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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theebs, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Well, it was a great night to be a cowboys fan in Texas Stadium. I am hoarce right now or is it Horse, not sure all I know is I am not a goat which is where Mark Brunnel and Sean Taylor come here goes....

    Walkging through the parking lot I expected more skins fans and skins tailgaters, lots of cowboys fans out in the lots early and you could tell right away its the regular season, glad to see it and hope it continues.

    It was raining during the pregame and they didnt take the tarps off until about 5:50 or so. When they did take the tarps off, suisham and mcbriar came out and kicked for awhile, meanwhile vandy came out and kicked 5 balls or so from each side then went in and later came out and played catch with bledsoe??? He is really out there....

    The redskins fans in the stands and were very cocky and obnoxious. These skins fans have no respect for the game, only running around saying Dallas Sucks. They were silenced very quickly however.

    During warmups, Brandon Lloyd, randle el and sean taylor were dancing and pointing in the stands and being really well, loose or just plain arrogant and cocky. I am not really sure why, Lloyd and randle el looked like spare parts.

    The cowboys meanwhile on the other side were all business. It was good to see. The cowboys were stretching during team drills and the skins linebackers came out of the tunnel and ran up past the cowboys and past the cowboys sideline, Marcus washington was jumping up and down and yelling at the cowboys as he went by, another cocky arrogant redskin.

    The national anthem was fantastic, sung by the former lead singer of the temptations, forgot his name right now but along with three other guys they did a great job and then did a quick medley and encouraged the cowobys, they were wearing owens jerseys!!! It was well...odd, the medley that is....

    The cowboys came out of the tunnel as a team.
    One of the crazy marching bands were on hand for halftime.

    Anyway we all watched the game and know what happened but a little insight into the game you cant see on tv. In the second half the redskins defense was cooked, every commercial break they were all down on a knee sucking wind and looking toasted, we should have one this game by 4 touchdowns.

    Jay ratliff and jason hatcher have big time motors and are going to make our defense better each and every week as they get better. the nickel defense here has a chance to be great. I really love hatcher and ratliffs under the radar hustle and passion then ultimately results.

    Our secondary needs a pat on the back, all the national media that bash them routinely need to fess up, newman and henry were awesome last night and Roy WIlliams play speaks for itself. That hit on Duckett on 3rd and 1 electrified the crowd, he is our fan favorite and a crowd pleaser and he is looking to be a better player this year.

    Demarcus ware is absolutely going to be a beast, or is a beast. Depends on who you listen to. WIth my own eyes I see a guy who was running down field step for step with wr and tight ends and then destrotying Chris samuels and Jon jansen. He was moving around all night and showing blitz and then playing the run great. I believe 100% Demarcus Ware is our best player on the roster right now, bar none.

    Greg Ellis. I was nervous because early in the first quarter they threw a little dump off, wheel route, pass in the flat to betts and he just ran past Ellis. I thought uh-oh someon found a weakness.....and then it never happened again, I expect to see the giants and eagle do that a bunch. The rest of the game Ellis was a monster.. He just wrecked Jon Jansen, maybe jansen should take some of that hgh he is accusing so many players of because He was manhandled all night, and many players got a turn abusing him.

    Mark Brunnell. The national media has been hounding Bledsoe and the Dallas offensive line for being poor and the reason we cant win. I believe after watching brunnell live he is pretty close to Done, bledsoe is old also but he has superior arm strength and he just looks different live than brunnel. Maybe because brunnell was runnning for his life but he just looks like he cant drop back 3 straight plays and throw 3 straight good balls to his receivers. The national media can write that our defense is average and we arent a good team etc....if that is the case the writers in Washington should be writing how bad the skins line is then, because they couldnt run, portis or not.

    In the fourth quarter a bunch of rowdy redskin fans, aka losers were escorted out of section 117 by the police. They were escorted out to a wonderful chant of Redskins Suck....Karma is a female dog, you shouldnt run around an opposing teams stadium and yell their team sucks....The police were also in my section a few times, not sure what for but rest assured there were a number of skins fans in Arrington jersey's there.

    That is my next gripe, what is with all these arrogant reskins fans wearing Arrington Jerseys? Go buy a giants jersey if you love the guy so much.

