News: Tidbit from SIRIUS NFL radio on Ferguson

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cowboy from New York, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Pat Kerwin was doing his daily show and they were talking about the Jets and how the chiefs pounded them with the running game Kirwan said that he had talked to Jets MLBer Vilma who told him that Ferguson was the key to their run defense for 3 reasons.

    1. He was the anchor against the run. (duh)

    2. Ferguson was enough of a disruptive force inside that it kept interior o-lineman from getting out into the next level and getting to Vilma and the other LBers. (even more important for us with Nyguen inside)

    3. Ferguson was the defesive leader in the locker room.

    Hard to dismiss this stuff given how the Jets played this week and more importantly how they melted down and started arguing and punching each other. Now that he is starting to play now and hopefully is getting his stamina back Ferguson should start showing some of these traits. We'll need it to squash the skins one hope in this game, which would be a monster game from Portis.
  2. Dave_in-NC

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    Lets hope Portis meets RW early and often behind the line ehe?
  3. Qwickdraw

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    Did Fergy even play?

    I never saw him though I'm sure he played.
    We did run alot of nickel packages so I'm pretty sure he wasn't in there on those.

    He didn't have any tackles... even though his job is to be more of a plug than a tackler.
  4. morasp

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    He already has in my opinion. I can't say definitively but the run defense seemed to be much better once he was inserted. I will second what Vilma said. Even though he turned out to be a bust Willie Blade was a big reason we had a good defense BP's first year. I have seen numerous people say that w/o a solid nose tackle the rest of the defense is suspect. The examples are endless of teams that lost their nose tackle and their defense collasped. When the Ravens had their dominant defense they had the goose and sam adams to anchor it. I love all of our free agent signings but in my opinion he was our most important.
  5. dbair1967

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    Chris Mortensen said the same thing during the offseason, that he (and according to him several NFL personnel people) said the Jets franchised the wrong DL (Abraham) and should have kept Ferguson instead

  6. LaTunaNostra

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    What I loved about Fergy this past weekend was who he played between.

    Two rookies - Canty and Spears.

    Bill can trust him to hold a three man line with two kids who have never seen live NFL action before. That means the kids get more time on the field because Ferg knows what he's doing.

    BTW, what rotation was in on the last drive stop? I didn't notice.

    Glover played very very well, but when Fergy is up to game speed, we'll see some plays out of him too.
  7. dmq

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    I didn't see the game, so I am struggling to find answers to what happened on Sunday. Seems like we didn't get much pressure on the QB unless we blitzed. Why? I am glad we stopped the run, but we need pressure. I heard Spears looked a little lost. Can someone sum up the individual performances along the defensive line during the game and any thoughts?
  8. Charles

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    That is a great find and post. :bow:

    Fergy seemed to fire up the defense when he was inserted.

    It's only been one game but never before have all our Free agents made such an impact in one single game. Bledsoe run and head first dive in the 1st game of the season told me all I needed to know, Henry is a man, Glenn made the biggest play, Fergy held down the Dline and even though Rivera fatigued down the stretch there is no doubt in my minds that he was the claming influence that made the 6th RD rookie starting RT Petitti pass with flying colors.

    Now if we can get Peerless Price on a deep post for a TD on Monday Night.............. :dance2:
  9. Nors

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  10. StateCollegeCowboy

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    SD played a lot of max protect in that game, with the RB staying in to block. There was a reason why LT did not see many passes go his way, because he was back trying to protect the QB.
  11. Ashwynn

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    Yep, I read an article that said they could not release LT into the passing game cause they needed him on Protection. When you can demand the othe rteam keep the best RB (ok, one of the top 3 RB in the league today) from playing half his game, I say you did something wright.

    Kudos to the boys for a well played game and for actually dictating to someone. They changed SD's game plan, No way in the world you game plan your best player with the ball, to be a blocker so your QB can stay upright. Thats pressure, even if we did not get there. We changed their game plan and won the game. Great game by the boys.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I agree with those who say Ferguson made a big difference. I actually thought that Glover was ineffective early in the contest. San Diego has a massive OL and it seemed, to me, that Glover was getting handled up the middle. I thought Ferguson came in and really stabalized things. JMO.
  13. lkelly

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    Wait, I thought Tomlinson ran wild on us all day because Ware doesn't know how to play?

    That's what I understood from this board on Sunday night and Monday morning.
  14. Hollywood Henderson

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    I agree ABQ...
    I wonder how long it will be when Fergy takes over starting?
    Glover will be much more effective not starting...

    Fergy looked a little heavy, lets hope he gets into prime playing shape ASAP!

    For that matter, how long will it be before last games 2nd unit starts?
    Spears, Fergy & Canty?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Well, it's coming Hollywood. I think that you look at that situation and the three young guys have a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage the Vets have is experience but in a 3-4, even that is not as prevelant. It's the nature of the game. Ferguson is the only Vet amoung the DLs that offers something none of our young players have. Next draft, I expect to see us take a young NT that will start putting pressure on Ferguson as well.

    Sucks to get old man.
  16. Danny White

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    Glover did have one hell of an important sack, though.

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