TLC:2012 Dallas Cowboys Sleeper Prospects: “The Guys No One Is Talking About.”

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    Every year following the NFL draft, teams are looking for undrafted rookie free agents (The Guys No One Is Talking About”) to bring in to camp in hopes of finding that “Diamond In The Rough”. The Cowboys have been pretty successful over the years and even managed to add a few Hall Of Fame players in this manner.

    In recent years teams like the New England Patriots have been pretty successful doing this. In fact, they have 18 former undrafted rookies on their roster, to include last years interception leader Arrington. He led the league with 7. The Cowboys brought in Phillip Tanner last year to add depth at the RB position. What they got was a guy that showed enough potential to earn a spot on the Cowboys depth chart. Looking at Tanner, I see a guy who could prove to be quite an asset as a change of pace and or short yardage back. In fact, he may have enough potential to push the injury prone Felix Jones in camp.

    The last time the Cowboys struck gold with undrafted players was during Bill Parcells tenure when they added Tony Romo and Miles Austin. I knew they hit gold when they brought in Andrew Sendejo last year, unfortunately Jerry Jones let him go before he even had a chance to make an impact. In my ongoing series of “The Guys No One Is Talking About” I am going to address a few players who I believe could make an impact in Dallas. Every year the number of former undrafted players appearing in the Pro Bowl is increasing. There is a lot of talent hiding out there.
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    Uh... Seriously?
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    that line sure confused me....
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    Aaron Corp!
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    Wow Jerry cant do anything right.....he let go Andrew Sendejo who in 2 yrs has 2 tackles...played in 5 games.

    How can you hit gold here and you let him go.....:bang2: :bang2: :bang2:

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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