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Thoughts on NFL Week 3 (2012)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    - Don’t be surprised if Eli Manning is a candidate for league MVP.
    - Martellus Bennett has done more in three games in NY then he did in four years in Dallas.
    - When Cam is good, he’s really good. When he’s bad, he’s not only really bad but gets down in the dumps.
    - Whatever happened to the vaunted Carolina backfield?
    - What a waste of running backs.
    - The replacement refs have made the NFL a throw-back game, and I’m not talking just about officiating.
    - Defenses players are teeing off on offensive players in the mode of Dick Butkis, Ray Nitchke and Mel Blount.
    - Don’t think for a moment that the debacle in Seattle is going to get the regular refers back.
    - To the NFL and Goodell, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.
    - And we’ll keep shelling out money and turning on the television set like lemmings.
    - Tony Romo might not last the season behind his ragtag offensive line.
    - Gerald McCoy hit Romo so hard I think his wife suffered a headache.
    - LaGarrett Blount needs to learn to stay grounded.
    - Sometimes, I think Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett is in way over his head.
    - Despite being 1-2, the Buccaneers look headed in the right direction.
    - I have no problem with the Bucs coach telling his troupes to go all out even on the last play of the game.
    - That’s how you build a 60-minute attitude.
    - The Titans rely on another Music City Miracle to beat the Lions.
    - That and a mental lapse by Jim Schwartz.
    - Lions backup QB Shaun Hill must have gone to mass early Sunday. And Titus Young.
    - What Mary giveth, Schwartz taketh away.
    - Yeah, yeah, a miscommunication on the last play.
    - Starring in the latest remake of “The Invisible Man,” Titans RB Chris Johnson.
    - Slow your roll on the 49ers Super Bowl bandwagon.
    - Ponder this for a moment: San Francisco was beaten by a QB not named Aaron Rodgers and not named Matt Stafford.
    - I’m not knocking Ponder, but I wonder if the 49ers took him and the Vikings for granted.
    - Still this was a victory a young QB can build upon.
    - Rudolph can make one-hand touchdown catches as well as lead Santa’s sleigh team.
    - Alex Smith, don’t regress on us now.
    - Vikings RB Toby Gerhart needs a dose of cough syrup too.
    - Steelers WR Antonio Brown must have dipped his gloves in butter before the game.
    - I’m surprised Darius Heyward-Bay’s head didn’t come off too.
    - Speedy recovery DHB.
    - Just when you were about to bury da Raiders they up and beat the Steelers.
    - Is Pittsburgh’s age showing?
    - Former college coach Jim Harbaugh was working over those college replacement refs.
    - I think it’s fair to say that Jamaal Charles’ injured knee is fully healed.
    - Ryan Succop was no suck up.
    - The Saints fans have pulled out the bags again.
    - Officially refer to them as “Da” Saints because they certainly need a “D.”
    - Matt Schaub’s now the Evander Holyfield of the NFL.
    - That was as vicious a hit as I’ve seen on a QB, especially when it causes a man to lose his ear.
    - Peyton Manning is by far the better quarterback, but I think Tim Tebow made the Broncos play to their highest potential.
    - Eric Decker is the next great white hope at wide receiver.
    - The refs gave Denver a gift of a pass interference. James Joseph couldn’t have been in better position if he had been given the play call.
    - Joel Dressen wins the “in the right place at the right time” award.
    - Were my eye’s deceiving me or was Peyton Manning wearing pink underwear?
    - Wade Phillips might not be much of a head coach but he’s a heck of a defensive coordinator.
    - That’s about the easiest TD pass, er, interception Rob Jackson is ever gonna get.
    - Reality show participant Andrew Hawkins starts for the Bengals.
    - If any team going to run the Wildcat right, it should be the Bengals.
    - If anyone doubts the power of inspiration, look no further than Tory Smith and his performance against the Patriots.
    - That game-winnning field goal looked good to me.
    - Maybe the ref had the Ravens special teams on his fantasy team.
    - Ed Reed still bringing the pain.
    - If Devin McCourty stays on his feet, game over.
    - Uh Billy Boy Belichik, you don’t put your hands on the refs.
    - Rex Ryan has done the impossible: He has made Tim Tebow irrelevant.
    - I think Deion said it best: When you’re throwing the ball to Tebow, something’s wrong with your offense.
    - Losing Darrell Revis is a major blow for the Jets.
    - Reggie Bush caught a major break.
    - Anthony Fasano had that ball.
    - A carpenter should know the work isn’t done until you drive through the last nail.
    - Colts TY Hilton “Hotel” was wide open on his touchdown pass and Andrew Luck checks in.
    - Maurice Jones Drew with his “Who needs preseason” performance.
    - The prevent defense does the Colts in.
    - Teams are out to punish Michael Vick.
    - Forget the fact that he won’t make it through the entire season; he might not last two more games.
    - What does Andy Reid have against LeSean McCoy?
    - What does Andy Reid have against running the football?
    - Yes, there’s a “D” in Cardinals.
    - Arizona’s defense made two of the top quarterbacks (Vick, Brady) look like Russell Wilson.
    - I see Larry Fitzgerald has come out of hiding.
    - Aaron Rodgers with the discount double sack x4.
    - Either the Packers offense has regressed or the Seahawks defense is vastly improved.
    - Russell Wilson gets away with doing just enough.
    - I try not to complain too much about officiating, but that was the worst officiated game I have ever witnessed on the NFL level.
    - That was no roughing against Wilson, no interference by Shields and no Hail Mary touchdown by Golden Tate.
    - The Seahawks can thank their 12th man for that victory.

    Top 5
    1. Atlanta Falcons – They would have been excused had they lost the Chargers, but they won, on the road.
    2. Houston Texans – They have been the most consistent and played a pretty good Denver team.
    3. Arizona Cardinals – This team is winning with … Kevin Kolb at quarterback.
    4. Baltimore Ravens – Should be 3-0.
    5. NY Giants – Their offense is on fire, and their defense is just getting warmed up.

    Bottom 5
    28. Carolina Panthers – Their only win is against the Saints. Nuff said.
    29. Jacksonville Jaguars – You barely beat the Colts. Yeah </sarcasm>
    30. Indianapolis Colts - You lost to the Jaguars.
    31. Cleveland Browns – They’re showing fight, but that’s about it.
    32. New Orleans Saints – WhodatsaytheygonnabeatdemSaints? Everybody.

    As always, all corrections, clarifications, additions and comments are welcomed.

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