Timmy Jernigan wants to be a cowboy

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bowdown27, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. jnday

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    You are wanting this to get ugly aren't you ? There is no negative Donald talk allowed here.
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  2. starfrombirth

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    you have to pick someone so if noone will trade with you and Donald and Barr or gone.,... now what? Jernigen might not be technically good enough for the 16th pick but are you gonna just not pick if he's the best player left?
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    Totally agree. I don't know where some of these people get there info from. I think Jernigan is a hard worker. He lacks technique but that is where a good coach like Marinelli can really help him. That game where someone said he was slacking was the game where he was sick and yet played.

    Give the guy credit. He is coming out wearing the Cowboys star and tweeting he wants to be a Cowboy. I wish more of our players like that. Heck, I wish some of our so called fans are really true Cowboys fans rather than forum trolls who like stirring up stuff here.
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    I am a Seminole fan, which puts me in a much better position to evaluate FSU players than most on this board. I've watched every snap TJ played the last three years. His motor is non stop. He does not take plays off. There are times he hesitates at the snap to set up the blocker. That might not work in the NFL. But it can be coached out of him if need be.

    He played the BCS title game with the flu. Auburn gutted FSU when TJ finally wore down. He was a monster in that game until then. He will be a very good pro for someone. He's a safe pick with upside. If you like Donald better, that's fine. But don't tell me he took plays off because you read it in a magazine.
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  5. casmith07

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    Do a Vikings and pass.
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  6. starfrombirth

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    :D Yeah well... personally I'm taking Jernigen.
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  7. CowboysFaninDC

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    that explains it and that's the problem. you are biased. it also put you in a position to evaluate him higher than others because he is a seminole. I am not biased one way or the other. so my want is for the cowboys to succeed not the former Seminoles.
  8. Doomsday101

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    But it has not been just the last draft 2011 Tyron Smith was selected. I do think the Cowboys have changed in how they go about getting players. Does it solve years they failed? No but you can't undo it all you can do is change how you go about getting the job done and it is not going to happen overnight but I do think if they stay the course in terms of player accusations they will get to where they want to be.
  9. noletime95

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    I also want the Cowboys to succeed. I wouldn't have wanted them to take EJ Manuel. Great kid that won't be a great pro. Jernigan is going to, at a minimum, be a very good NFL DT. And he may well be a pro bowler. Sign me up for guys like that.
  10. AsthmaField

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    Jernigan is going to be a really good NFL DT I think.

    I absolutely love Donald and that is who I want the Cowboys to draft, but that doesn't mean that I think Jernigan won't be a good pro. I think he will be, and I think he has more versatility in this defense than Donald does.

    I would be plenty happy with Jernigan if Marinelli likes him enough to take him in the first. He would be very good next to Melton at the 1-tech spot and he could play the 3 when Melton needed a breather or they wanted a "heavy" package with Jernigan and McClain at DT.

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