    Anyway, not much more. Redskins fans in the lower end zone on the end with the big tunnel were the obnoxious chanting dallas sucks etc during pregame and warmups, waving skins flags etc.. were quickly trying to sneak out the back door with about 7 minutes to go in the fourth....Losers cant even stay through the whole game, that is how you define a front runner. I would love to know how many redskin trolls were in the building early talking trash and then high tailing it out of there in the fourth....

    Anthony Fasano was outstanding, minus the penalties which he needs to fix. Julius jones was also outstanding.

    Drew Bledsoe stayed true to his form of last year where he was very good after a bad week. Bledsoe had a ton of drops.

    In the third quarter when the game was in the balance, watkins was injured and when he came off the field he was standing next to parcells and kristie scales reported parcells yelled at him "suck it up and get back out there".....found that amusing, a few minutes later fasano came out injured and he was told the same, and sure enough they both went back out and played well..!

    The penalties and the officials taking forever to make calls drained some momentum from the crowd.

    Owens hand injury is being misreported as stated by norm hitzges this morning, it not his finger. I would imagine there is no chance in Hell he misses the eagles game!!

    Owens, oh yeah he was awful last night. Dreadful actually.

    Um the whole crowd was shocked to see vandy come out for the field goal, the 50 yarder and then the whole crowd was shocked to see it go through the uprights.

    Matt mcbriar is having an amazing season. He maybe the best punter in the league. Sean suisham kicked off great.

    A couple last things, my favorite moment of the game was the 4 downs on the goaline with barber. He refused to be stopped and did something we struggeld with last year running the ball in from a short distance. It was great watching that whole sequence.

    Our offensive line was very good, and kosier seemed to be moving and pulling alot and doing a good job. Gurode and adams were good. I hope this unit continues to get better.

    The titans game has a feel to me of the trip to oakland last year, they are going to be winless I think going into our game in two weeks and playing home. They can rush the passer pretty well. Makes me nervous, I hope we dominate running the ball that day. I have faith in hurd, rector, glenn and crayton at wr to go with witten and fasano.

    The skins must be scratching their head, they trade away a fifth round pick for james thrash to the eagles, then the eagles use it to draft Trent Cole, then the skins a year later give a bunch of money to Andre Carter. Carter looks like a stiff so far, thrash has always been a stiff and cole looks like a premier pass rusher and eventual star in the league.

    Here is a pic that sums up the mindset of the redskins fan in Texas Stadium....not only is he being arrogant and cocky, he cant spell either...

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    Theebs that was flat out awesome. :bow:

    Several people commented in chat that they didn't think the home crowd was loud enough. What's your take on that?
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    Great observations Theebs. Good stuff.

    That would be Grambling State's Marching Band. Read it on Mosley's blog.
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    Great post...great insight...really enjoyed it...but I can't agree with this one line...Ware was great in pass coverage and against the run, but he was owned in the first half, when Brunnell has all day to pass...he came on late when we had the lead, but I saw very little pass pressure from him in the first half.
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    This is a tough one to me. For texas stadium I think it was a good crowd, if you compare it to other stadiums like kc, buffalo or giants stadium then it is not as loud.

    The crowd was good though, the penalties killed momentum a couple of times.

    More people need to get up and cheer on third downs though, I mean stand up and let em hang out ya know...the team and the defense need us.

    It was about average overall though.
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    great post theebs. that pic is priceless. sending it to my stupid redskin friend
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    Good post theebs. There are significant differences between last year and this one. We have a better defense and and will be working on a week off with more prep time. As long as we don't look past them, I think we will be OK.

    I think you are on to something here. Ellis needs to get more comfortable on this. I hope the coaches work on it with him because he will see a lot of it as we go down the road.
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    Madden was saying that Texas Stadium has good crowds that know when to make noise. That's at odds from what I've heard on this board. I haven't been to a game since I was a little kid so I can't say anything from personal experience. Are the crowds really as bad as some people say? Or is it that most of the people in the stadium aren't as hardcore about it as people on this site?
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    Good question. I've been to one game, the Cards/Boys last year, and I was shocked at how passive the crowd was. Most of you guys seem pretty hardcore, but that doesn't always translate to how you are in person. Then again, I am from Philly. :eek::
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    I just don't think it translates well over TV. I've been to quite a few games in recent years only to come back to this site and read people complaining about the noise. Not sure where they were sitting, but my section has always been rowdy. Then again, the nosebleeds usually are.

