Time For the Dallas Cowboys to Cowboy Up

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Training Camp is upon the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. Because of that excitement is in the air. So are the same tired old stories and theories of why this team has been such a hard luck team. Prepare to hear every reporter repeat the mantra of one playoff win in 16 years, or 2 wins in 17 years if they actually don’t cherry pick and count 1996. No matter which figure they do use, or if they make up some other one because they can’t quite remember how many years it has been, one fact from the last 17 years remains true. It is time for the Cowboys to Cowboy Up.

    The phrase comes from the sport of rodeo originally. It is used when a cowboy draws a particularly hard ride. One that potentially could either put him in the money or the hospital. Or it means riding through an injury rather than letting a chance to rest and heal occur. If you see a battered cowboy on the back of a bull or bronc they will say he is cowboying up. The phrase works just as good for this football team. They really need to Cowboy Up.
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    Nice job Hos. Time for the team to take the next step.
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    Can't argue the rodeo reference but with the Cowboys, the O-line and D-lines need to step up this year. The respective coaches for those units need to recognize the breakdowns and respond. While the Cowboys had a lot of injuries, other teams had even more injuries, and played better ball. Back-ups need to back-up the starters.
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    Not so sure about that.
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    FLcowboy said:
    While the Cowboys had a lot of injuries, other teams had even more injuries
    Me neither.
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    Same here. Maybe these Other Teams that had MORE Injuries, had them on back up players or something. It was crazy the amount of Starters we had out due to injuries & some were SEASON ENDING.
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    I agree with the OP. And look forward to more of his posts now that TC is here.
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    others had more injuries? Would love to see who? I venture a guess, like others, that is was players not in starting roles...we had half of our defense out for much of last year not to mention at the end of the year, Romo had no one to throw to against Wash (other than Witten) nor did he have a starting RB
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    The problem with the injuries excuse is this team wasn't good enough completely healthy. I don't think they're good enough up front this year either. It's going to be another season of being a middling quasi contender for the last wild card berth or a 9-7 division title and 1st round exit in the playoffs.

    I know this is the time of year where you're supposed to pretend your team is going to win it all but I just don't see it. I see more of the same until there's real change.
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    The Packers and Redskins were only two teams with more games lost to injury for their starters than the Cowboys in 2012, however the argument could definitely be made that the Cowboys injuries were to their top end starters....

    On the other hand the Packers and Redkins both made the playoffs despite their injuries so I don't know how much you can say injuries ultimately can be used for an excuse. After all -- depth is absolutely critical in the NFL and if you don't have depth you can't be considered a great team.
  11. MichaelWinicki

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    There's some merit in what you're saying. The injuries very possibly cost the team a playoff birth, but it wasn't a SB-capable team.
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    Fantastic read. However, the Cowboys were a +7 favorite vs. Buffalo in '92, and everyone that watched the two teams play should have seen that demolition coming. The Bills had zero chance to win that game- no way, no how, no sir. That young Cowboys team might've beaten any prior Super Bowl champ team in NFL history.
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    The Skins lost our top TE, WR, OLB, a starting DE, and a starting S for extended periods throughout the year. I am not positive, but I remember reading the Packers had the most injuries the year they won their SB. Two things I think about injuries: 1) nearly every team will have a critical player hurt. so you have to have depth to overcome it. 2) Timing of season ending injuries can be devastating. The Skins lost Orakpo and Carriker early, and that gave them time to regroup. Losing a star early in December can devastate a team's playoff run because you don't have time to readjust.
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