick is drafted?
  5. StarMan

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    Typical stupid Jerry move to pass on Floyd. He may be permanently red-faced after this gaffe.
  6. DFWJC

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    I heard more than once that they had Floyd in their top 10.

    When the run on Oline was a frenzy, they decided that the best OL at 31 plus the BPA at 74 was worth Floyd.
    So it ended up ...
    Travis Frederick and Terrence Williams for Shariff Floyd.
    That was the trade.

    I'm sure how it'll tun out. But at the time, I was screaming for Floyd.

    BTW, that write is full of it is he says Fredercik was not the top rated Center. He was on most rating least 75% of them or more.
    Have to admit though, no way I would have taken him at 31. I think Schwencke in the 3rd or 4th is much prerable to Freddy at 31.

    Could be fine though.
  7. honyock

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    What exactly is the story here that hasn't been talked about at length since the trade was made? It was the writers opinion of what he saw on video. It may be accurate, it may not. He cites no sources, gives no inside info, just an opinion based on watching a video with no sound.

    By who? By the Cowboys board? Other teams boards? Draft pundits?

    Are you sure you understand what "consensus" means? It means unanimous or near unanimous. I haven't seen anything in the same zip code as a consensus that Schwenke was the best center in the draft. This wasn't in the blog post you linked to, so I'm curious where you're getting this.
  8. RS12

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    Armen Williams had it from a source. Wasnt lip reading the war room cam.
  9. kirkjrk

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    I saw the whole thing as it happened on the War Room Cam. It showed Jason had no say in the pick(s) and he and Tom were dumfounded, with Tom and Stephen having words. For awhile afterwards things were very quite with Jerry and Stephen acting like they knew they pi**ed them off. I was expecting more of the same when the 2nd pick was made but Jason and Tom were involved with all the high fiving. I got the idea, maybe wrong, that the two decided it best to join in, than get fired.

    I realized more this day that Jason had no say, none, in the picks. Jerry and Stephen very seldom talked with Jason and then it just seemed to be like Jerry was trying to make Jason feel like he belonged. Really eye opening.

    I also realized that even after Jerry is gone that Stephen will be as bad if not worse. I got the feeling this, especially the first two picks, was Stephen more than Jerry.
  10. dogberry

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    Wasn't the alternative story that we had two offers for 18, and the better one was withdrawn?
  11. SilverStarCowboy

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    Some people have "other plans" for the team roster, that doesn't mean it would be successful.

    Laughable is more like it.

    Whether you like it or not they spent money on the OLine already.

    They've addressed OL with a 1st Round Center and a top 10 OT in 2 or the last three Draft ..but complainers ignore the 2 out of 3 1st round choices (in 2011 & 2013) completely.

    Stop and look around at the successful and most productive Offenses in the League, Cinnci just got another TE in the 2013 Draft to pair with Gresham, New Orleans with Jimmy Graham and a group of Wideouts, Seattle went and got Percey Harvin, Hotlanta with Gonzo, Julio Jones and Roddy White, New England has Gonzales and Gronkowski but just signed Amendola then Drafted WRs, Washington building around RG3 with Offensive Playmakers, while Denver added Welker, and the list goes on.
  12. DFWJC

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    I also heard that SF had mutiple offers for that 31st pick, so they had the upper hand in a big way.

    if I'm in there, I'm taking Floyd at 18, or trying to trade down slightly to take Sly Williams.
    If I too Floyd at 18 (which i wuld have), then given what was there at 47, I am for sure trading down. Maybe end up with 3 3rd rounds before it's over. There was a ton of trading going on in that second day.

    Anyway, I hope they add a starting piece OL in FA.
  13. Chuck 54

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    Kiper and McShay both had Frederick #1. Kiper had Schwenke #3 at 8.1 while Frederick and Jones were both 8.5.

    No one has any proof that they were even discussing Floyd; they could have been afraid of moving all the way down to 31 and losing the final OL they really wanted. They may have been angry that Jerry didn't get more from SF.

    We also have no idea what Jerry and Steven may have promised Tony Romo regarding the line in getting his contract signed.

    It's time to drop all of this nonsense. The draft is over, and our players will prove this to have been a good draft or a poor one.

    It's foolish to think the head of scouting would be against a trade down. Every head of scouting in the league had players scouted and rated...didn't every team that ever made a trade down for more picks bypass the scouts' higher rated players in order to move down for more picks? His job is to help put the board together, not run the draft or make decisions about who is selected when.

    The only reason Cis has to be angry is if we take a much lower rated player....we didn't. We made a trade. To me, the same holds true for JG. He has a say in who gets selected, but he doesn't get to make decisions about trades for additional picks. Final decisions are usually made by the GM.

    Anyone who hates Jerry as GM has an argument; however, this little firestorm is just stupid. This is how it's done in most war rooms.
  14. Angus

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    Seventeen teams passed on Floyd before 18. How long after that did he last?

    Any argument could have been about taking Frederick at 18. If so, they got him at 31 even though he was 22 on the board. That would explain the high fives when they got him.

    Perhaps it was similar to the situation when Parcells wanted to take someone other than Ware early but got him later anyway.

  15. Idgit

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    It was pretty obvious there was dysfunction going on in the war room for that first pick.
  16. MonsterD

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    If you look at it from another team's perspective, the Giants on the next pick took Pugh, and then their next pick was a DT-Hankins. So why didn't they just take Floyd at 20? I think that many team's boards that night did not refelct what draftniks thought.

    Just because there was an fight does not mean that it was a Jerry vs. Jason deal. It could have been Jason vs. the scouts and Jerry had to be the tie-breaker.
  17. Maxmadden

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    I think ideally they were hoping Richardson (or at least 1 of the guards) would fall to 18 and they could get Fred with the second pick at 47, which was a very realistic scenario. When the run on the OL started they realized that they weren't going to get any of their 1st round choices and Fredrick probably wasn't going to make it to 47. It's just the way the draft fell. So they did what was necessary to get at least one of their top choices and add a 3rd round pick. I feel like they came out of the whole thing reasonably well considering how poorly the draft fell for us, in particular.

    I also think that is why everyone in the draftroom seemed dejected in the 1st round because it was going the worst possible way for us but I think they made the best of the situation in an intense and critical time frame.

    I'm not going to make up a story based on video of people in a room talking without knowing what they are saying, but then I am not a journalist..
  18. Rack Bauer

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    Yeah even the most Koolaid drinking Jerry Jones fan club member could see that.

    They could also see that it wasn't a "Team" effort... Jerry and Stephen ran the draft. Everyone else was just window dressing.
  19. MonsterD

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    But how do we know? It could have been a three-way fight on what to do, between make a pick, pick a certain guy and pick another guy.

    What if it was Stephen vs. Jason, Vs. Scouts? and then Jerry decided on one?
  20. Hardline

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    If this is true then every scout needs to have there letters of resignation on Jerry Jones desk by Monday.

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