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Thoughts on NFL Week 5 (2011 Edition)

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by tyke1doe, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    Thoughts on NFL Week 5

    - A moment of silence for the passing of Al Davis.
    - quiet
    - quiet
    - quiet
    - With “Just Win, Baby” ringing in their ears, the Oakland Raiders did just that for their deceased owner.
    - Love him or hate him, you knew him.
    - Most recognizable owner this side of George Steinbrenner.
    - How fitting that the guys whom Al Davis personally had a hand in drafting came up big for him in Houston, particularly Sebastian Janikowski and Darrius Heyward-Bay.
    - Texan cornerback Jason Allen with an up close and personal view of Bay Watch.
    - Janikowski (three 50 yard-plus field goals) will be a huge weapon down the stretch and in the playoffs, if the Raiders make it.
    - No one will mistake Matt Schaub as Joe Montana on the run.
    - A little air under the pass and the Texans have a last-minute win.
    - Arian Foster’s back, but the Texans need someone more important than even Foster.
    - Get well soon cards have been express mailed to Andre Johnson.
    - The Texans aren’t the same without him.
    - Beautiful diving catch by Kevin Walters.
    - Losing Mario Edwards could be a big blow to Wade Phillips’ defense.
    - As bad as the Colts and Jaguars are looking, Houston could still win this division.
    - The Titans’ crushing defeat by the Steelers: an aberration or signs of things to come?
    - Those shoveling dirt on the Steelers last week, I think I see an arm and leg poking out of the grave and they belong to Ben Roethlisberger.
    - With a banged up defense and offensive line, Pittsburgh will go as far as Big Ben takes them.
    - Someone might want to remind him to study Dan Marino on those fake spikes.
    - Hines Ward still has a bounce in his step, as Titans DB Michael Griffin can attest.
    - Pittsburgh may have found itself a backup running back in Jonathan Dwyer.
    - Steeler DE Brett Keisell plays volleyball with Lamar Woodley.
    - Chris Johnson gets reacquainted with the end zone, just not enough.
    - Tennessee may not have enough weapons to take the division.
    - Jim Harbaugh has entered the Coach of the Year contest along with Chan Gailey.
    - Alex Smith played like a No. 1 overall draft pick.
    - He was played pitch and catch with his receivers all game long.
    - When as the last time you saw the Niners so comfortable with a lead they had time to give their rookie backup some reps?
    - I haven’t seen this much GORE of a hapless victim since a slasher film.
    - Tampa just didn’t come to play.
    - Carlos Rogers has some nifty moves in the open field, and on the dance floor.
    - Get well, Josh Morgan.
    - Vernon Davis decides to pay a visit to the 49ers offense and the end zone.
    - The 49ers should run away with the NFC West.
    - The Cardinals are too inconsistent, as is their quarterback. The Rams are looking at a top 3 pick and the Seahawks have to decide on a quarterback.
    - Finally, a lead Minnesota couldn’t squander.
    - Patrick Peterson simply got abused by the runner with his same last name.
    - See Minnesota. Good things happen when Adrian Peterson gets the ball, and often.
    - The Vikings have dug themselves too big a whole, though.
    - I like the double reverse by the Vikings. Executed nicely.
    - If they had a stat for passes bouncing off the turf, I’d better Donovan McNabb would be leading.
    - Early Christmas gift suggestions for Kevin Kolb: Pocket presence.
    - Larry Fitzpatrick is just a joy to watch catching the ball.
    - Bennie Wells in decapitation mode, good thing Cedric Griffin’s head wasn’t in his helmet.
    - The Eagles have officially given up on the season.
    - Turn off the stove and stick a fork in them.
    - This team doesn’t block or tackle very well.
    - Think Vince Young wants a do-over with the whole “Dream Team” comment?
    - Barring a miraculous turnaround, I think this may be Andy Reid’s last year in Philly.
    - The Bills’ George Wilson again articulated the blueprint to stop Michael Vick: Hands up when he passes, hem him in the pocket and hit him often.
    - Vick did take some shots that should have been penalties, though.
    - Under Siege II, starring Steven Segal and Vick.
    - Bills showed perfect balance on offense: 28 rushing attempts, 27 passing attempts.
    - Freddie Jackson’s play is keeping a first round pick on the bench.
    - Dolt of the Week: Eagles DE Juqua Parker.
    - You never, ever, ever jump off sides on 4th and 1, especially late in the game when you know the team isn’t going for the first down.
    - The Bills know how to take interceptions to the end zone.
    - Jason Avante, serving up balls like ice cream scoops.
    - Just when you thought the Giants were ready to take control of the NFC East.
    - Did they think they had a bye along with the Redskins and Cowboys?
    - Survivor contest participate nationwide curse themselves for picking New York.
    - Victor Cruz got his hands on 6 balls for 143 yards and 1 TD. But it’s that last catch that was really the difference maker.
    - Psst: Longer spikes.
    - What he doesn’t catch, Brandon Browner does and seals the deal for the Seahawks.
    - And just like that, Seattle is almost back to respectability.
    - It should have been a blowout. The Seahawks squandered at least two scores to put the game out of reach early.
