Tip your waiters!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheKey, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Sorry I just needed to rant. I am a waiter and I am sick and tired of people coming into the restaurant and asking for a million things, racking up a $40 bill, then leaving $0 for a tip. Heck, even $3 sucks for that bill. 20% is the rule people. Maybe it was 15% back in the day but times have changed. Unless they just have a terrible attitude the whole time leave a tip, you have no idea how stressful it can be to wait on 6 tables at one time. Also, the kitchen is to blame for most food mistakes. The amount of people leaving 0-5% tips makes me sick. I am trying to work to make money for college and people can't even leave a few bucks. Odds are $5 won't make a difference in their standard of living, but it makes a huge difference in my life.
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    I can understand that, you have bills to pay too.
  3. TheKey

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    Yeah, I mean I know people work hard for their money and they want to keep it, but most people that don't tip will complain because they only make $10 an hour. Guess how much I make an hour? $2.13. If I don't get tipped, I don't get paid.
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    I reject the "standard tip is 20 per cent argument... I tip according to the service I got (and no, I don't blame the waiter or waitress if the kitchen messes up, not if they correct the mistake without giving me any static)...

    Good service might get more than 20 per cent, mediocre service won't get 20 per cent... and yes, if I get a surly waiter or waitress, I have been known to leave a tiny, tiny tip... I find that sends more of a message than leaving no tip at all, lets them know I was not happy with how I was treated...

    Of course, I have been known to tip according to how pretty the waitress is... :D

    I do understand that those who work for tips depend on those tips, though, so I'm not unsympathetic to your complaint... but I have to ask, because I don't know you, do you take pride in being a good waiter, or are you negative about your job?? IOW, could the paucity of tips be your own fault??

    If so, cheer up, try to have some fun with your job, and see if the tips don't pick up...
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    I generally tip well because I was a waiter in high school, so I understand how trying it can be.

    That said, don't give me the "I only make 2.00 an hour if I don't get tipped" line. If you aren't satisfied with your pay or your job, get a new one.
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    My rule is I start at 25% (20% for very large bills) and let the waiter/waitress work their way down.

    The one thing that will get a bigger tip from me than just about anything is the personality. If you act like you are glad to see me, or that you are glad to be working, then you will get a good tip. If you forget to bring the steak sauce after I asked for it originally, I don't dock the tip. It's a mistake and I understand that. Lots of tables, lots of people you can't remember everything.

    There is one thing that will get you nothing however and that is if I have to ask for something more than twice. I normally drink water with Lemon when I go out. That's how I order it. If the water comes and there is no lemon, I will ask for it. If it doesn't come when the waiter comes by again, I will ask again, but they will not get a tip at all.

    It's like I'm not that important. I really appreciate good service. I abhor bad service. And I think waiters and waitresses have to remember, the reason people got out to eat is generally the food. Not the staff. When I have a bill for what I ordered, I think it is the height of arrogance for the wait staff to think they are entitled more of my money. I am already paying for my food, which is why I came in the first place. To EXPECT me to pay more to have it brought to me is arrogant.

    But because I value good service I choose to tip. And saying that 20% is the RULE is absurd. There is no RULE. It is what I as the customer, deem your service was worth. If it was a RULE, it would be incorporated in the price. If it was a rule then all you would get would be the 20%. If you got more, would you complain that someone was breaking the rule?

    But all in all, as I said, I start everyone out at 25% and let them work their way down.
  7. Sam I Am

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    The rule of thumb has not changed. It's still 15%. I usually tip 20% even on so, so service. On great service, I have tip better than 30% many times. If I get poor service I will tip 10-15%, if I get ****ty service even less. I can only think of one instances where I didn't tip at all, but he is lucky I didn't didn't pummel him were he stood.
  8. Sam I Am

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    Been watching 3rd Rock from the Sun much? :lmao2:

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    Personality doesn't matter to me just make sure you get my order right and fill up my glass when it's empty and don't have an attitude.
  10. DFWJC

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    I pretty much always leave 20+% unless the service sux.

    However, 20% is NOT the rule...any current etiqutte book will verify that. There are some online people (ussually written by people working for tips) that will say 20%...but that is not at all the rule. Bartenders and waiters are trying to write those new rules, but they are not valid.

    Having said that, if the service is good, though, 20% is fair. If great, maybe even more. And if you sit there drinking tea for hours (instead of something more expensive) you should tip more than 20% of the price of the tea (obviously). Even if you sit at a bar and have water while occupying a bar stool or restuarant table, you should tip. And the longer you occuppy a spot, probabaly the more you should tip...again for obvious reasons.
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    I paid for my undergrad education by waiting tables and bartending and i have a lot of sympathy for those who are in that line of work and i generally tip very generously. However, having done it myself for many years, i also have become very intolerant of bad service and bad attitude. As someone has already pointed out, i don't blame the waiting staff for things that they can not control, but i can not stand lazy waiters who would rather talk among themselves, watch TV, smoke a cigarette, talk on the phone or otherwise disappear from sight when they need to be attending to their tables.

    I tip according to the service i receive, period. I worked with plenty of knuckleheads who give crappy service and then ***** and moan when they don't get good tips.

    Having said that, there are plenty of people who just do not understand the concept of tipping and do not tip according to the level of service they recieve. Many assume that waiters get a decent hourly wage and tips are just icing on the cake.
  12. DFWJC

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    Good post.

