News: This Tragedy Didn't Have to Happen

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Proudmom72, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I blog for an all female site for the Dallas Cowboys for women who know their football, Her Game Life. This week's blog was about the tragedy that could have been prevented. Has anyone asked, how Josh Brent was getting back and forth to practice? If he was driving daily, there was your first "red flag" because he'd lost his license. Secondly, and unfortunately, Jerry Brown, Jr. contributed to his death. He and Brent were the best of freinds, therefore he knew Brent's background regarding drunk driving. He was very foolish to put his life in the hands of a repeat offender and it costed him his life. One life was bad enough but Jerry made a choice to ride with Brent. Thank goodness no one else was hurt or killed due to the two "s," stupidty and selfishness by Josh Brent.
    According to the FBI stats, most NFL players fall into the demographics for drinking and driving with males ages 21-34, responsible for 42%of ALL fatal DUI crashes! That is almost half and doesn't appear to be getting any better. Josh Brent abd Jerry Brown, Jr were both 24 years old and had their entires lives ahead of them. Will young people ever learn they're NOT INVINCIBLE!:banghead:
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    That's a mighty high soapbox you're using. I don't think anyone was under the impression this was unavoidable, btw.
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    was his liscense still suspended/rovoked at the time?
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    Thank you for the thread.

    While I don't want to add to the unimaginable pain the friends/family/teamates of Jerry Brown and Josh Brent are going thru, we got to figure out how to get thru to everybody else to GET SERIOUS. Guarantee it will happen in the D/FW area next weekend to a non-celeb - might have already happened this weekend. 20,000 Americans deny it will happen to them and over the next year get killed by drunks.

    Need to add I'm not going after people that had a drink problem - just the ones that are doing it now and at risk of being the next statistic.

    Public places take precautions to prevent people from getting hurt. Companies spend millions to make sure their product is safe. Etc., etc. America is the most litigious country on Earth.

    1. Why is it acceptable 20,000 die annually if it's by a drunk? If it was an epidemic or terrorism it absolutely would not be tolerated
    2. Why is pointing out this is senseless and happened several times (as is typical) before a death occured "judgemental?" How is "judgemental" worse than passively let people die?
    3. This is the hardest question: How do we deal with people in the NFL and elsewhere that are determined to drink until someone gets hurt?

    Ironic: the Google ad is "Amy Winehouse at the BBC" - just as ironic as her signature hit Rehab
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    Brown has responsibility in this too, i've never accepted a ride from a drunk driver.

    Yes, Brent caused it, i blame him, don't get me wrong...but if Brown was a bit smarter, he wouldn't have been in the car.
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    Its really easy to point a finger and find fault.

    On the other hand, it was 2 young guys having what they thought was a good time - and their fun turned into a tragedy.

    Many of us here have made poor choices and have been fortunate enough that there werent tragic consequences.

    People all over the world make poor choices daily. Most of the time the consequences arent tragic.

    Just be glad if you've never had a poor choice end up this way.
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    No one has any idea what his BAC was. All we know is what he's been charged with. And just because someone has had a drink doesn't make them drunk.

    Is it stupid to get behind the wheel after having a drink? Sure is. But let's be a little realistic here for a moment. He probably wasn't wasted or sloppy, just speeding, and when you speed bad things happen. Whether he was drunk or not, if he was driving at a high speed and hit a curb the car was going to flip no matter what. It truly is a tragic event, very unfortunate. He just as well could've been sober and driving while texting and suffering a similar fate. I'm not saying he was, just giving another example.

    And I am by no means advocating drinking and driving. It's extremely dangerous, and puts everyone one the road at risk, not just the person who has been drinking.

