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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DABOYZ, Oct 25, 2012.


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    This team is Garbage.

    Lee Out on D.

    Romo having one of his worst years.

    Without the injuries this team was easily a %500 team. With injuries 6-10 would be great, but I will somehow say we finish 7-9. For one more year we will be better than the Browns. No promises next year.

    Time to trade away the guys who have made this team what it is Or simply cut the fat.
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    If you say so.....:popcorn:
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    Tell us how you really feel

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    No it's not. We're 3-3 not 0-6. Season isn't even close to over. Is Sean Lee a big loss? Without question, but one player doesn't make a team. Last time I checked Tony Romo is still standing. As long as you have him you have chance. As great as Lee has been, our best player on the defensive side of the football is still DeMarcus Ware. He's still out there and dominating like he usually does.

    Our defense will take a hit which is why it's key the offense steps up it's game which I fully believe they will. I find it hard to believe that an offense with as much talent as we have with as I mentioned Romo at quarterback, two solid backs in Murray and Jones, and an excellent recieving core with guys like Witten, Dez, and Miles will continue to struggle. Eventually these guys will get it going. It's gotta happen now and it will.

    Go Cowboys! :starspin

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