Time to find out how good the COWBOYS really are

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ZRO, Oct 31, 2005.

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    That's how the rest of the schedule plays out.

    Basically, everyone remaining on the schedule is a playoff contender.

    Every team will be giving us their best shot because their playoff hopes may be riding on that game.

    The only true "gimmie game" is Detriot, but Detroit is still in the NFC North playoff "race", so who knows what will happen? It's a game the Cowboys should win though.

    Traveling to Philly, New York and Washington is tough. Denver is looking like the 2nd best team in the AFC, Carolina's offense is on fire right now, Kansas City is fighting to stay alive in their division, and you never know what Rams team you're going to see from week to week

    Every game from here on out will be TOUGH, and if the Cowboys make the playoffs they will certainly have earned it, no "sliding in" because of weak competition. This team truly holds it's own fate in its hands.
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    I totally agree. I said htis game was so important, because it allows us some leeway. I think we will go 5-3 over 2nd half as well. 10-6, been saying it all year. But 9-7 should get us in the playoffs. This team is good, its just a tough road to January.

    Philly, NYG and Carolina scare me the most.

    Today gives me more hope for Detroit because we finally put a inferior team away early and never left a doubt about who was better. This game showed us alot about where this team is going. You beat crap teams like we beat Arizona today, nuff said.

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