Thoughts on NFL Week 3 (2011 Edition)

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    - Sunday was the football gods way of saying, “Enough with the deification of Tom Brady.”
    - The Bills don’t even get warmed up until they’re down by double digits.
    - I think it’s safe to say the Bills aren’t looking for a franchise quarterback.
    - At least yesterday, as in every other place off the field, a Harvard grad bests a Michgan grad.
    - Ryan Fitzpatrick, league MVP?
    - Chan Gailey, leading candidate for Coach of the Year.
    - I always thought he got the boot too quickly in Dallas.
    - Strange sight: Bill Belichik screaming at the refs to allow the Bills final touchdown.
    - Wonder if Freddie Jackson was singing “You Are My Lady” as he raced through the Patriots defense.
    - New England isn’t going too far in the post season if they don’t fix that unit.
    - Memo to Bills LB Nick Barnett: body slam, good in MMA, bad in football.
    - Smallish Wes Welker comes up big every week.
    - Take notes, Chad Ochocinco: less awe-struck, more ball-stuck, to your fingers that is.
    - Don’t be surprised if he’s not on the roster by the end of the year, definitely not next year.
    - Make sure Vikings defenders don’t work for Wal-Mart when it brings back the Christmas lay-away plan.
    - They can’t hold anything, much less a first-half lead.
    - The Vikings mascot needs a puppet attached to its back simulating the Heimlich maneuver.
    - Does anyone feel sad for Donovan McNabb?
    - Any defensive coordinator who puts one man on Calvin Johnson should be fired.
    - The Lions, restoring some pride to the Motor City.
    - A league of their own, the Green Bay Packers.
    - Jamichael Finley, making up for lost time.
    - Jay Cutler is in danger of becoming Jeff George.
    - Orange jerseys just don’t suit the Bears’ Monsters of the Midway image.
    - Brian Urlacher is about as athletic a linebacker as you’re going to see.
    - Charles Woodson should have been called for pass interference.
    - Falcons need to learn how to ride their running back thoroughbred.
    - Shelve the Julio Jones reverses until they’re least expected.
    - In time, Roddy White and Jones could be the best receiver tandem in the NFL.
    - Falcons tried to play catch-up too quickly, ignoring the easy three and failing to convert on fourth down.
    - The Buccaneers defensive line played like a unit possessed.
    - The entire game was hard hitting.
    - Don’t know if the centers were miked, but I heard more plastic colliding in this game than I normally do.
    - Dunta Robinson gets a taste of his own medicine.
    - There’s no excuse for the Falcons defense jumping off sides on fourth down with less than two minutes to go in the game. No excuse.
    - Josh Freeman needs to be seen by a national audience.
    - Ronde Barber still knows how to be in the right place at the right time.
    - Mighty (James) Casey at bat and on the field for the Houston Texans.
    - Mark Ingram pays his first of many visits to the end zone.
    - Drew Brees has found another favorite target in Jimmy Graham.
    - The “T” in Texans means “Too many field goals.”
    - Houston must learn how to finish games if it expects to be in the playoff hunt.
    - Giants Cruz past the Eagles with backup receivers.
    - Vicktimization card in Philly?
    - Vick complains about not getting calls for late hit; Tony Romo tosses him a handkerchief.
    - That’s not an “S” on Vick’s chest, that’s a bull’s eye.
    - Chris Canty needs to make a deposit to the Bank of Goodell.
    - Second-guessers, shaddup. Philly was right to trade Kevin Kolb.
    - Vick may have his own self to blame for his injured wrist.
    - I used to wrap my risks when I fought in karate tournaments because you don’t want your wrist to move and accidentally fracture when you punch someone the wrong way. But Vick fell, but because his wrists were taped, they had no flexibility and the full weight of the fall came down on that taped wrist, which was fixed in place.
    - At least that’s my uneducated medical analysis.
    - The Giants might be better than the so-called experts thought.
    - They don’t make excuses for injuries.
    - Aaron Ross redeems himself.
    - Steve Smith, in volleyball you serve the ball up for your (former) teammate, in football you don’t.
    - Eagles safety Nate Allen got a too close a view of a stiff-arm.
    - The Raiders relying on the run instead of the vertical game? Is Al Davis in a coma?
    - Run DMC wraps up a victory for Oakland.
    - The NY Jets run defense has been exposed.
    - Raiders may have a future star in Denarius Moore.
    - Antonio Cromartie must be a headache for his coaches.
    - Tomlinson aint as young as he once was but in spurts he can get the job done.
    - That Janikowski field goal before halftime was huge.
    - Texans too many field goals.
    - If you have to throw a Hail Mary, who else would you want on the other end but Larry Fitzgerald?
    - The Rams are familiar with a Tory streaking down the field for a touchdown, just not for another team.
    - Three touches, three touchdowns. Torrey Smith couldn’t have imagined this type of debut..
    - Haloi Ngata puts an explanation point on a victory.
    - St. Louis is on the verge of throwing away any chance to take a very winnable division.
    - Colt McCoy throws a nice ball on the run.
    - The Dolphins have entered the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.
    - It might be so long for Tony Sparano before long.
    - Cincinnati can’t ever seem to beat San Francisco.
    - Niners-Bengals highlights? Oxymoronic indeed.
    - Welcome, Cam Newton, to the win column.
    - The Panthers field resembled a big gigantic green slip and slide.
    - That game was tailor-made for Maurice Jones Drew.
    - It was hard to evaluate Blaine Gabbert in a torrential rain storm. But I liked what I saw in spots.
    - Titans TE Daniel Graham gets a taste of sweet revenge.
    - Is Chris Johnson still holding out?
    - Dwight Freeney and company made Jon Scott look like a turnstile.
    - Flozell Adams is still available, Pittsburgh.
    - Troy Polamalu always seems to be where you need him to make a big play.
    - Curtis Painter’s no Picasso with the football that’s for sure.
    - Kerry Collins is far from an apprentice at this point.
    - The Colts put up a fight, but they still lose.
    - Peyton Manning won’t be back for the season, Jim Irsay says. He’s probably played his last down of football.

    Top 5
    1. Green Bay Packers – They make it look so easy.
    2. Buffalo Bills – Yes, you read that right.
    3. Detroit Lions – With experience, this is going to be a scary team.
    4. New England Patriots – They’ll take the next team they play to the woodshed.
    5. New Orleans Saints – no shame in losing to the Packers.

    Bottom 5
    28. Arizona – Only 10 points against the Seasquawks?
    29. Indianapolis – They didn’t roll over and die, but they’re still winless.
    30. Miami Dolphins – Ditto.
    31. St. Louis Rams – It’s the Rams, dude.
    32. Kansas City Chiefs – At least Andrew Luck is familiar with wearing red.

    All corrections, clarifications, criticisms, comments and additions are welcomed.
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    i dont agree with your last thought

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