Thoughts on NFL Week 16

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    Thoughts on NFL Week 16

    Again, holiday season means I didn’t get to view as many games as I usually do.

    (Chargers vs. Titans)

    - Chargers getting, er, revved up for the playoffs.
    - As quick as Chris Johnson’s first step, there goes the Titans chances for the post-season bid.
    - Tennessee’s slim-to-none chance went to none with Keith Bullock out of the line up.
    - It’s okay if Phillips River steals Shawn Merriman’s nickname.
    - Rivers is playing “Lights Out.”
    - LT looks rested for the stretch run.
    - The one time I should have played Darren Sproles in my fantasy league.
    - With no playoffs on the line, the Titans will get Chris Johnson his 2,000 yards.

    (Panthers vs. Giants)

    - Stewart Little? I think NOT!
    - Jonathan Stewart comes up big (206 yards rushing), Giants come up small.
    - I guess the Giants forgot they were in the hunt for a playoff birth.
    - So much for Carolina packing it in for the season.
    - Matt Moore playing like a quarterback trying to win a starting job.
    - MM good, indeed.
    - Steve Smith of the Panthers, one tough hombre.
    - Breaking an arm, breaking the Giants back.
    - Will NY say cya to Osi?
    - The Big Apple will say bon voyage to Bill Sheridan.

    (Bucs vs. Saints)

    - Who dat say they gonna be dem Saints? Everybody it seems.
    - Cadillac running on more than fumes.
    - Remember when Tampa was a team that couldn’t return a KO or punt for a touchdown?
    - I betcha New Orleans wish they would have returned to form.
    - Drew Brees suddenly looks pedestrian.
    - Owners luxury box at Superdome: $109,000 +
    - Look on the face of Tom Benson after his female date told him his kicker missed a game-winning pooch: Priceless.
    - Saints better go deep in the heart of the Bayou to find who stold their Louisiana mojo.
    - Rakeem Morris deserves to return next season.

    (Steelers vs. Ravens)
    - Ravens TE gave Steelers a Heap of trouble.
    - The Ravens mistakes gave them a heap of trouble.
    - Rashad Mendenhall and Ray Rice will be trying to outdue each other throughout their careers, but I don’t think fumbling is what they had in mind.
    - Steelers claw their way back into contention. Sadly, it may not be enough.

    (Pats vs. Jaguars)

    - Terrific Tom was on target all day Sunday.
    - Brady the surgeon, Jags defense, the patient.
    - Randy Moss, not a lot of yards (45), but a lot of touchdowns (3).
    - Wes Welker, not a lot of touchdowns (0), but a lot of catches (13) and yards (138).
    - Overthrown David Garrard at it again.
    - Pocket Hercules can’t carry the Jags offense by himself.
    - Lawrence Maroney another, cough, cough, fumble at the goal line.

    (Eagles vs. Broncos)

    - The normally sure handed Brandon Marshall drops his share.
    - Temper, temper, Brandon Stokley.
    - From 6-0 to out of the playoff race. Sigh.
    - McNabb doesn’t use his feet often, but when he does, he can cover some distance.
    - Brian Dawkins just not enough to secure a Broncos win.
    - In second consecutive week, a Pennsylvania wide receiver (Jeremy Maclin) does a top-tapping catch that ensures a victory.
    - Somehow I don’t think Macho Harris is going to be long covering kickoffs if he can’t hang onto the ball.
    - DeSean Jackson can score from short distances too.
    - Brent Celek can score from long.

    (Browns vs. Raiders)

    - Frye comes up small against his old team.
    - Another sterling ground game by Jerome Harrison (148 yards).
    - Cleveland has found its work horse.
    - Sebastian Janikowski : big leg, bigger gut.
    - If the Raiders can just manage to beat the teams they’re suppose to beat like the teams they’re not suppose to beat, they could be vying for a playoff spot.
    - No, I’m not drinking.
    - Is Darren McFadden wasting away in Oakland?