    But as someone stated, it's easy to sit on a high horse when it's not you or a loved one involved. Mistakes happen, and unfortunately this one took a life.
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    @ Gus Theo/Thom Son75 It's not about a HIGH HORSE! Anytime you get into a car and drive drunk, it's tragedic and irresponsible . You are putting others at risk due to your stupidity and selfishness. My son's teammate in college mom was killed by a drunk driver his Senior year. She went to get something to eat and never came back. A drunk driver in FL crossed three lanes of traffic and hit her head on. She was my friend but you know what, you don't have to have someone you love or know in the fight. Being a part of the human race is enough!!! It should be ZERO tolerance for anyone caught drinking and driving drunk! Making excuses and chalking it up to Josh Brent making a mistake isn't the answer as we can see by this REPEAT offender's record. Obviously, he didn't learn his lesson in 2009, and guess what, he could still do the same thing again. So how many mistakes should we give him? Something else as a mom of a young black man in his 20's, I am tried of seeing our sons getting killed and in trouble whether it's by gunfire or making other poor choices that lands them in prison. It needs to stop!
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    What evidence is there that he never got his License back? There's been no report it was still suspended.
  10. AbeBeta

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    Seems like there is a faulty assumption here.

    I expect that Brent would have been charged with driving without a license if his license were suspended. Maybe he was. But you'd think that would be reported.
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    OK, so what's you solution? Execution?
  12. Royal Laegotti

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    Apparently alot people don't learn these days by watching other's mistakes. They both made their choices to get in the car, people must live and die by their choices. I have not kept up with the details of this story but was Brown drunk to? Why would he not offer to drive if he were sober? If he was drunk then there's the explaination to his bad decision to get in the car with Brent driving.

    As far as what to do about preventing these tragedy's in society. I don't know. It seems $17,000 fines, jail time, bail money and countless commericals about awareness of drunk driving consequences are not motivating enough for people to quit trying it. I have a family member who is on his 3rd DWI. His lawyer has got him out of the first two relatively unscathed, with only serving about 2 weeks of jail time, don't know how much in fines he's paid, if any. The 3rd one now is still pending but I don't sense any real fear from him having to pay a big fine or alot of jail time. So much for 3 strike and you're out!

    I don't think he cares about right from wrong too much. He does not care that it's wrong to put others at risk and himself at risk by drunk driving. That's a problem in our society, it is becoming less a population that adheres to a unified sense of right and wrong, they just don't care. My family member just doesn't care and he does not fear consequences. So your assesment of stupid and selfish is correct.
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    @ Denim Chicken, I think states need to adopt the laws on the book in Maricopa County, AZ, which has the toughest first time offender DUI laws in the country and you get to wear PINK!
    With use of this device required for 12 months, plus a laundry list of fees, mandatory jail time, and more, Arizona tops the charts as the state with the toughest DUI consequences on first-time offenders.

    Here’s a breakdown of what a DUI can cost you in Arizona:

    $250 fine
    $200 state surcharge
    $500 prison construction fine
    $500 DUI assessment charge
    The installation of the IID costs around $50 to $200, and it could be more if you have a luxury vehicle. Plus you’ll have to pay for the monthly rental which can range from $50 – $100 plus tax! Maintenance and data fees are also your responsibility.

    You’ll also be required to take and pay for an alcohol education course. Oh… and don’t forget your mandatory community service.

    One more fun Arizona fact: by law, all licensed drivers automatically give consent to a field sobriety test. If you get pulled over for suspicion of DUI and you refuse a test, you’ll lose your license for a year.
    Unfortunately, even with the toughest law you can't arrest and dictate someone's conscious. Getting behind a wheel while impaired is a CHOICE and at the end of the day, you have to live with them but just don't forget, your choices affect other people like in this case.

    We just had a case here in Charlotte, NC where a drunk driver hit and a husband and wife. She was six months pregnant but due to the accident, she lost her little boy. Shocking the drunk driver died at the scene but was still held accountable. The couple sued the bar that kept serving him drinks and won a big settlement. However whatever money they got could not replace what they lost, their son who never got a chance.
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    If the consequences are not severe enough there is no real deterrent, especially if someone has driven under the influence and never had any issues.

    Lots and lots of people drive under the influence. It happens all the time. Its just a way of life for so many.