    Last night I thought there was good crowd noise. I turned off my surround sound mid-game and it still came through the TV pretty well.
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    I generally only make a game a year, and we always make some noise, but it just isn't the same as it is elsewhere.

    I've explained that the Dallas crowd is always like this - it isn't our personality to be loud and rowdy, when it comes to stuff like this, Dallas residents are just plain passive. The way it is.

    begin hate.
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    I think the Crowds are fine, the more winning we do the better they will be.

    Having said that, this area loves college football and I wish people would show the same emotion towards the cowboys as they do A&M, tech and UT.
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    I've been to a number of games and what I always noted is that our home crowds are not that noisy in relation to most other homefield NFL crowds. How many times do we ever see the opposing team unable to hear their own snapcount? Not many.
    We also seem to be tons more civil than other places. I don't know of very many stadiums you can walk into wearing the other team's garbs, holding disrespectful signs, scream trash talk, and walk out of the stadium without getting lynched. Ours is one of the few. If you do that kind of stuff in Philly, KC, or a number of other places, you'll be carried out of the stadium in a bodybag or the police will escort you out early just so they don't have to clean up the blood. Seriously.
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    Thats not true at all, in fact its a myth. I went to three games at the vet, I have been to the meadowlands for a cowboys game also. This crazy talk that you will get killed if you go there and root for your team is nonsense. You will get heckled to death and maybe some stuff thrown at ya, but not beaten up ....that is ridiculous.

    Now I have seen jets fans get their teeth kicked in at rich stadium in Buffalo, buffalo no one ever talks about but they have one of the best atmospheres in the league and one of the loudest crowds, throw in the weather and that is a nasty place. Go ask jimmy johnson how he feels about the bills home crowd.
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    I've seen it firsthand too many times....
    Kansas City is pretty rough place too. Perhaps years of playoff frustration?
    also remember a story about two guys, I think they were philly fans at the eagle-skins game a few years back. I think it was during the Spurrier years, dudes got jumped after a game and beaten repeatedly by some skin fans. Both went to the hospital, one has permanent brain damage.
    Seen fans throw batteries.
    I think it was Mcnabb's mom that got stuff thrown at her.
    Been to a lot of Cowboy games and never saw any problems or issues with opposing fans, even loud and obnoxious ones.
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    I actually sat next to a skins fan and he was so obnoxious. There were some other skin fans in the area and they were just flat out ghetto. This dude was standing up singing hail to the redskins and telling everyone how we sucked and how crappy texas stadium and the cheerleaders where. At one point he pointed to me his cap that showed 3 super bowl logos they had won. I quickly pointed to the 6 banners hanging from the roof. He was confused about why so many Cowboy fans were wearing Aikman and Smith jerseys and said we were living in the past, but later bragged about them winning both games last season. I responded and told him that it was the past, tonight would be different. Now Fortunately we had sat in the wrong seats and moved to the correct ones, lol. In this new area, the Cowboy fans were loud and drunk. This one dude wanted to head butt everyone after every good play, was insane. 2 fights almost happened, one being with a skins fan saying F-U to a crowd of Cowboy fans as he left. From dancing and talking smack, skins fans became quiet and made a quick exit in the 4th quarter. I will say these Skins fans were very passionate about their team, but the class they showed was little to none. Reading on Extremeskins is great, nothing feels better then to hear them moan and cry. About the noise level, Cowboy fans were making noise, i was impressed. My voice too is very sore!
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    Hey did we win a Super Bowl that I missed?:D
  18. Everlastingxxx

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    I was at the 1993 Christmas Massacre when Dallas beat Washington 38-3. I sat in the nosebleeds in the end zone. It was a very loud crowd that day, but I had all kinds of looks like sit down and quit being so loud directed at me. I just kept yelling and told people to get up and make some noise- ah, to relive such good times and to be 20 years old again.
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    Somebody should've set one of those obnoxious Skins fans on fire like that guy in the 1977 NFC Championship game in Dallas. I have that on tape- that was so surreal!

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