TLH: Is More DeMarco Murray A Good Thing?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Frustrating. Confusing. Annoying. These are just some of the words that I muttered to myself while watching the Dallas Cowboys offense. The same things that have hurt the Cowboys in the past reared its ugly head again on Sunday. The lack of a running game and the failure to continue to do what has been successful helped the Kansas City Chiefs squeak out a one point victory on Sunday in Arrowhead. Jason Garrett was quoted on Monday as saying that the team needs to run the ball more in order to win. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they will be able to do that anytime soon.
    We heard all summer long that the Cowboys wanted to return to a more balanced offense with Bill Callahan calling plays. That’s not going to happen for a while. Dallas ran the ball 16 times and they threw it 42 times. Tony Romo dropped back to pass 49 times Sunday and the team failed to even attempt a running play in the fourth quarter in a close game.

    And yet, somehow I can’t blame them for abandoning the run. 2.3 yards per carry is beyond bad. This running game has been ugly these last two games and for that matter, since the beginning of last season. Whether or not you believe that DeMarco Murray is an elite back (I don’t and have written about it this summer) you would have to agree that he has been ineffective to start the year. Murray now has 32 carries for 111 yards. 3.4 yards per carry. That is awful. But yet, people still want the Cowboys to run with Murray and his 2.1 yards per carry? What makes you feel confident that this is the ingredient to winning?

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    Plain and simple: Demarco leaves yards on the field. He gravitates towards contact. Not sure why, that's just his style. I really hate to 2nd guess the guy, but it seems like every game there are a handful of runs where you see an opportunity for him to use his blocks and cut up field and he decides to try and run over the opposition instead.
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    I like the article. Good read.

    You kind of lost me a little when you started talking about Dez. I was expecting it to be about Murray. Just my amateur $.02 though.
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    I would like to see a bot of Randal, not sold on the other two at all.
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    I think he will be featured in at least one game this season before all is said and done. It's going to come down to whether or not he can take advantage of his opportunity. Dunbar and Tanner gave theirs away. There is no reason he shouldn't get a shot next.
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    I still like Demarco but I think it's strange how every Dallas RB starts off hot and then just sputters out.

    Julius, MB3, Felix, and now it looks like Demarco.

    With that said.. We need to see more Dunbar. Get him on the field. I'd rather take my chances with him fumbling than take my chances on Murray see'ing the field better.
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    Plain and simple, YES! He's proven when given the touches he produces and we win!
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    This. Even when the running is tough and he is only getting 3 and 4 yards, we stick with it and we win. 18-0 when Murray is over 20 touches.
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    I've always been a big Demarco fan. Even considered buying a jersey one time! But more and more, I'm starting to see that Terrell Davis was right in saying Demarco "runs to darkness."

    Unfortunately, he's the best RB we've got. At least until Dunbar can learn to hang on to the ball and Randle is ready (Tanner just takes up space IMHO.)
  10. Future

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    DeMarco's hot start has always been overblown.
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    dont know this for sure,but if some one looked into this 18-0 record with 20 touches has more to do with quick scores in the passing game or a defensive score early that allowed for more point is the mind set wasnt to come out and run the games flow and score allowed that..
  12. EPL0c0

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    I hate to jump on the guy, but so far this season, if's stats are right:

    32 carries. 10 carries of 5+yds.
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    You have to stick with the run until you bust through. Jamaal Charles wasn't doing much until the end of the game when he started busting out nice runs. Sometimes running is like hitting a battering ram through a door. It takes time to wear out the defense, and then the opportunities open up.

    The fact that EVERY runningback we have seems to have the same fate of sputtering out after 2 years seemingly, tells me it's something that's going on with the way runningbacks are managed here.
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    Still seems like more of an offensive line issue to me.
  15. nalam

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    More running game is needed, be it demarco, Dunbar , randle or tanner, they need to try and it will atleast open up the passing game.
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    What's weird is Julius Jones was dynamic and shifty his first year then the following seasons he started to run straight into his O-linemen. Maybe there's a curse for Dallas running backs.
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    Why are some down on Tanner? Imo he has been the best of the back ups. Dunbar can be electric but the kid can't hang on to the ball.
  18. ScipioCowboy

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    Based on the Cowboys' recent experience with running backs, the moment Dunbar stops fumbling and figures out how to pass block, he'll start running into the back of linemen and/or get fat and slow.
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    yes 18-0 when we are running out the clock securing the lead in the 2nd half
  20. texbumthelife

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    Like we did against the Giants? The Cowboys don't even run to secure/hold a lead. It is one of the main reasons we are completely inept at securing/holding leads. The only time this team runs is when we find a rare matchup on the OL we can exploit or the opposing defense forces us to beat them with the run by only rushing four and dropping the rest into zone.

    The issue isn't Murray. The issue wasn't Felix. The issue comes down to a fundamental approach to the game. Garrett/Callahan, and Romo to a lesser extent, aren't comfortable with a bunch of two yard gains to wear down the defense and set up bigger runs later. They would rather throw a two yard pass and hope a receiver breaks a tackle. It has been since the beginning of the Parcels era, that I have seen this team come out with a firm commitment to running the ball and actually maintain it through the entire game (blowouts aside).
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