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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by HoustonSucks, Sep 27, 2006.

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    Hi there. I've been to several Cowboys games but never paid attention to scalpers/tix availability?

    I'm trying to get four tickets to the Houston game. The thing is we don't want to pay a hundred bucks for the cheap seats. What do you think the odds are of just showing up at Texas Stadium and finding some scalped tickets for face value? Or under a hundred bucks?

    Any advice would be invaluable. I'm willing to pay whatever, but my friends who are not Boys fans but are just going b/c it's my birthday weekend - are not. And there ya have it.

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    Ive gone to four or five games....and games where there ended up being extra people show up and never did anyone not get a ticket. No guarantees I know...but there have just been an endless supply of people selling tickets. One year I was on the other end of that ..selling a couple...and that was an experience in itself....unbelievable how many tiers of people in that they help each mark their victims......but just from experience I'd say the odds are pretty good and they were maybe twenty bucks more than face value
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    I'm thinking it's going to be difficult, simply because both teams are from Tx and Houston is not far. So you're going to have a lot of fans from both teams going to the game. I'm not saying you won't find ticket, just not at face value.
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    Thanks guys for your responses. Luckily late last night my friend called and had scored five tix to the game!!! Woohoo! So I'll be there. The other problem, I'd guess, with having us trying to get tix there would have been obviously not being able to sit together!

    See some of you there!

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