Thoughts on NFL Week 15

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    - The NFL hype machine will be a bit quieter this week with the Packers’ perfect season ending and The Tebow-led Broncos running into to a man name Brady.
    - And the 1972 Dolphins break out the bubbly one more year.
    - Jacksonville’s new owner is named Kahn (con), huh? That explains the collection of 53 guys impersonating a football team in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome.
    - Blaine Gabbert has a long way to go.
    - I think Roddy White is probably more grateful than Matt Ryan for the drafting of Julio Jones.
    - The Falcons still shouldn’t get away from putting the ball in Michael Turner’s hands, but if Jones can stay health, Atlanta’s offense can be as explosive as the Packers’ and Saints’.
    - John Abraham can still find his way to the quarterback.
    - The Cowboys are like a cat with nine lives. No matter how many deaths they endure, they still somehow manage to stay alive.
    - Whatever is wrong with the Cowboys, it aint Tony Romo.
    - Romo is better on the move in the pocket.
    - The Cowboys were fortunate they jumped on the Buccaneers early because I don’t think Jerry Jones or Cowboys Nation could have handled another late-game collapse.
    - Felix Jones, the Cowboys’ version of LeSean McCoy.
    - Jones served notice he’s healthy and ready to power the Cowboys’ run game.
    - Sammy Morris was a great pickup for the Cowboys.
    - Given that he got his team to 10-6 last year, Raheem Morris should get some leeway and not the boot like Todd Haley.
    - It took Josh Freeman the second half to figure out the Cowboys defense, but by that time it was too late.
    - Caleb Haine serving up pick sixes like McDonald serves up hamburgers.
    - Red Bryant was seeing green as in end zone green.
    - It was funny watching him high step to the end zone and his belly not move.
    - Marshawn Lynch making the Seahawks forget Shaun Alexander.
    - You say they’ve already forgotten Alexander? Never mind.
    - Tavarius Jackson needs to fine tune his internal clock, especially when he’s standing in his own end zone.
    - Get well soon, Andre Carter, John Knox, Mike Williams, Derek Sherrod and Bryan Bulaga.
    - Matt Moore drops a rainbow from heaven into the hands of Brandon Marshall.
    - The Dolphins don’t need to spend a first-round pick on a quarterback.
    - The Bills get Bush-wacked for 203 rushing yards.
    - Vontae Davis found his way to Fitzpatrick’s passes as if he had a personal GPS system.
    - Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline gives a clinic on the art of concentration. He gets tangled up with the defensive backs’ feet, falls down and still catches the ball. Ditto on a deep throw he catches even though he gets leveled.
    - In the final analysis, it didn’t make a big difference but your kicker (in this case the Bills kicker Rian Lindell) simply cannot miss a chip shot field goal which is essentially an extra point.
    - I thought playing in the snow as supposed to be an advantage for the Bills?
    - C. J. Spiller is slowly starting to emerge as a runner.
    - What can Brown do for you? Deliver two touchdowns and lifting the Colts from the ranks of the winless.
    - What can’t Matt Hasselbeck do for you? Keep your team in playoff contention.
    - It should be the Jake Locker era from this point on.
    - Colts DB Jacob Lacey just stole the ball from the Titans receiver, who didn’t put up any fight.
    - It didn’t look like Chris Johnson made it out of the end zone to avoid a safety.
    - What were the refs thinking on the C.J. touchdown that wasn’t? That play should have been blown dead once Johnson hit the ground.
    - Colts Coach Jim Caldwell still needs his walking papers.
    - It took one game to learn how much the Houston Texans need Wade Phillips on the sidelines.
    - The Panthers are going to be a dangerous team next year.
    - Carolina’s fumblerooskie symbolized the day for the Texans, getting fooled by a team they needed to beat.
    - For the first time this year, I think the Houston Texans have concerns how far they can go in the playoffs with T.J. Yates.
    - The Texans needed home field advantage to get to the Super Bowl.
    - DeAngelo Williams look like he was shot out of a cannon.
    - It’s amazing how open Steve Smith gets as short as he is.
    - Washington brought their brooms with them to New York.
    - When normally sure-handed Hakeem Nicks missed an easy touchdown, you knew it was going to be a long game for the Giants.
    - Ahmad Bradshaw catches one with his foot.
    - I don’t think the Redskins are going to let DeAngelo Hall go, not the way he played Sunday.
    - Antrel Rolle talks too much.
    - I like the Newsday headline describing the Giants’ loss – “Season’s Beatings.”
    - Jason Babin has entered the discussion for who breaks Michael Strahan’s single-sack record.
    - Talk about inconsistent. The division is yours and you can’t beat the Redskins.
    - At least Washington hasn’t quit on Mike Shanahan, and that’s a good sign.
    - Rex Grossman tries to help the Giants out with two turnovers, but the Giants fail to take advantage of them.
    - Fooled is an understatement explaining what happened to Jason Pierre Paul on Darryl Young’s touchdown.
    - It was too comical.
    - Eli doesn’t get much love from tip drills.
    - The Saints will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Remember, Drew Brees is a Purdue Boilermaker. He knows how to play in cold weather.
    - Brees is strengthening his claim as league MVP.
    - Somebody call the medics, quick! Lance Moore’s having a seizure in the end zone.
    - The clock of invincibility has been stripped from the Packers.
    - If you want to know how the Chiefs beat the Packers, look no further than time of possession – 36 minutes to 24 minutes.
    - Did Greg Jennings mean that much to the Packers’ offense?
    - The Chiefs took the (Jackie) Battle to the Packers defense.