    If they get caught, pay some fines and have some hassles, its a pain but not severe enough.

    The problem - "it wont happen to me" is what they think.

    When they get caught, its the jerk cop, or the system that is the problem in their minds. They arent the problem - its what they think.

    IMO, the only real way to eliminate the problem for the most part is to make the penalty so severe, that nobody would even consider driving under the influence. And until we do that, we will have these kind of stories and the stats that get brought up.
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    It’s arguable that speeding contributes as much to highway fatalities as DWI—eating and texting while driving as well. In fact, studies show that texting and driving make one about 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated. Should these activities be as heavily penalized as DWI?
  16. vta

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    Texting and driving? Yep.
    Endangering everyone else around you for the all important self indulging nonsense of yapping over a device should result in a loss of license. Worse thing is, they're entirely sober and should be of a better state of conscience than someone who miscalculated his intake.

    There's no excuse. I have no sympathy for a drunk driver, but I understand a person needing to get home well beyond someone who doesn't really need to be goofing off with a toy while driving.

    Both though are behavioral and laws don't change behaviors. Obviously. We don't need anymore evidence to see that. Laws already exist and despite this people still drive drunk they still try and hold conversations on their toys when not appropriate. Radical consequences might, but it won't be 100%. Costing someone their license and really, if a 2nd offense occurs an unlicensed drunk should probably drip dry in a cell long enough for him to realize it's not really worth it.

    I think loss of license and the damage that does to your chances of holding a job would suffice for the sober clown with the dumbphone.
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    Something about the DUI/DWI laws seem wacky to me.

    Topic 1 - Blood Alcohol Limit
    If society really wanted to eliminate drunk driving, then they would outlaw all drinking and driving, not just those over a certain BA limit.

    Adults drink a "couple of glasses of wine" and drive; meanwhile, they tell their kids "don't drive drunk". It's a mixed message that is difficult for young people to fully understand.

    The law is asking people that have been drinking to determine how much they've had. It would be a lot easier to say "did you have anything to drink?".

    Topic 2 - Reckless Driving
    It is unfortunate that everyone is lumped together based on Blood Alcohol limits only.

    Some people are really bad drivers without drinking. Why can't we ban those people?

    I know people that have been involved in multiple auto accidents in their life. These were not Alcohol related accidents.

    I know other people that have been drinking and driving for multiple decades, yet they've never been involved in an accident.

    Topic 3 - Profiling
    The 0.08 Blood Alcohol level is just a method of profiling a driver. It's not proof that they can't drive safely.

    I have a friend that is an executive in a insurance company. They profile all drivers to determine risks. They also do other studies to determine risk.

    You should see the statistics of some groups of people. An Asian Female driving a Mini-Van has an incredibly high statistical probability of being involved in a major auto accident.

    Most 25 year old males with a blood-alcohol level of 0.1 (legal=0.08), have better cognitive abilities and response times than almost all people over the age of 80.

    Topic 4 - Drivers License
    The DL test is too easy. You can continue to retake the test until you pass it.

    Driving without a valid license should be a harsher penalty than a DUI.

    If someone wants to drink and drive, then maybe the law should let them prove their ability ahead of time. How about having a standardized obstacle test with an option to take it while having an elevated Blood-Alcohol level. If you can pass the test at 0.12, then that would be your legal limit.
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    Demin Chicken: It sounds like excuses, when people point to other stats, like when you tell someone that smokes how bad it is for them and they say, "you can die from this or that", not wanting to deal with the real issue of smoking kills.
    To answer your question, if you take a life doing something stupid while driving , there should be consequences but drinking an driving is it's own demon.
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    Um... I think that revocation was a looooong time ago, otherwise don't you think he'd have been charged (and it'd be circulating in the news) for Driving While License Cancelled Suspended or Revoked?

    So... yeah....
  20. D29Murray

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    Not to mention several "facts" in your OP are incorrect... so I trust this "opinion" about as far as I can throw a caber.

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