This whole team sucks, and we are just the worst team in football.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Nov 19, 2012.


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    I've had enough. That win yesterday was just my breaking point. After being down 13-0 and showing the heart to fight back and win, it's obvious this team is doomed. I refuse to enjoy that victory, as we SHOULD have beat the Browns, who have lost by a touchdown or less in 6 of their 8 losses, by at least three touchdowns. I mean, where do I start with the issues? How about the guys who are supposed to be our 3 best players?

    1. Jason Witten, who is leading the NFL in catches for a TE and is 3rd overall, is just a shell of his former self. I mean, he has one TD on the year, and remember when he dropped a couple of passes in that Giants win earlier in the season? Let's move on from him. It's time for the Phillips/Hanna era.

    2. Demarcus Ware is only THIRD in the NFL in sacks!! I thought he was supposed to be the best and most dominant pass rusher of this generation?! He's on pace for only 16 sacks this year, which is less than last year, so he's obviously regressing.

    3. Tony Romo is the worst quarterback in football. Have you seen how ESPN and all the national sportswriters talk about how horrible he is? They watch every minute of every game and have no bias whatsoever because they are professional writers, so I believe them more than I do homer fans on this site who give excuses like he is always running for his life because his o-line stinks and that his WR's don't know their routes and that most of his interceptions came from 2 games where the picks weren't his fault or the game was decided. We need to either start Kyle Orton, cause he was amazing in preseason, or we need to trade for someone like Blaine Gabbert (he was awesome against that Texans D yesterday).

    Ugh. I can't even go on. It's too sickening to even write about. This two game win streak has just got me in a too much of a horrible mood to even think about this joke of a team. After starting off with some close losses while playing the toughest schedule in football and now winning 2 in a row, I know for a fact we are going to lose to the 4-6 Redskins at home on Thanksgiving, so I'm not even going to watch that massacre.
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    lol great post! :lmao2:
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    In before someone doesn't get it.
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    Hate to be a part pooper, but all three of those guys are either 30 yrs old or over 30. The door is closing.........

    Now back to your regular programing......
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    Will losing 5 of the next 6 games cheer you up? Lol
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    You need a /sarcasm font because someone on this board will take that the wrong way.
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    See the post above yours.
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    :laugh2: :bow: :hammer:
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    I know its sarcastic but mines not 5 more losses to come homers
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    I almost thought you were serious.
  12. windward

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    Great stuff. I love it when someone lampoons the drivel many posters have written since we have had the audacity to get back to .500.
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    Surprisingly, the media today has mostly been saying how good Romo was yesterday in relation to your #3.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    So you're throwing that out there?

    You are saying we lose 5 out of 6?

    Not 3, not 4, .. but 5?

    I'll be watching you.
  15. Clove

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    I enjoyed some victories last year too, and the year before, and the 14 years before that. At this point, I want the end result to be deep in the playoffs or the Super Bowl, not these teasers year in and year out. Show me that you can win consistently every year, and I may start to enjoy some of this.

    That win did nothing for me.
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    Why not wait until the playoffs start then? Just avoid watching until then.

    And commenting.
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    This just sounds so entitled. It's sports. Dudes play the game, and the better team usually shows it on the field.

    You don't deserve to see anything.
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    oh yee of little faith. With an offense that scores 3 points in the first 3 should be overflowing with optimism! With that kind of production...we just need to shut the other team out...and victory shall be ours? Where is your faith?
  19. Clove

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    You deserve 16 years of misery, which you're getting as we speak. This team will go nowhere, book it.

    Bad QB, Bad OLine, average receivers, below average Coach, worst GM in history, and now once proud cowboy fans turned into Chief fans.
  20. theogt

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    Pointing out that a few players don't suck (and are wrongly criticized) doesn't mean the team as a whole doesn't suck or that other criticisms aren't warranted.

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