    (Packers vs. Seahawks)

    - The digression of Matt Hasselbeck
    - Packers not taking running game for Grant(ed) with the playoffs looming.
    - Ahman Green, a journey back in time when he was scoring TDs at Lambeau Field.
    - And a Lambeau Leap for good measure.
    - This just in: The Packers have scored again.

    (Jets vs. Colts)

    - Jim Caldwell must have flunked history in high school.
    - Or must be less than a perfectionist.
    - With a perfect season on the line, you take that chance, Jim.
    - Forever to be compared to Tom Brady, Peyton has a right to be upset not being able to chance the perfect season.
    - Hope he can push out a Mona Lisa-like creation, because Curtis Painter aint even a good backup at this point.
    - Jim Sorgi, where are you when Indy needs you?
    - Don’t be surprised if Caldwell suffers lingering disappointment from his decision to pull the starters.
    - Thomas Jones is just one of those backs that gets it done week after week with little fanfare.
    - I guess Coach Caldwell took your joke to heart, Rex.
    - It’s hard for me to fathom but win and the Jets are in the playoffs.

    (Falcons vs. Bills)

    - At least, Roddy White understands the season isn’t over even if you’re not going to the playoffs.
    - T.O.: the Winter of My Discontent.
    - I haven’t heard too much out of him lately: on the field or at a press conference.
    - Congratulations for reaching 1,000 catches, though.
    - Don’t think we’re going to hear him complaining about the team not recognizing this milestone like in Philadelphia.
    - Atlanta understands how injuries can wreck a season.

    (Texans vs. Dolphins)

    - Somebody for got to tell the Dolphins they were in a fight for their playoff lives.
    - Noon central time is not a late start, Miami.
    - Jason Taylor giving his defense and ear full. He needed a megaphone.
    - Jacoby Jones, a nice complement to Andre Johnson.
    - Brian Cushing notches an interception on his way to possible defensive rookie of the year.
    - Wouldn’t you know. Ted Ginn Jr. who rarely catches long-bomb TD passes gets one which subsequently gets overruled by a penalty.
    - What’s that about bad luck?
    - Dolphin got a few bad luck calls Sunday.

    (Cowboys vs. Redskins)

    - Was that Alan Greenspan in Snyder’s luxury box?
    - His team is anything but money.
    - Home for the Holidays is more than an apt description of the Washington Redskins.
    - A rushing average of 1 yard per carry? Yikes!
    - The first time in the rivalry the Cowboys have limited the Skins without scoring a touchdown in the same season.
    - Mr. Fix It has fixed the Cowboys defense.
    - Can Jason Garrett continue to fix the offense?
    - Can we retire the Marion Barber up the middle on 4th and 1 play, Jason?
    - Felix Jones more into the rushing mix, a good thing as the playoffs approach.
    - Remember when Dallas couldn’t win games in December?
    - Romo seems determined not to let Dallas lose.
    - Jay Ratliff shows no mercy on former Auburn teammate Jason Campbell.

    Other notes from games:

    - I can’t tell whether close victories are a good thing or bad thing for the Bengals.
    - Congratulations on Cincinnati for winning the AFC North.
    - Outside of a Bengals fan, who saw that one coming.
    - The Chiefs have a runner in Jamaal Charles.
    - Cedric the Entertainer starring at a Pro Bowl near you.
    - A knee is as good as two feet in bounds, Brandon Gibson, Rams WR.
    - Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin getting ready for the post season.
    - Congratulations Kurt Warner on passing for 100 TDs for both the Rams and the Cardinals.
    - Top Five ... 1.) Colts, 2.) Chargers, 3.) Eagles, 4.) Cowboys, 5.) Saints
    - Bottom Five ... 28.) Seahawks, 29.) Chiefs, 30.) Lions, 31.) Redskins, 32.) Rams
    - With the first pick in the draft, the Rams select … :)

    All comments, clarifications, corrections, criticisms and additions are welcomed. :)

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