    - Kenny Phillips can expect a fine for the helmet-to-helmet hit.
    - I think they had to scrape D.J. Ward off Anthony Hargrove’s jersey.
    - The Giants were ineffective in the running game, but that had as much to do with the Seahawks as it did New York not committing to the run.
    - Does Tavaris Jackson get his job back or is it the Charlie Whitehurst era in Seattle?
    - Jackson was doing pretty good until he got knocked out of the game.
    - Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin simply ballin.
    - The Pats not only don’t take the Antonio Cromartie bait, they ignore their tendency to pass and ram it right down the Jets’ throats.
    - You’ve been served, Jets, by the law firm of Ben Jarvis Green Ellis.
    - Is there a better QB-WR connection than Brady and Wes Welker?
    - Deep threat, slant, cross the middle, you name it, Wes runs it.
    - Jets have found themselves a return man in Joe McKnight.
    - Too bad he isn’t a running back as a consistent ground attack will keep the Jets out of the playoffs.
    - Bowe knows juggling touchdown catches.
    - Run the video tape backwards, I think you’ll hear Jim Irsay say “Tank the game, guys.”
    - Back to back franchise quarterbacks, here Indy comes.
    - Painter lucked onto his favorite target Pierre Garcon a few times.
    - The Colts were caught unprepared for life without Peyton.
    - The Chiefs large offensive wore down the Colts undersized defensive line.
    - Maurice Jones Drew, the only thing exciting about Jacksonville.
    - At least Blaine Gabbert can elude the rush, which he has had to do quite often.
    - Leon Hall must have been muttering, “Uh, safety help? Please” as Jason Hill just strolls into the end zone on a deep pass.
    - At least the Cowboys center isn’t the only one snapping balls when the quarterback isn’t ready.
    - Get used to hearing Andy Dalton to A.J. Green, TOUCHDOWN?
    - It helps to have long limbed receivers like Green and Gresham.
    - Carson who?
    - Cincinnati will pedal Palmer for a second round pick next year and continue rebuilding their young and promising squad.
    - You gotta try it but those last play laterals hardly ever work.
    - Good for a cheap Bengals touchdown at the end, though.
    - The Tebow era begins – AGAIN.
    - I’m a Tebow fan, but the love Tebow got from a stadium chanting his name is unreal.
    - He can’t possibly live up to the expectations, can he?
    - I kind of feel sorry for John Fox and the dilemma he has before him.
    - Poor Kyle Orton. Poor Brady Quinn.
    - Quinn must be saying, “But … but … I played under the shadow of Touchdown *****.”
    - Forget all the tangibles, the Broncos played better when Tebow got in the game.
    - Brandon Lloyd with the sick one-handed catch.
    - He needed to catch that two-point conversion, but that was good coverage by Antoine Cason.
    - Phillip Rivers throws a beautiful deep ball that seems to float right into the hands of his receivers.
    - Is there a reason the Falcons stopped running Michael Turner?
    - A back with thighs as big as Earl Campbell’s should never be a decoy in the second half.
    - I think Mike Smith might be too enamored with his receiving toys, especially his newest one, Julio Jones.
    - Jones is a beast in the making.
    - No deficit is big enough with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.
    - He’s going to win league MVP. Book it.
    - Rodgers makes sure everyone gets in on the action, twelve receivers in fact.
    - And the Oscar goes to Falcons center Joe Hawley, drawing personal foul with his dramatic fall after a push from A.J. Hawk.
    - Runner up, Kyle Orton applauding touchdown by Tebow.
    - Packers defensive back Charlie Peprah’s bat the ball and catch is about as acrobatic an interception you’re going to see by a corner.
    - Jimmy Graham, another in the long list of pro-worthy Miami Hurricane tight ends.
    - Steve Smith is one small man you don’t want to mess with, as Malcolm Jenkins discovered.
    - He just rag-dolled the bigger Jenkins. And the refs let him.
    - Darren Sproles was a good pick up by Saints.
    - Cam didn’t start the game well with an interception, and that may have set the tone for the Panthers’ defeat.
    - Still the Rookie of the Year award is his to lose.
    - Ron Rivera probably wants that timeout back.
    - Does ESPN First Take have any other topics they can discuss other than Romo, Tebow and Vick?
    - Corners are getting a raw deal with these loosely interpreted pass interference calls.

    Top 5

    1. Green Bay Packers – They look unbeatable.
    2. New Orleans Saints – Again, their only loss is to the unbeaten Packers.
    3. Detroit Lions – This could change based on tonight’s contest.
    4. Buffalo Bills – By virtue of their defeat of the Patriots.
    5. a.) New England – I still wonder when their defense will be their undoing.
    b.) San Francisco – Have given up the fewest points of teams having played five games and a late quarter collapse of being undefeated. That’s impressive.

    Bottom 5

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars – Go west young men.
    29. Philadelphia Eagles – This is based on expectations.
    30. St. Louis Rams – The bye week didn’t help them.
    31. Miami Dolphins – Ditto.
    32. Indianapolis Colts – You know you suck when your fans want the franchise quarterback to sit the season.

    All comments, criticisms, corrections, clarifications and additions are welcomed. :)

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