    I worked for tips in college too. So did my wife. Generally, those that worked in the service industry are the most "fair" at tipping. Fair does not mean tip a lot, it means paying for servcie provided. Great service deserves the appropriate tip and vice versa.
  13. Duane

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    I always tip 15% for average service. If you do a good job, make sure my glass is always filled, etc... you get more.
  14. Danny White

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    I agree with every word of this post. (especially the bold :D )

    If I get great, "knock your socks off" service, I"ll tip higher than 20%, but if I get fair to good service I'll tip right around 18%-20%. I consider 15% to be an average tip, so if I get average service, that's what I'll leave. For poor service, I usually don't go below 10%, but I probably should in really bad cases.

    I can be a pain in the arse with special requests -- nothing too elaborate, but I like my food the way I like it -- so if the waiter makes sure those requests are taken care of, then I'll definitely go 20% or higher. But every once in a while you'll get a waiter who just doesn't seem to care, and who never seems to be around to refill the drinks or whatever, and in those cases I don't see a problem in giving a smaller tip.

    Leaving nothing seems a bit extreme... I'd have to have an outright jerk as a waiter to do that, and in those cases I'd probably complain to the management as well.
  15. jksmith269

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    You know this "rule" you say is total BS, TIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED so there can be no "rule" it's at the discression of the patron, and for you to complain about it or any waiter is sad. Like the other poster said if you don't like your pay then find a new job.

    and I'm not sure about where you live but around Atlanta when I go out I see most people (have no clue wht their check totals are) but on average I see them leaving between 5-10bucks...

    so lets do the math

    6tables your words * say middle ground of 7 = 42

    if you work a 4-6 hour shift you should be able to flow thru 12 tables easy, so that's on average of 84 bucks a night, now add your hourly pay to that and you're making 96+ a day. now you mentioned the guy making 10 bucks an hour remember uncle sam? he get's part of that 10 bucks a large part, you on the other hand unless paid with CC prob don't report any of your cash tips so if you look at the math you prob clear more per day than the average guy you're serving. So stop your crying... and be happy that people are still going out to eat, oh yeah one other thing they are paying to eat there, you on the other hand more than likely are able to eat there on nights you work pretty much free...
  16. TheKey

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    All those complaints are valid. Waiters who don't give a crap and are jerks should get a message sent to them. That is not my case, however. Just two days ago I had a lady tell me I was very pleasant and she left me $10. I am speaking of the 30-40% of people (and that is no exaggeration) who come in, get good service, joke with me, thank me for doing a good job, and then leave 0-3 dollars on a 50 ticket. I really do have fun at my job, I am a people person, but when I bust my butt the whole night and come home with 20 bucks its discouraging. The worst group of people are the highschoolers that come in. They NEVER tip.

    I would just also like to remind you all that the tip business works both ways. There are some regulars that come into my restaurant a couple of times a week that are known for not leaving a tip no matter what, and the service they get is terrible. A waiter will not bust his butt for you if you have a reputation.

    Lastly, be nice to your waiters. If they ask you how your day is going, smile and tell them, then ask about theirs. I'm so tired of asking how people are doing only to be greeted with a "I'll have a coke". If people would just care for each other I think all of these problems would fix themselves.
  17. TheKey

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    If only that fantasy was true. I wish I could say people left $7 average, then there would be no problem. The problem is people leave $2 average.

    Yes I realize my tips are tax free, and that is good.

    We don't eat free. That ended when times got rough.

  18. jksmith269

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    completing my post from the first page I guess...

    LMAO, when I go to out to eat it's not to make small talk with the waiter, I'm there to eat and spend time with my family not the waiter, I hate a waiter that likes to stand at teh table chatting. I mean do your job, take the orders, be pleasent but don't be a pain thinking we need to be friends. it's your job for crying out loud...

    I like a waiter/waitress that when we sit down come over and say hello, goes over teh specials, then asks if we'd like to start with an apatizer and takes the drink order. Brings the drinks gives a few minutes to actually look at the menu, then takes the order, when they bring the salad or whatever let us know your main course should be out shortly or such, then leave us alone. if they see a empty glass bring a fresh drink, don't come by and ask if I'd like more to drink and take the glass with you... just bring a new drink with you and then leave... this will get the best tip making sure drinks are full and other than that maybe stopping once to see if the food is cooked right other than that leave me alone I'm there to be with my wife and kids...
  19. TheKey

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    ...and you can defiantly tell who has waited tables in their life and who haven't. Those who have understand how taxing it is. JK, let me do some math for you:

    6 tables, on average 5 people per table at dinner time = 30 people.
    30 drinks, 30 meals, maybe 10 appetizers.
    Now you have to enter these into the computer and keep track of all 30 meals in a prompt matter, while the rest of the restaurant is doing the same thing (so yours might be lost in the kitchen). While your yelling to get the food out faster you have to keep 30 drinks full. Once you take care of all this and do a great job and make about $2 per table because "there is no rule" for tipping, it pisses you off. Waiting tables is not easy, if I threw you in there I bet you would be so frazzled you would quit.
  20. Bach

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    I have heard the tip rate has gone up to 20% on average in recent years. But what's interesting is most restaurants automatically add a tip on tables of 8 or more. Recently I was part of a party of 10 and when the bill came the tip was added and it was only calculated to 15%. Other times I've seen it calculated at 18.5%.

    So while I have been generally tipping 20%, I don't think that is the absolute "rule" nowadays, but I still do it. If the service is poor, I still tip but it's closer to 15% then. I can't recall ever not tipping or just tipping less than 10%.

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