This team has no heart....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Every team has talent,well to a degree,but if u have the hunger and the heart u will go very far,like steelers last year.They played with heart.Dallas seems like they dont care.The peeps i watched the game with were saying this game looks fixed.sad.
  2. The Fonz

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    If u watch the game again you can tell the players too slow to get up .Mybe too much partying.TO playing Dominos with his buddies in Phily hotel.Romo romancing Carrie.God knows what the rest were doing. A game like this they all should be resting the night befor in a Hotel not rooming around.
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    And people saying "No Way to Ray Lewis"...

    Same people are now begging for a leader and some intensity on Defense..

    Too bad.. For a player with "declining skills", I would have gave Anthony Fasano for him and stuck him in the 3-4 he doesnt like.. Sure hes alot of talk but what makes him great is his leadership on the field. D has no swagger no emotion... Just get 7 yard runs to the right...

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