    - Romeo meets his Juliet in the form of a lethargic Packers team.
    - Mike McCarthy needs to let the challenge flag fly.
    - Kyle Orton starts his road to redemption. You think he’ll be looking forward to Week 17 vs. the Broncos?
    - The Broncos fans should be encouraged even if Tebowmania hits the brakes for one week.
    - You can’t turn the ball over three times against a team with Tom Brady.
    - For those who say this exposed the Broncos, how many teams are going to beat the Patriots when Brady is playing lights out?
    - The Patriots are re-writing the book on how you get tight ends involved in an offense.
    - If I had started Aaron Hernandez I would have won my fantasy football playoff game.
    - Just because you shut down Gronkowski doesn’t mean you’ve shut down New England’s passing offense.
    - I like how the Patriots approach a game, no talk, just play.
    - Okay, I admit, when the Broncos got to 34-23, I was like “Uh oh, Tebow Time.”
    - Brady shut that down real fast.
    - Or should I say the Broncos defense.
    - That should be “Enver” because the “D” didn’t show up.
    - Did Von Miller even play Sunday?
    - Get well soon cards have flooded Brian Dawkins’ email box.
    - I thought Elvis Dumervil was going to break Tom Brady in half. Amazingly, Brady didn’t cough up the ball.
    - Were my eyes deceiving me or did I witness Chad Ochocinco in the end zone with the ball in his hands.
    - Quan Cosby as a punt returner? The Broncos may have been better suiting up Bill Cosby.
    - That was the worst punt return decision I’ve seen in a while.
    - In a year with great quarterbacking from Brees, Brady and Rodgers, Matthew Stafford is flying quietly under the radar.
    - Not saying he’s anywhere near the Big Three, but he has put together a pretty good year and has his team on the brink of the playoffs.
    - Ndamukong Suh back in time to block a game-winning field goal by Sebastian Janikowski.
    - The Raiders simply could not cover Calvin Johnson.
    - If Carson Palmer and Chaz Schilling hook up on 3rd and 3, it’s game over.
    - Reminds me of the Romo-Austin miss that could have ended the game against the Giants last week.
    - Darius Heyward Bey has a great game, and a costly turnover too.
    - The Eagles are playing scary right now.
    - They have incredible team speed.
    - How did teams miss on LeSean McCoy?
    - Teams are out to break Michael Vick.
    - Brent Celek was catching everything coming his way, and running over Jets too.
    - Santonio Holmes needs a score-board check, then a reality check.
    - Some of these receivers appear to think more about celebrating touchdowns than they do concentrating on the game itself.
    - Bengals do just enough against the Rams to stay in the playoff hunt.
    - A.J. Green needs sturdier shoulder pads.
    - Stephen Jackson runs hard every play.
    - The Rams wanna get Kellen Clemens killed like they did Sam Bradford.
    - Rams Guard Harvey Dahl needs to watch his words around referees.
    - Rams WR Danario Alexander goes airborne to make a great touchdown catch.
    - The Broncos aren’t the only team with a comeback kid at quarterback. The Cardinals and Lions have two quarterbacks who can deliver a game-winning drive at the end of a game.
    - Teams are discovering you don’t want to play the Cardinals in overtime at their stadium.
    - Soon teams are going to learn to kick away from Patrick Peterson.
    - Seneca Wallace got some offensive help from Greg Little and Peyton Hillis, but it wasn't enough.
    - This just in. The Cardinals defense is pretty good.
    - Uh, Mr. Flacco, that’s why no one is talking about the Ravens.
    - I’d say the Ravens have less confidence in Joe Flacco than the Broncos have in Tebow.
    - You have Ray Rice, Cam Cameron. Why not use him?
    - It must be warm in San Diego because the Chargers are starting to get hot.
    - Too little too late?
    - If the Chargers could put together a consistent season, they would cake walk into the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl.
    - I like the way Mike Tolbert moves into the end zone, not so much after he scores a touchdown.
    - The interception by two Chargers, that’s what you call teamwork.
    - Ravens CB Jimmy Smith and the Little Drummer boy’s instrument – both took a good beating.
    - They say the draft is not an exact science. Neither is NFL prognostication, at least not this year. Just when you think you’ve figured everything out, a new week proves you wrong.
    - Case in point: the Cardinals, Seahawks, Chargers and Eagles – all given up for dead – are still in playoff contention. The Cowboys, Ravens, Giants and Broncos – all teams that should have clinched their division – are still in limbo, and outside the Ravens, the rest could miss the playoffs altogether.

    Top 5

    1. Green Bay Packers – No undefeated season, but still in the driver’s seat in the NFC.
    2. New Orleans Saints – Move over Marino, Brees is about to ellipse your illustrious record.
    3. New England Patriots – This offense is hitting on all cylinders.
    4. San Francisco 49ers – They can’t afford to lose tonight with the Saints eyeing the No. 2 seed playoff spot.
    5. Pittsburgh Steelers - They can’t afford to lose tonight with the Ravens eyeing the AFC North division.

    Bottom 5

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars – After watching a few more of their games, would you blame their new owner if he wants to move the team?
    29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Pirates that don’t do anything. (Veggie Tales reference)
    30. Minnesota Vikings – Leslie Frazier is not the captain to pilot this sinking ship.
    31. St. Louis Rams – They need Luck. They’re not getting much of anything else.
    32. Indianapolis Colts – Congratulations joining the win column. You still suck.

    All corrections, clarification, comments and additions are welcomed.

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