Thoughts on back up QB for this season....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Diehardcowboy, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Diehardcowboy

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    Lets assume for discussion's sake that this will be BP's last year and the team has been built for a legitimate playoff run. Question is, "what happens if Bledsoe gets hurt"? I don't think Jerry or Bill or both of them want to see this otherwise playoff caliber team scuttled by an inexperienced QB (didn't say not talented).

    Ask yourself this,"what would I do if Bledsoe was hurt now"? Would you go get Kerry Collins? The more I think about it I think we would, now I understand the drawbacks with Collins but he is probably the most experience QB out there and he has proven himself capable in spots but has lacked consistency.

    I don't see us carrying four QB's on the final roster so that leaves Henson and Romo to battle for a third spot with the Cowboys bringing in an experienced veteran. The longer the 'boys wait to come to this conclusion the greater chance Collins will be gone when we come calling. I think they need to go get him and make it plain that this training camp will be the showdown for Henson and Romo. I know there are logistic problems with this being a fair "show down" (number of snaps, starts in preseason etc...) but it must be done.

    If the team was not as strong a contender in my eyes I wouldn't be saying this but it is and being caught without experienced back up, on this playoff cailber team, will be foolhardy. You would have to figure that either player, Henson or Romo, would be picked up by another team so they will be lost to us. This sucks but on the other hand its time to clearly select one over the other and get down the road. Henson's NFLE expeience this year should level the playing field, it may not be a perfect situation for either player but hey thats life, carpe diem.
  2. Doomsday101

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    I think we stay with both Romo and Henson depending on how they progress this year will help determine what this team does next season.
  3. juck

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    i know jeff mroz is a rookie but i hear good things about him,he is from my area and guys at my gym know him and say he is very talented.
  4. iceberg

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    i'd feel better *if* we had some experience back there. thankfully henson went out and got him some. if bledsoe goes down we've got some issues on our hands. while i realize *i'll* be happy to see our young qb's, i also realize bledsoe is our best shot this year bar none at qb.

    bledsoe *is* pretty damn tough so hopefully a non-issue. oh well, we'll see.
  5. junk

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    I don't think Dallas has any interest in Collins.

    They had a shot at him when they needed a QB and passed.

    I think Sean Payton had some inside scoop that BP didn't care for.
  6. Doomsday101

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    I think his best chance will be to make the practice squade this season.
  7. Diehardcowboy

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    Do you think this is what the team should do?
  8. Diehardcowboy

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    Would you rather have Rob Johnson as backup Giants) or Collins? I think an experienced backup makes us more formidable, at least on paper.
  9. Doomsday101

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    I would rather stay with 2 young guys who may develope and I don't think this team will fall apart should one of these guys have to fill in for a couple of games should Bledsoe go down. I think if Bledsoe were to miss a lot of time then we would be in trouble but I think that would be the case if Collins was here as well
  10. superpunk

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    I choose neither. Really, really.

    Keep in mind Bledsoe hasn't missed a game in ?4? years. Durability is one of the few things that isn't an issue with him.

    Honestly, Henson showed me "enough" in NFLE to where - if this overall team is as good as I think - I would not be altogether uncomfortable seeing him come out. His mid-range game is fantastic, and he and TO could eat up the underneath, IMO. I would not worry much at all should Henson have to be called in.
  11. austintodallas

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  12. dallasblue05

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    to answer the title of the thread, I think we're screwed....Romo is coming along and Henson, well, I still dont think he can hack it.
  13. Alexander

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    If we were truly serious about making this a Super Bowl or bust year, we would be smart to go after Collins, assuming he actually wants to play football and would be alright being a backup.

    I don't get how we can feel secure with Romo and Henson as our backups. If Bledsoe goes down, there goes our hopes for a winning season.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    Jerry Jones stated long ago that one of his biggest mistakes was not developing a young QB behind Aikman . Knock Jerry all you want , but he seems to learn from his mistakes . It's my belief and has been all along that Parcells/Jones see either Romo or Henson as the Cowboy's future . I don't claim to know who , and I don't really care , but the future QB of the Cowboy's is already on the roster .
  15. aikemirv

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    After seeing Garcia's success with T.O and his lack of success without T.O., how good of a backup do we need?

    Someone else said after seeing Henson in Europe thay feel confident he could manage the game. I think he could manage a game as well, could be wrong there. Collins was very ineffective in Oakland IMO and I would rather keep both Romo and Henson at this point.
  16. iceberg

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    and i've said this a lot about jones also. so, maybe i should listen to myself.
  17. Eddie

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    Has he really learned? Grooming Troy's replacement is alot different than having two nobodies back there.

    Grooming Troy's replacement means drafting a solid college QB on the first day and letting him develop a year or two ... not two undrafted players and a baseball reject taken by the Jags in round 6.
  18. Yeagermeister

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    If Bledsoe goes down I believe Henson starts just like he did when Vinny was hurt. Romo is considered the #2 because he's better at holding than Henson...or at least that was the same.

    But if Romo gets the nod I'll wish him the same success I would any qb that is starting.
  19. Thick 'N Hearty

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    Why? Why would you start yet another thread about the backup QB spot. Now you've opened the door for all out war between two factions – the Romonians and the Hensonites.
  20. iceberg

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    grooming a solid replacement means grooming a solid replacement.

    that doesn't mean you find them with only the 1st pick or two of the draft, or even in the 1st round.

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